What Is Missing In A Relationship-Why Your Not Happy

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Is Your Relationship Making You Unhappy?


Everyone desires a happy, healthy relationship with lots of love and good times, what do you do when your relationship is making you unhappy? Sometimes there is just something missing in a relationship which is leaving a person feeling lonely and empty inside, maybe it has nothing to do with how your partner treats you there is just something missing and you cannot put your finger on what it is?  Should you stay in the relationship and hope things improve, breaking up with your partner would be very difficult and you know deep down you both love one another? Have you ever been in this type of relationship and did not know what to do, this can cause a person to become emotionally unhealthy and even become depressed as time goes by.


Romance Is Gone


Many people who are experiencing something is missing in their relationship try to add romance, going through the motions with romance in a relationship when the feelings are not there most often does not work very well. When their relationship was young romance came so easily, for some time now there has been very little romance and even making love does not provide the magic it did in the past. When making love only satisfies your physical needs and not your emotional needs the romance does not come easy, for most people fulfilling their emotional needs is what is most important when it comes to love. Could it be your emotional needs not being meant is what is missing in your relationship, our emotional health is very important for us to be happy in a relationship?



Sleep & Low Energy


The majority of people who are not happy with their relationship often experiences problems with their sleep when you are not sleeping well you will experience low energy. The question you need to answer is if your relationship is affecting your sleep or your sleep is affecting your relationship, finding the answer to this could also give your the answer what is missing in your relationship? When you do not have the energy romance in the relationship will not come easily, do you experience anxiety when your partner becomes romantic with you? Your mood is affected by your sleep, correcting your sleep is something you must do before you can find the missing piece to your being unhappy in your relationship?


Could You Be Depressed?


Depression is the most common reason for people not being able to be happy with their life, do you wake feeling sad with depressing thoughts and feelings? Often people will feel depressed and do not know why, for many people depression is a chemical imbalance. Finding your trigger for your depression can be what is missing in your relationship, many people are experiencing anxiety and depression relief through a gluten-free diet. This is very easy for your to try and in about two weeks you should notice a difference if gluten is a trigger for you, our diets and lifestyle should be where we start first. Is it possible your work and life balance plan is imbalanced now, these two things you should work to correct before doing anything else?



When Your Relationship Is Not Happy


When something is missing from a relationship, it can be very emotionally draining for a person, everyone desires the awesome things a healthy relationship provides. When a person is not receiving those things they often feel confused and even sometimes guilty, is your partner doing their part in the relationship to give you the things which should give you happiness? Before ending the relationship you should communicate with your partner and see if you two can improve the relationship, this is very difficult when something is missing you do not know what it is. A relationship is too precious to throw away without giving it your all to improve, many times when there is something missing it is not the fault of either person in the relationship. Do you still love your partner with all your heart if your love has not changed for your partner work on this problem together and take advantage of your partners support?


Are You Being A Good Partner?


Are you being the best partner you can be considering your situation, it is important for you to feel you are being the best partner you can be despite you being unhappy in the relationship? When two people love one another being a good partner comes much easier, even if you feel you are not being as good of a partner now as in the past do not hold this against yourself. Holding grudges are extremely bad for a relationship, even if the grudge you hold is against yourself. Getting together with your partner and improving each other is an awesome way to become close again, maybe have a communication session daily with lots of hugs sharing your feelings and thoughts with your partner?



What Is On My Mind Today?


Relationships are never easy without some rough times now and then, but when there seems to be something missing and you do not know why this is even harder for both people. Keeping this to yourself is the worse thing you can do, at least let your partner in on what is going on with you. You will find it much easier getting through this with your partner instead of going through it alone, this is only fair to your partner and they can be more understanding knowing you are feeling so unhappy even if you do not know why?


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