What Is Lupus And What Causes It-Are You Struggling Managing Your Lupus

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What Is Lupus?


Lupus is another autoimmune disease which attacks your own body, lupus can damage any part of your body at any time. With Lupus your immune system is damaging your own body tissue thinking it is bacteria or a virus, this triggers your body into high inflammation mode which causes you chronic inflammation. Lupus will cause you body damage and pain, this disease has its remission periods and flare ups.


The Symptoms


Lupus symptoms are a challenge to live with and function during flare ups,  all we can do is treat the symptoms to get through the flare up periods. This disease can cause you a wide variety of symptoms making it difficult to diagnose in the early stages, you can experience damage to any part of your body during these flare ups, this disease mimics many other diseases so often it is difficult for physician’s to diagnose it is lupus which is causing these symptoms.


Extreme Fatigue


Painful Swollen Joints



Feet, Legs, Hands & Around The Eyes Swelling

Butterfly Rash ( Cheeks & Nose Area )

Sun & Light Sensitivity

Hair Loss

Chest Pain

Mouth & Nose Ulcers



Diseases Lupus Mimics


Lupus gives people such a wide variety of symptoms many times physician’s are confused thinking it is another disease, it takes time most often before a person with this disease is diagnosed. It is a very frustrating period for people with this disease, many times they go through test after test eliminating one of these diseases after another. At times people begin to become very depressed during this time when you know there is something serious going on with your body and do not know what it is can be very emotional stressful.


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Blood Disorders




Lymes Disease

Heart Disease

Lung Disease

Muscle Disease

Bone Disease


Managing Lupus With Herbs


I have experienced using herbs to manage autoimmune has given me more positive results then synthetic drugs, herbs are a natural method to managing many of our health problems. The side-effects are much less and less severe than using synthetic drugs, it is always good to go natural with herbs before using drugs. Many of the drugs used for autoimmune disease can cause organ damage, these are high risk drugs and should be used as a last option. If you notice a difference  in my writing lately I am struggling during a flare up, I am pushing myself to keep writing you these articles in hopes some of you find relief through what has helped me over the years. I have been using the drug prednisone for years to manage my autoimmune, recently the prednisone is causing my problems and I am weaning off of this drug at this time.


Green Tea


Stinging Nettle

Fever Few


Cayenne Pepper



Exercise With Lupus

Exercise with any autoimmune disease is a challenge, it is very painful to bend those stiff painful joints just to move let alone exercise. Exercise is something we must force ourselves to do, low impact exercise is your best choice. I mainly do gentle stretching yoga for about 30 minutes per day, if you do not use those joints the stiffness and pain will be  much worse for you. Starting out I recommend starting with a short 5 minutes and see how your body reacts to this, gradually adding 5 minutes until your reach your exercise goal. For me more than 30 minutes causes me flare ups, so this is my preferred workout time but everyone is different.


Gentle Stretching Yoga ( Hatha )




Low Impact Aerobics


Staying active as possible with a variety of activities works the best, I alternate my yoga, walking and cycling depending on how I am feeling each day. Keeping the muscles around those joints strong as possible is your greatest asset, finding the right balance of activity and rest is your best plan. Take frequent breaks during your daily routine works well for me, pushing yourself can lead to flare ups.



What  Causes Lupus


Hormones ( Estrogen Females Higher Risk )

Genetics ( Family History Of Autoimmune Disease )

Environment ( Ultraviolet Rays Sun, Fluorescent Bulbs )

Emotional Stress

Physical Injury


Antibiotic Drugs  ( Penecillian )


Viral Illness


What Is On My Mind Today


In my opinion and experience with autoimmune disease I do not feel the medical field really understands these diseases and why one person experiences them and another does not, if genetics was such a large factor why would one person in the entire family suffer with autoimmune disease. I lived a much healthier lifestyle than any of my siblings, yet I am the one who has autoimmune disease. I do feel emotional stress is a trigger for flare ups, but also when I over do it physically I experience flare ups. I really feel our food is the main cause, for anyone who might have a weak immune system the chemicals in our food will activate the autoimmune response. The best plan is to manage your stress and physical activity, for me these two things seem to be my main triggers. Another important factor is consuming an anti-inflammatory diet, eliminating gluten has been a huge difference in the severity of my symptoms.


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