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What Is Dementia In The Elderly-Serious Mental Decline Is Not A Part Of Normal Aging

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What Is Dementia


Dementia is actually brain damage to parts of the brain, depending on which parts of your brain is damaged depends on your symptoms. The most common type of dementia is Alzheimer’s, dementia is not really a disease it is a wide range of symptoms. Number one cause of dementia is Alzheimer’s, second cause is vascular dementia which is after a person experiences a stroke. Dementia is not senility or senile dementia, other causes are thyroid and vitamin deficiencies. Everyone does not experience this when they become elderly, there are risks and prevention plus some is connected with your genes. When this is common in your family you really need to live a healthy lifestyle to lower your risks, more on the risks and causes later in this article.




The cause of your symptoms is brain damage to your brain cells, the damaged brain cells causes miscommunication between the brain cells which causes your confusion and symptoms. Brain functioning is slowly damaged more as time goes by increasing the severity of your symptoms, this will cause malfunctions in your thinking, behavior and even your feelings. The following conditions is believed to increase the condition and symptoms, the reasoning is to treat the following conditions which will slow down the mental decline.





Medication Side-Effects


Thyroid Issues

Vitamin Deficiencies


Coloring For The Elderly


Warning Signs


Many of the warning signs are ignored by family, the main reason for this is the symptoms come on minor and increase through time which many people have connected it to be a part of becoming elderly which is not true. Our brain functioning does change as we become elderly, for some it might work slower or have temporary minor memory issues but nothing compared to the severity of dementia.


Memory Loss Which Disrupts Daily Life Functioning


Confusion Following Directions ( Recipes, Check Book )


Struggling To Complete Daily Tasks (Managing Money)


Confused Easily ( Day & Month )


Visual Confusion ( Reading, Driving, Distance )


Speaking & Writing (Repeating Themselves )


Misplacing Things ( Accusing People Of Stealing)


Judgement ( Money, Spending, Dressing, Grooming )


Isolation ( Avoid Family Gatherings, Hobbies )


Personality/ Mood ( Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Aggressive, violent )











Most people know there is no treatment to cure your loved ones of this terrible experience, I just am thankful my grandmother who experienced this  was not aware of her condition when she reached the advanced stages and she could not speak or write and possibly not even be able to think? When you catch it at it’s early stages there are things you can do to slow the mental decline down, most people become so frustrated, confused and scared they do not know what to do and do the worse possible thing and stop doing things which requires using your brain.


Playing An Instrument

Crossword Puzzles

Adult Classes

Adult Coloring Books


Art Therapy

Music Therapy




The more you can keep your loved one socially active the better, the majority of people experiencing this seems to develop the tendency to isolate from their family and society. Many have everything which is possible delivered to their door to keep from having to go out, possibly this causes social anxiety for them or maybe they are so scared they wish to stay home where they feel the safest.


Family Time

Birthday Parties

Volunteering If Able

Join Clubs Such As Gardening

Church Services & Functions

Fun Hobby Classes












Everyone knows a healthy diet is essential for good health, many people do not realize just how important a healthy diet is for our brain functioning. Eating brain foods are important for healthy brains, the healthier your brain the better your brain can fight dementia.Omega-3s are very important for a healthy brain, such foods as Oil  & seeds, fish, soybeans, walnuts, eggs plus other food to include in your diet.




Romaine Lettuce





Green Tea


Physical Activity


Many people are turned off by exercise, you can get exercise into your daily life without working out. Adding fun activities such as going to the park or lake can be a very good way to stay active, another  is going for nature walks or hiking. Physical activity increases the blood flow to your brain, I start my day with a very short gentle stretching yoga. You only need 30 minutes of aerobic exercise three times per week, but when you find something you enjoy chances are you will engage in them much more.

















Supplements are always a good additive to your diet if you are lacking them, you should have blood work done to check your vitamin levels, the vitamin with the most potential to assist you with the most benefits is vitamin B12. Other supplements which may benefit you are:


Fish Oil

B Vitamins

Cocoa Flavanols


Huperzine A


What Is On My Mind Today


This ends my series on seniors health, I wrote these articles so more people would understand how you take care of your bodies and brains will have an impact on your senior health. It is not known if living a healthier lifestyle will prevent you from dementia, but like many of our health problems dementia effects the weakness in our brains. I believe cancer and dementia are from our unhealthy lifestyles and the chemicals we are exposing our bodies too.

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