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What Is Coloring Books For Adults-Alzheimer Benefits Of Coloring Books

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Adult Coloring Books


Adult coloring books has become extremely popular over the past few years, coloring has been a therapy in the health field for a very long time. This is a very beneficial hobby for adults especially for seniors, coloring improves your brain functioning. This promotes a very relaxing inner peaceful feeling, plus it gives people a meditative state of mind while engaging in this activity. Keeping the mind busy is a very therapeutic activity, coloring takes very little concentration but yet it improves your concentration especially in Alzheimer’s patients. Even has boosted self-confidence in people, accomplishing something as simple as coloring one page has amazing positive effects on people with early Alzheimer’s.




There is an endless amount of benefits by simple coloring one page every day when it comes to improving your brain functioning, this is a positive hobby for anyone at any age but especially beneficial to seniors. Many seniors do not use their brain functions nearly as often after they retire, this can contribute to early dementia and Alzheimer’s. Many seniors experience anxiety and depression over the years after they retire, many do not remain active physically and socially. When you consider all of these  changes in a person’s life as they become older you can understand how easy it would be to become depressed, these changes contribute to the majority of seniors dramatic decline in their health once they retire. Art therapy for seniors has been the most successful therapy to improve their declining mental health, coloring has been the number one positive therapy with dementia patients. Promotes their motor skills and improves their grip control, great hand to eye coordination as well.


Art Therapy


Getting Started


Adult coloring books are starting to show up everywhere, I recommend you purchase one of the coloring books for seniors if your purchasing for an older person with some dementia and Alzheimer’s symptoms. These are geared for older people with images they can relate too much better than some of the other books available, also they are much simpler designs which will not confuse and frustrate them. You can use pretty much any type of writing tool to color these pages, crayons might intimidate some seniors making them feel childish. I recommend colored pencils or even the fine and extra fine sharpie markers. If you happen to have an artistic person in the family,  you could purchase drawing paper and even make your own designs, anything pretty simple is a good choice with people who have memory issues and get confused easily. Depending on the stage they are in you might have to help them get started, making this a family activity might even benefit the entire family and you can convince the family members we are doing this for grandma.


How It Helps Grandma


If you are curious exactly how this activity will help grandma here are some of the ways,  it will improve her life, greatly improve her quality of life she will have a purpose every day to get out of bed. This will stimulate her brain functioning which will slow down the progress of her mental health decline, this has reduced the stress, anxiety and depression in the majority of people who engaged in this activity regularly. This will take time out of her day by being busy coloring her page(s) , she will have a boost in her self-esteem especially if you encourage her with praise. The best pictures people have responded to the most were vintage cars, dogs, cats, landscapes, flowers and birds.




Other Activities

There are other activities which will benefit grandma depending on the stage she is in at the time when these activities are used  in the early stages they will improve her brain functioning and slow  her mental decline. The worse thing many people do is nothing, you must fight against the mental decline to enjoy  as long as possible your quality of life. Many people become frustrated not being able to do the things they used to be able to do, it is important to engage them in new activities which they can do to keep them motivated and positive.


Early Stages


Music Therapy

Art Therapy

Family Photo Albums

Flower Arranging


Word Puzzles

Memory Games


Middle Stages



Folding Clothes

Stuffed Animals Therapy

Music Therapy

Art Therapy


Late Stages


Music Therapy


Stuffed Animals Therapy

Human Touch & Love


What Is On My Mind Today


The intention of this article is to help you and others understand dementia much better, staying as productive as long as possible is the real key to slowing down the mental decline. Reading regularly is another good hobby which will slow down the mental decline, the more you use your brain the stronger it will be to fight against this terrible health issue. Adjusting as your brain declines to hobbies you still can do will help your mental health dramatically, the biggest problems is people experiencing these symptoms become anxious and frustrated which only makes them more confused. My next article to end this series will be one you do not wish to miss, you will learn in more detail what dementia is.


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