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What Is Chair Yoga For Seniors-Relax And Do Yoga In Your Chair

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What Is Chair Yoga


Chair Yoga is just what it sounds like, doing your yoga workouts while sitting you your chair. This is a great way to benefit from yoga despite having balance problems or just prefer starting out with chair yoga. This is also a great workout for you office workers, you can do them during your breaks and lunchtime. Even in a chair there are many benefits, people have experienced improvement in their stress levels, chronic pain and increased energy. What is awesome is the mental benefits you will receive, for many seniors this makes such a dramatic difference in their lives. Often seniors experience even more benefits than younger aged people, especially when it comes to improvement in their brain functioning.


Where To Do Chair Yoga


Starting out the best places to learn are the YMCA’s and silver sneakers programs, many hospitals and senior citizens centers now provide yoga and meditation classes for a very small fee. If you prefer to learn at home purchase yourself a good beginners DVD, interested in finding classes near you just check out this website.


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What Are Your Health Issues?


Even though I do recommend you consult your physician before starting chair yoga, I have the highest confidence your physician will be happy to hear you are interested in starting this program. People with all types of health issues has benefited from chair yoga, even doing it at home with a DVD you will experience improvement in many of your health issues.



Chronic Pain


High Blood Pressure

Heart Disease

Sciatica Nerve Pain



Weight Management

Plus Many More


Chair Yoga Starting Poses


There are many poses you can do in your chair, the ones I am sharing with you are very simple and easy beginner poses many classes will start out with. Do not underestimate this type of yoga, it is more powerful than many people imagine until they experience it for themselves.


Seated Mountain  (Virbadrasana )

Seated Forward Bends ( Paschimottana )

Eagle Arms ( Garudasana )

Reverse Arm Hold

Simple Seated Twists ( Parivrtha Sukhasana )

Single Leg Stretch ( Janu Sirsasana )


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What Is On My Mind


This article is to get everyone involved in yoga and meditation despite your health problems, going to a class will get you out socially, doing them at home will give you more exercise than you are probably receiving right now. Keeping active as much possible is more important at this stage of your life than any other, many seniors once they no longer are working become too sedentary. This only shortens your life, plus gives you more health problems. So no excuses, join a chair yoga class near you or purchase a beginner DVD this will improve your life more than you realize right now.


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