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What Is Anxiety Disorder In Children-Could This Be Another Autoimmune Disease

children with anxiety which is controlling their lives


Anxiety & Autoimmune Disease


Anxiety is a natural part of our lives, but when our anxiety becomes so severe it is controlling our lives something is not right? I really do believe with all my heart anxiety disorders are connected to autoimmune disease, anxiety and depression are two of the early signs of autoimmune disease. Inflammation will cause you to become more anxious and depressed, people who are living with chronic inflammation are more anxious and experience mood disorders. Could it be when the medical professionals label a health problem a disorder, this is their way of saying they don’t know what is causing it? Not long ago Fibromyalgia was labeled a disorder by the medical profession, today it is labeled an autoimmune disease.


Diet & Anxiety Disorders


Some children who experience anxiety disorders also experience wheat and gluten intolerance, many of these children who eliminated these foods has experienced a decrease in the severity of their anxiety symptoms. These foods also have been found to decrease the  symptoms with autoimmune disease as well, if you experience anxiety and mood disorders consider an autoimmune diet. Some children who are sensitive or intolerant to wheat and gluten also experience their symptoms increase eating gluten-free grains as well, but not as severe as gluten products. Wheat, barely and rye are your main gluten grains to avoid, you might feel even better eliminating grains from your diet or eat them in moderation?


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Children With Anxiety Disorders


Did you know the majority of children with anxiety disorders also have allergies, do you know the signs of allergies children experience? Allergies make anyone miserable and irritable, many children who are labeled with bad behavior have symptoms of allergies and anxiety. Children are no different from adults only in a smaller version, children with anxiety worry about things just like an anxious adult. Many kids with anxiety disorder often are introverts, that is until their anxiety levels become so severe they explode?


  • Headaches
  • Stomachaches
  • Muscle Tension
  • Fatigue
  • Avoid School Activities
  • High Absent From School
  • Overwhelmed
  • Extreme Fearful
  • Nervous


Tormented by Allergies? We have the solutions for any type of Allergies!


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Children’s Anxiety Disorder Triggers


  • Poor Grades
  • Family Conflict
  • Abusive Relationships
  • Peers
  • Performance In Activities
  • Perfectionists
  • Parental & Teacher Pressure


Panic Disorder


Panic attacks which often come on suddenly can begin this disorder for many children, many times the child has no idea why they are having these thoughts and feelings? Often the child worries and fears of having another attack, this often increases the child’s panic attacks being more frequent. This frightens the child to the point they often isolate as much a possible in the safety of their home and family, this can trigger another level of anxiety disorder for them?


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Separation Anxiety


The majority of children do experience this anxiety in their early childhood, when this becomes a problem is when they become older and still have this anxiety disorder. Daycare and starting school can be a very traumatic experience for the child with this disorder, new environments and situations terrify the child with this problem. These children are severely affected by this disorder, this prevents them from learning in school and most of all from forming relationships with the other children.


  • Home Sick
  • Feelings Of Abandonment
  • Feelings Of Not Being Loved
  • Excessive Worry Of Bad Things Happening
  • Fear Of Losing Their Parents & Family


Social Anxiety Disorder


  • Fears Social Activity Situations
  • Fears Social Interaction
  • Rarely Talks In Class When Called Upon
  • Rarely Talks To Other Children
  • Avoids School Participation
  • Avoids Forming Relationships


Helping Your Anxious Child Step By Step Guide For Parents


Selective Mutism


Many times a child with severe social anxiety will develop the selective mutism disorder, the child does not avoid speaking in public most of the time. Most often their fear prevents them from speaking in public, the longer they go with this disorder the easier it becomes for them just not to talk when they become anxious. Most children with this disorder are talkative at home and act very normal, the majority of the time the child’s parents have no idea this is going on unless the school informs them.


  • Interferes With Progress In School
  • Avoids Eye Contact
  • Chew or Twirl Hair Common
  • Prefer To Avoid Contact As Much As Possible


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder


  • Repeats  Ritual Or Routine To Ease Anxiety
  • Most Children Diagnosed Around 10 Years Old
  • Boys Experience Before Puberty
  • Girls During Adolescence


helping your child with selective mutism


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


  • Intense Form Of Anxiety
  • Emotionally numbness
  • Irritable
  • Avoids Places, People & Activities
  • Home Abuse & Violence Trigger
  • Traumatic Experiences or Situation


What Is On My Mind Today?


As a child my anxiety disorder began with mild general symptoms, as I became older my disorder followed the path of experiencing all these disorders personally. You never completely overcome these disorders, what most of us can do is learn to manage them more effectively and be in more control. As a child I experienced a terrifying experience of abuse in my family, even today I am not close to anyone and my only close friend is my dog. My relationships are all online, my website is my purpose in life to help others not to end up like me living in fear and isolation.



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6 thoughts on “What Is Anxiety Disorder In Children-Could This Be Another Autoimmune Disease

  1. Such an important topic to bring awareness to, in my experience children that have issues with anxiety need to do the same thing that adults need to do when they have the same issues –

    which is to be shown how to analyse the nature of their anxiety, see where it comes from, how it affects your life, and how you can change this pattern of anxiety through grounding oneself in moments of distress.

    But as you point out this anxiety can sometimes be connected to a physical auto immune disorder, and my mother has some serious conditions like that so i know its tough for people at all ages.

    Anyway thanks for raising awareness about this bro, great work!

    1. Thank You Mr Dawkins

      I am always happy to hear from my readers and their opinions and experiences, anxiety is a tough issue today with many times not knowing what is the root cause of our anxiety. When it is a health problem that makes it really tough, the best strategy which worked for me was to focus on my autoimmune disease and as it become less severe so did my anxiety.


  2. Could you give me an advise on this type of child please? It’s very important!
    1. He is not willing to participate in anything in life.
    2. He has no interest in forming friendships.
    3. His parents say, they don’t know how to talk to him.
    4. He has never participated in social events or in sports.
    5. He doesn’t like himself with no particular reason and has depressions with no reasons.
    6. His mind is very busy non-stop and he can get distracted easily, so has troubles learning.
    I would really appreciate your reply! What a great guide you have posted! thank you!

    1. Thank You

      This child you are describing has many serious symptoms going on, it is clear this child has anxiety and depression issues and they could be experiencing social anxiety or even more complex anxiety disorders such as selective mutism. A specialist would be this child’s best option, this sounds to be a very complex case and would take some time to sort out exactly what is going on.


  3. Fantastic of you to speak out on behalf of yourself and these children. This is a huge marker the children are being malevolently affected by a multitudes of pollution which effect them physically and behaviorally.
    It is common sense that physical health issues cause drastic behavior changes in children. Even more so then adults because a child can not formulate the right words to express what is going on with them! What other way does a child have to express themselves when language cannot? The answer is simple, behavioral changes. However as simple it is to connect these dots it seems the majority are blind or silent in this important dilemma.
    Dilemma because when we get to the root of it, the issues show to be the bombardment of various pollutants and outdated first world societal customs. When studies find rocket fuel in breast milk throughout the nation there is a problem. When water laced with estrogenic chemicals is consumed, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat are all tainted. Causing medical problems, behavior problems, life problems and world problems.
    When will it stop? When will it be enough?

    Anyway I also want to mention that dairy should be eliminated too, it causes inflammation issues as well. Also removal of dairy products creates significant changes in the brain. It gives the brain and rest of the body a chance to clean out more efficiently. Check out notmilk dot com I believe, as he has a wealth of information on the effects of milk on the human body, especially children and those with autoimmune disorders.

    1. Thank you

      I appreciate you sharing so much information which will be helpful to many people who read my article and comments, we are causing our own health problems and if we do not stop soon we are all going to become mutants with poor health and crazy brains


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