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What Is A Healthy Relationship-Mindful Communication

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What Is A Healthy Relationship


The key to any healthy relationship is good communication, the key to an extremely meaningful relationship is mindful communication. Mindful communication is thinking much more carefully before you say or do anything, in other words you remain calm and do not react without careful thought to what the other person says or does. Most of the problems in a relationship is miscommunication, often we take things the wrong way which causes many problems. It takes much work and commitment to have a healthy  relationship, this goes for friendship and even an intimate relationship with your life partner. Our communication skills today are much less efficient especially since the internet came into our lives, most communication today is through email or by telephone. My proof  is more divorces today than ever, friendships are much more difficult to maintain and often do not last long-term. The most often people have disagreements are when they are over tired, with people sleeping less and experiencing more stress this is a major cause for many of our miscommunication.


Keys To A Mindful Relationship


If people focus on these five pretty simple things they can have less problems with the people in their lives, it is a shame but true that the majority of people in our society today are me people. What is a me person, most of us are this type of person more often than not. We think about what is best for us before others, most of us do this naturally without even thinking what we are doing. When we become mindful, we reprogram our minds to think of others before ourselves naturally, this has to happen naturally for it to work at the highest potential.


Sharing What Is On Your Mind In A Nice Way

Always Respect Others Even When You Don’t Agree With Them

You Must Always Be Open Minded And Willing To Compromise

Being Supportive Instead Of Critical Goes A Long Way

Everyone Has The Right To Some Privacy


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Trusting is one of the biggest issues between people, with so many people being hurt by others today trusting does not come easy. I have experienced abuse since childhood right into marriage, there are very few people I can honestly say I would trust. I really dislike this part of me and I have been working to improve my trust in people, my abuse has been emotional which in turn has caused me many of my emotional issues today. I do like people much more than in the past whenever I am out if I see the opportunity to help someone I will. For a long time I just minded my own business when out doing errands and shopping, now I do look for ways to do something nice for someone when I am out.  When in a relationship you must have trust in your partner when your partner is out with friends. It is healthy for the relationship to have some separate activities and hobbies, having a good balance of doing things together and apart will strengthen the relationship.


Most Common Relationship Breakers


There are certain things which will certainly break up a relationship, the biggest one in my mind is when one person tries to change the other person. You must accept the person for who they are, you are not perfect so why would you expect your partner to be. When one person is too much of a taker and the other person must always be giving, this will eventually cause problems. When their is a control issue there will be problems, just because you are with someone does not mean they do not have their own life too. The real key here is to always be thinking of the other person, you will find when you do nice things for them they will do nice things for you.


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How To Become More Mindful


The suggestions I have shared are examples of being mindful in a relationship, the majority of our problems are not that we do not love the other person but we are allowing our stress in our life to cause us to act this way. Guided meditation is an awesome method to learn to be more mindful, doing this daily will slow you down and able to manage your stress much more efficiently. Being less stressed will reduce your anxiety which will give you a much calmer and clearer mind when we are calm we think before we react. Guided meditation will just make you a happier person when we are happier we are more thoughtful and sensitive to others. This is not a time-consuming task to add to your daily routine, even 5-10 minutes every morning will make such a difference in your life. Once you get into the habit of doing this every morning, you will look forward to this and even find yourself doing it longer than you realize. This is no difference than bushing your teeth every morning, people are a creature of habit and in no more than a few weeks this will be a part of your daily routine.


What Is On My Mind Today

I chose this topic today because my relationships in the past have been very unhealthy, this does affect our lives in a very negative way.  It will cause us to not trust people, be more interested in ourselves than others. Going through life this way will make us very unhappy and miserable, not to mention very lonely since we will never trust anyone with our heart. If it was not for guided meditation,  I would not care so much about people to be writing these articles to help you live a better life than I have lived. I am sharing my personal experiences through my articles so you can understand I do know what you are going through when you have lived  something yourself you have a deeper desire to help others.



  • Margherita says:

    The article conveys the notion on mindful communication. I like this angle. I have experienced several relationships that did not work out. So when I saw this post, I felt glad. The two main suggestions that I liked was:
    1. You Must Always Be Open Minded And Willing To Compromise
    2. Being Supportive Instead Of Critical Goes A Long Way
    Both of these I think is vital for a successful relationship.
    Criticism probably is the main culprit for breaking up a happy relationship. Perhaps guided meditation or simply be silent with each other would bring a couple closer together.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Margherita,

      I am happy you read my article, I do believe is we kept quiet more and thought about things before reacting we would have more happy relationships. Life is too short to be arguing over little things, people are too eager to move on with someone new when conflicts arise today.


  • Kent says:

    I really liked this article as I can definitely relate to some of the things mentioned here. I too haven’t always had good relationships in the past and upon self-reflection and as I mature, I am learning to be a better communicator while focusing on others more than myself. BeiNg a good listener develops healthy relationships and the main reason why people are impatient to listen is largely due to technology. These days, people prefer communication via text more than verbal which is detrimental to relationship-building. Having said that, it’s always easier said than done to practise these traits but I think however hard it is, we should all try as best as we can to make this world a better place!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Kent,

      Relationship skills are not what they should be, which is why there are so many divorces and single people in the world today. Crazy how many people in their 30’s and older who are single looking for the right person online, maybe it is not the other person but your relationship skills which needs improving.


  • Farhan says:

    I strongly agree with your point that communication is key in any relationship. The breakdown of communication is the core reason for the failure of most marriages today. The high number of divorces proves that it isn’t getting any better.

    I would like to also add that money is another big factor in failing marriages. From where I live, young married couples are the most vulnerable, as they are not prepared to shoulder the financial burden of raising a family.

    Most of them also do not have the maturity to handle long term relationships, and the inherent problems that come with it. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Keep up the great work!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Farhan,

      Very good points you have shared about relationships, I do feel people are getting involved in relationships way too young today. People must live their own life first before able to share their life with someone else, many couples do not make it long because neither of them really was ready to give up the single life.


  • mithun says:

    Very honest post. Yes, I liked the suggestion and I somehow feel that we should be more open-minded and not to try change others , accept what they are…
    Yoga is good practice in order to be calm, i tried many times but the problem is we don’t get time because of hectic work schedule. I think work-life balance also aan important factor nowadays …we need to keep some time for others…I loved this article because it is saying about the solution of a problem which happens to everyone’s life. I like to follow your instruction and I believe it will help me.


    • admin says:

      Thank You

      I appreciate you reading my article, take 15 minutes in the morning before starting your day for yoga and meditation this will fit in your schedule.


  • Adrian Collier says:

    Awesome topic, with a wonderful message! I personally have had to deal with plenty of issues when it comes to maintaining and nurturing what was supposed to be a healthy relationship. Another thing that I like about this post is how detailed the tips are when it comes to understanding your feelings, as well as you partner’s feelings too.

    • admin says:

      Thank You,

      The whole point of this article is to have the most healthy relationships we must be able to relate to the people in our relationships feelings and needs. Today too many people are me people, we need to start thinking how we affect other people.


  • pennyDoth says:

    I liked that your article touched on being mindful of others, not being quick to criticize, and accepting another persons flaws while also being mindful of oneself.

    I went through a good portion of my life observing the relationships of people I knew and witnessed some of their ups and downs. In a way, they served as crash courses of sorts in how I should and shouldn’t be as a person. For the sake of the people I care about and my own sake, I disciplined myself to be more patient with others, honest with myself and open to other people’s thoughts. Perhaps too open. At one point I got so used to being a soundboard for others, that I didn’t express myself as much as I needed to. A one-sided relationship, I realized, was not a relationship at all. There needs to be a mutuality there.

    All the above is also why I was never one to jump into relationships or do whatever my peers and friends were doing. Friends would ask if I was ever dating, but I never saw the point of starting a healthy relationship with someone if I didn’t feel “healthy” yet or have my mindset in that direction. I knew that having a significant other wasn’t someone to treat as a pastime or means of skipping boredom. They were a person to be mindful of. In that way, I’ve been on the slow route for most of my life, relationship wise, and feel quite confident to speak up more than before.

    • admin says:

      Thank You,

      Your sharing is much appreciated, I also was a sounding board in my past relationships. I got use to self sacrificing as young as a little boy, I suppose it become a habit and I thought it was the way relationships were suppose to work until I started reading about how healthy relationships really are suppose to be.


  • Cat says:

    This is a very thoughtful post, I think a lot of us has experienced unhealty relationships on different levels at some point in our life. Mindfulness in all aspects of life is getting more important in todays society where the pace is high and so many people are self centred in a negative way. Stress is a big killer, in so many ways. Take care. /Cat

    • admin says:

      Thank You,

      I appreciate you sharing very much, thinking of others more now is important to maintain healthy relationships due to the high stress in our lives


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