What Is A Balance Boards-Simple But Effective Device

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Balance Boards


Balance boards are very simple and effective devices which provides you many benefits. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to improve many of your personal development skills this is a product you should consider? The health benefits amazes many people they receive from using this product regularly, so what are some of the benefits you receive from this product you might be asking yourself?


  • Recreation
  • Balance Improvement
  • Athletic Training
  • Brain Development
  • Rehabilitation
  • Therapy
  • Children With Special Needs


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Balance Boards Benefits


Balance boards are also known as wobble boards, these products are an inexpensive way to improve your balance and many other motor skills. These boards are used in therapy to restore the equilibrium in people of all ages, these have become very popular for children with special needs with balance problems. When you make therapy fun these children will do it longer and receive more health benefits. If you are looking for an inexpensive product to improve your child’s balance consider this product for your child?


  • Improve Your Balance
  • Strengthens Your Ankles
  • Coordinates Your Body
  • Improves Your Reaction Time


Children With Special Needs & Balance


Anyone who has a child with special needs in the family understands how they experience balance problems, this is just one of the special needs many of these children experience. Developmental delays often is the reason these children has balance issues, these issues are often related to their lack of development of their motor skills. You will most often find this product for kids in the toys and games wherever you shop, many athletes use this product as a part of their training, so this should give you confidence this simple device does work?


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Balance Toys & Activities


Children love swimming and this can be a great asset to improving their balance, just standing upright in a swimming pool about chest high in water will allow your child to stand without your assistance. There has been children who were not able to walk, but these same kids have experienced being able to stand and walk in water. Swimming can be a great family activity and awesome therapy at the same time. When children are enjoying what they are doing they will do it longer and receive more benefits.


Many children have a fear of going up and down stairs, my son with autism used to shuffle himself up and down the stairs to prevent himself from falling. Allowing your child to shuffle up and down the stairs on their own is good therapy for them, these kids will gain confidence and most will eventually will improve their balance slowly to use the stairs the way everyone else does. Think of this as an educational learning tool for your child, of course you should supervise them to be sure they don’t experience any problems.


There is a product you will find in the toys and games section in your stores, this special invention adapted for the children with special needs to improve their balance. For small children look for the mini-micro kick scooter, for larger children look for the maxi-micro kick scooter. Two wheels in front makes it impossible for your child to tip over, the scooter will stand by itself. Your child will experience confidence by using this kick scooter, this is a fun product children seem to love, and it even seems to boost their energy.


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Did you ever think a skateboard could provide your child balance benefits, skateboards for children interest them to play on because this product allows them to sit on the board and move forward and backwards? This is a very stable product for your child, many children will love this board so much they will spend much of their day on their board playing. This is another product which will give your child confidence, you will notice your child will gradually become braver and improve their balance with a skate board. My son with autism loved this old skateboard he found at a yard sale, eventually he started standing up on his board and this was a great asset to him improving his balance gradually.


I notice many of my neighbor children are playing with this new type of bike on the market, these children are only toddlers and much too small for a regular bike. The balance bike seems to appeal to children, there are no pedals  this type of bike. Basically,  these children are walking using the bike for balance, this type of exercise play builds strength in their little legs. I just read balance bikes are highly recommended for toddlers to prepare them for a regular bike when they become older, this is another good choice for a product which will help your child’s balance issues.


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What Is On My Mind Today?


My articles I write for you are partially from my own experience with my son with autism, the remainder of my articles are from research which I always share my resources at the end of my articles for your own reading if you desire. This website is all about helping you and the children with special needs in your life, many of the things I share you can use for any child as well and receive the same benefits.




Resources & Help



  • Ronald Kennedy says:

    I’ve always personally felt any health related site, for either children, young toddlers or adults, are so important. Your site is unique and also important as well.

    Education is ‘key,’ in regards to improving ones overall condition. The balancing products and toys to help children is a great idea.

    The special needs kids being able to improve on the different skill levels through study shops, is something special within itself.

    With your ‘health tap’ page being an excellent and resourceful page for guidance, concerned parents will always have something concrete to go by, in regards to asking questions and seeking advice.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Ronald Kennedy,

      I appreciate your kind words on my website and other health related websites. I agree knowledge is the key for many people to manage their health much better, I hope some people will take advantage of the health tap program. This is a very reasonable program for families who are not able to afford health insurance and the high fees of many physician’s, every program I support I believe in my heart is a good program for my readers.


  • Andy says:

    Years ago, my family and I were visiting a cousin, and she had this thing that was basically a board on top of a roller, with stops on either end to keep the board from sliding off the roller. The goal was to balance on this thing and roll the board from side to side without putting either end on the floor. It would basically be called a balance board today. I loved it. You could watch TV while doing this thing, and it was pretty good exercise.

    I like what you said about swimming. It’s great not only for kids, but for adults with disabilities as well. My wife has back trouble, and just about the only exercises she can do are in the water because the buoyancy keeps the weight off her back.

    Great article.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Andy,

      I am happy your wife has been able to find an exercise she is able to do with her back problems, many people do not think of swimming as a possible way to exercise. Taking water aerobic classes at your gym or YMCA has helped many people, give this a try if you are having problems exercising.


  • Angela says:

    This is great information. The balance boards are great. Balance is an important function I think a lot of people struggle with. I think they would work for older people as well. If athletes are using them to enhance their performance then that speaks volumes right there! Thanks for the awesome post.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Angela,

      I do agree toys and other products which improves balance is a good investment for your child, with athletes using them they must work or they would be using another technique to improve their athletic balance.

      You are never too old for some toys,


  • Carole says:

    Thanks for focusing on the special needs children. As an adoptive mother of a now 4 year old little boy with an intellectual disability, it seems ages 2-5 are critical periods for best establishing balance, fine and gross motor skills as well as working with sensory issues. The balance board looks like it would hurt me if I tried it myself but a child would look at is a toy and would have fun with learning. Are there safety requirements when using the boards and foot bikes? It seems to me that those with poor motor skills may be prone to falling several times before they become more skilled, or as the muscles strengthen and tone. Again, thank you for spreading the word on developmental approaches that are available for these children.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Carole,

      The balance boards have been on the market for a very long time, I would not think they are dangerous since they use these for physical therapy for children. Children are much tougher than we are, how many times do they fall off their bike when learning to ride and get right back on again.


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