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What Fruits Give You The Most Energy-Food Is Your Best Medicine

high energy fruit for natural energy


Food As Medicine


People use energy drinks and bars and other energy products to increase their energy, but then they turn around and are eating foods which rob them of their energy. Processed foods which contain preservative and artificial ingredients are energy robbers. Fruit is a very good choice for quick energy, fruit digests quickly sometimes as quick as 30 minutes. Fruit is natural energy with no afterwards side-effects such as your energy drinks, so next time you need some quick energy grab a piece of fruit.


High Energy Fruits


There are a nice variety of fruit you can choose from  to provide you with the energy you need to complete the tasks in your day, fruit will enhance your metal functioning, fruit is high in nutrients which is what your body needs when you are struggling with low energy. Fruit is a good choice to give you more energy for your workouts, when you are in need of fast natural energy think of fruit next time.





Guava Lychee







Passion Fruit





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Tropical fruit which provides your body many health benefits, you will find no saturated fat in this tropical fruit. Besides providing you with quick high energy, this fruit is high in fiber, iron, niacin and B vitamins. Natural antioxidant which is thought to be able to prevent  cancer, malaria, and parasites, high potassium contents helps to control heartbeat and blood pressure.


Energy Supplements


Today supplements are much in need for extra nutrients in your diet, many of our foods just are not providing the nutrients they use too. That is what the medical professionals are saying about our low vitamins and mineral levels, but could it really be our bodies are not absorbing as much of the nutrients as they once used too? This we may never know the true answer to, but the solution is clearly you must add supplements in your diet to maintain healthy levels of vitamins and minerals today. This is even more important if you have any autoimmune disease, people with autoimmune disease almost always has low vitamin and mineral levels and need to use supplements.



Vitamin B12

Ginkgo Biloba



Acetyl L-Carnitine



Intra Max


intra max super energy supplement



Natural Energy


If you are like myself you prefer natural energy sources before man-made, with what man has been putting into our processed foods and causing our silent damage, I have little faith in man-made products any more. I do use supplements when natural sources are not able to do the job, but I always go the natural way first.




Holy Basil

B Vitamins

Green Tea ( Green Tea Extract In Supplement Form )

Matcha Tea

Peppermint Essential Oil



peppermint oil for energy and other health benefits


Peppermint Essential Oil Benefits


Peppermint oil provides you with so many health benefits, peppermint and lavender essential oils are always my first choice. both of these oils provide so many benefits you can’t go wrong adding them to improve your health. How do you sleep, by adding only a few drops of lavender on your pillow you will experience a better quality of sleep? Often using lavender for sleeping improves your energy as well.


Energy Boost

Digestive Relief

Weight Loss

Mental Focusing

Respiratory Tract

Allergy Relief



What Is On My Mind Today?


Now you have a nice variety of healthy options to choose from to improve your energy, when you go natural methods your body reacts much more effectively without nasty side-effects. Foods adjustments should always be your first response to any health problems, what we put into our bodies has more to do with how we feel than any other reason. Watching your consumption of processed foods with preservatives and artificial garbage should be your first concern. Imagine just by adjusting your diet you can decrease many of your symptoms, sometimes you will even eliminate some of them, so give food the opportunity to be your medicine.


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6 thoughts on “What Fruits Give You The Most Energy-Food Is Your Best Medicine

  1. Thankyou for your article I found it really interesting and informative. I use to drink those horrible v drinks with all that caffeine in them sometimes drinking four a day just to keep my energy up. But eating fruits do sound like a better option with lots of health benefits as well. I think sometimes we get a bit lazy with our diets and just grab whats easy.

    1. Thank You,

      We all at times fall for the energy drinks to perk us up and get us through our day,

      these are not good for us and we have to keep drinking more to prevent the crash when

      they wear off.


  2. Having a small baby and being sleep deprived, I find myself low on energy quite often these days. And I even started drinking more coffee and energy drinks to keep me going. It may sound silly and uneducated, but I never really considered fruit as being energy booster option instead of that rubbish I put in my body regularly. After reading your post, I will certainly try to switch and change my habits.

    1. Thank You

      We often take the most convenient method when low on energy, it might not be the healthiest but when low on energy our brains do not work as well.


  3. Hi Jeff
    It is great article! I live reading anything related to to healthy eating. We definitely need more of the quality informative content on the market. Many people these days paying more attention to healthy lifestyle than ever.
    With all this processed food our immune system cries for help. Natural food and natural energy supplements are the solution.
    I never knew anything about Cherimoya before.
    Now I know a bit more 🙂
    Thank you Jeff.

    1. Thank You

      I am happy you learned something new from my article, that is the reason I am motivated to write every day for people like you.


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