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What Does Bah Humbug Mean-Do You Have A Scrooge In Your Family


Are You A Scrooge?


For you youngsters who might not be aware of who and what a scrooge is this is for YOU, Scrooge is a character from a novel written by Charles Dickens which made the expression “Bah Humbug ” famous. The meaning for this expression I will share later in this article, for now lets find out who is a scrooge? Many people today do not look forward to the Christmas holidays, this is true especially for people who have negative experiences during this time of the year.  More people than you might realize has had negative experiences in the past which comes back and haunts them every year, some of these people experience holiday anxiety and depression which is triggered somehow when the holidays are near? Others have experienced an emotional, stressful situation during the holidays in their past, for many this could be something similar to possibly a break up or divorce. For others it could have been something similar to losing someone they loved this time of the year,  these are just a few examples of things which could cause you to become a scrooge  during the holidays.


What You Can Do If You Are A Scrooge?


Many times people who become scrooges during the holidays are not this way by choice, the majority of people who do not look forward to the holidays often have emotional health problems which are triggered this time of the year. For people who experience anxiety and depression this time of the year it is a chemical imbalance problem most of the time, the best strategy for these people are to focus on doing things for others which will take their minds off of how miserable they feel. Many people who cannot overcome this are single people living alone without family close by, spending the holidays alone will make anyone become a scrooge. For these people staying busy is the key, volunteering in the community during the holidays for the needy improves their outlook during the holidays. For people who have emotional negative experiences such as losing a loved one in the past the same strategy often helps ease their feelings during the holidays, we cannot make ourselves not remember the past but we can make the present better by staying busy and helping other people.


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Christmas For Scrooges


Many people who live alone have emotional feelings during the holidays, Christmas day is usually the most difficult time for these people. The majority of these people do everything within their power to avoid the holidays, most do not have a Christmas tree in their home to remind them how lonely and depressed that day is for them. In fact, most people who experience the holidays as anything but joyful do not decorate their homes in any way which will remind them of the holidays. For many people this feels like the best strategy for them to get through the holidays, but often this actually makes them even more miserable and their symptoms much worse.


Christmas Shopping


The majority of the people have to push themselves to go out during the holidays, even though they do not decorate their home themselves the holidays are all around them reminding them what time of the year it is. Many still shop for Christmas for family and friends who live far in distance from them, shopping for the holidays is extremely difficult for these people. In fact, for some people this seems to be another trigger to increase their symptoms. with the internet many of these people will do the majority of their shopping online. The reason behind is not to save money or because it is convenient, their reason is this allows them to avoid going out as much during the holidays.


Bah Humbug


If it was not for the novel and movies of ” A Christmas Carol ” I would have no idea what the expression meant. The origin of the expression is unknown according to the encyclopedia’s, very interesting such a famous expression, and no one knows exactly where it originated from? Bah means expression or disinterest, humbug means deception. The encyclopedia’s definition is an expression to reject something in a disagreeable way, also expressing what was said by someone not to be worthy to deal with or is a trick, nonsense or deceitful.

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What Is On My Mind Today


Now you know what a scrooge is and what bah humbug means, if you or someone you know is a scrooge maybe you can help them get through the holidays? Feel free to share this article with anyone you know which might benefit, sometimes just knowing you are not alone with how you feel during the holidays can make you feel just a little better.




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