What Causes Hair To Fall Out

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About Hair Loss

I have for quite a while been noticing more people with hair loss issues where I live than in the past, what really is amazing to me is how many women I am observing with hair loss problems. Just the other day while in the check out line at my favorite grocery shop the lady in front of me had a big bald spot right in the middle of her head, so that stuck in my mind and that is how I became interested in writing this post for you.

The medical professionals are claiming our family genes is the most common reason we might be experiencing extreme hair loss, but I keep thinking to myself why are there more women with bald spots than in the past.

Hair Loss Symptoms

  • Gradual Hair Thinning
  • Circular Hair Loss
  • Patchy Bald Spots
  • Sudden Hair Loss
  • Full-Body Hair Loss
  • Patches Of Scaling Which Spreads Over The Scalp

Gradual Hair Thinning

The most common type of hair loss is the gradual hair thinning as we age, but everyone does not experience this type of hair loss so medical professionals are claiming it all depends on our family genes. Even though the medical professionals claim this can affect both men and women, I can’t remember the women when I was a boy with any hair loss issues. The most obvious first sign of gradual hair thinning in men is what they refer to as a reclining forehead, but for the women the early sign is usually the broadening part in their hair.

life begins with your health

Circular And Patchy Hair Loss

This type of hair loss problem usually affects just your scalp, but it can also affect men’s beards as well. Many people who experience this type of hair loss often complain about itchy skin, there has been some people who even experienced painful skin.

Sudden Hair Loss

People often become anxious and overwhelmed when they first begin to suddenly start losing their hair, you may even experience losing more than normal amounts of hair when you are brushing your hair. This often puts people into a panic something is seriously wrong with them, and some people really start to panic when they are seeing more than normal hair loss when they are washing their hair. The most common reason for sudden hair loss is usually from people experiencing sudden physical or emotional stress, you will experience more than normal thinning of your hair from this type of hair loss.

Full-Body Hair Loss

People who experience total body hair loss will often find the cause to be connected to a health condition or a health treatment, and the most common health treatment of course is chemotherapy for cancer. The majority of people with total body hair loss from chemotherapy will experience their hair to grow back, you will find most people become overwhelmed with anxiety from losing their hair. I imagine this is even more of an emotional experience for women, we all know how much time and effort women put into their hair.

Patches Of Scaly Scalp

Whenever you experience patches of scaly scalp you more likely are experiencing signs of ringworm, you will notice broken hair and redness of your scalp usually. Some people even will have some oozing and swelling, so ringworm is usually the most common reason when you have these symptoms.

Hair Loss Causes

Family genes is the most common cause when you are experiencing gradual thinning of your hair as you age, you will notice the first sign often to be a receding hairline. Whenever family genes is not the cause of your hair loss issues, you might want to consider the most common health conditions which can cause hair loss.

life begins with your health

Prescription Drugs

People who are having unexplained hair loss issues you might want to check the side-effects of any prescription drugs your physician might have prescribed to you recently. Some prescription medications’ physicians prescribe can cause hair loss as one of their side-effects, but since everyone’s body chemistry is not the same everyone does not experience the same side-effects.

  • Cancer Prescription Drugs
  • Arthritis Prescription Medications
  • Anti-Depressants
  • Heart Medications
  • High Blood Pressure Medications

Hair Loss From Anxiety And Stress

Hair loss and hair loss thinning is common among people who experience chronic anxiety and stress disorders, but everyone with a history of long-term anxiety and stress disorders don’t end up with hair loss issues. Physical and emotional stress long-term can even age you before your time, and some people even become gray at a very young age.

How You Care For Your Hair

I never knew some hairstyles had the possibility to cause you excessive hair loss, but some hairstyles such as pigtails and ponytails can cause you to lose more hair than normal. This type of hair loss is brand spanking new to me, but believe or not it does have a medical technical name which is traction alopecia.

  • Hot Oil Hair Treatment
  • Hair Permanents

I have learned a great deal of new information about hair loss writing this post, I was not aware hot oil treatments and hair permanents causes inflammation of your hair follicles. This inflammation may over time cause you to start losing your hair, and this type of hair loss can be permanent.

Are You At Risk For Hair Loss

Like all health issues some people are higher risks for hair loss than others, you do have control to lower your risks by avoiding chemical hair products. The best natural hair products you can use are essential oil products, so what are the risk factors for people who are high risk for hair loss.

  • Family Genes
  • Age
  • Significant Weight Loss
  • Diabetes
  • Lupus
  • Other Medical Conditions
  • Some Prescription Medications
  • Hair Products Which Contain Chemicals

Healthy Hair Tips

  • Excessive Hair Pulling Hairstyles ( Braids, Ponytails, Pigtails, Buns )
  • Hair Twisting
  • Pulling Your Hair
  • Use Wide-Tooth Combs
  • Consider Chemical-Free Hair Products
  • Hot Rollers
  • Curing Irons
  • Hot Oil Treatments
  • Hair Permenents
  • Hair Loss Prescription Medications
  • Protect Your Hair From The Sun
  • Stop Smoking
  • Request A Cooling Cap During Chemotherapy
  • Hair Dyes

These healthy hair tips are just a guide of some of the things which contributes to hair loss, you can use many of these hair products without causing hair loss if you are not using them excessively. These are all things which can put you at a higher risk for hair loss in the future, I feel the most important hair loss habit to form is to get rid of all those hair products you are using with chemicals.

life begins with your health

The Best Essential Oils For Your Hair

  • Lavender Oil
  • Rosemary Oil
  • Chamomile Oil
  • Cedarwood Oil
  • Clary Sage Oil
  • Lemon Grass Oil
  • Peppermint Oil

Of course, you will also need to use a carrier oil to be safe when using any of these essential oils for your hair, and there are three carrier oils which are my favorites I like to use.

  • Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Oive Oil

It is so easy to use essential oils for natural healthy hair, you just combine the essential oil of your choice with the carrier oil of your choice and massage the mixture into your scalp and hair. You can even add your favorite essential oil to your essential oil shampoo and conditioner.

Essential Oils Recipe For Thicker Hair

  • Rosemary Oil
  • Cedarwood Oil
  • Sage Oil
  • Favorite Carrier Oil

Essential Oils Recipe For Styling Your Hair

  • Lavender Oil
  • Rosemary Oil
  • Vodka
  • Cane Sugar
  • Favorite Carrier Oil

Many people think they are using healthy natural hair products, but if you check your hair products and they contain Carcinogenic chemicals you are exposing your risks for cancer. What I ask myself every day, why are these chemicals allowed in our products when they are known to contribute to causing people cancer and other health diseases.

Don’t forget about using your essential oil diffuser, when you diffuse essential oils you are exposing yourself to the best natural way to reduce your stress levels and improve your total body and mind health.

Chemical-Free Hair Products

  • Coconut Oil And Lime Hair Mask
  • Argan Oil Shampoo And Conditioner
  • Argan Oil Volume Enhancing Shampoo
  • Shea Butter Shampoo And Conditioner
  • Sea Salt Spray Instead Of Hair Spray

Argan Oil Shampoo artnaturals

My Recommendations

What Is On My Mind Today?

I truly hope my post today will influence you to consider giving up your chemical hair products for natural essential oil products, you have the information to make the best decision for your hair, now it is up to you to make the changes in your lifestyle to protect your hair and your body.




  • Luke says:

    Thanks for sharing this informative article. I have always been under the assumption that hair loss is primarily a result of genetics. If my dad experienced hair loss or baldness, there was a good chance I would have the same results.

    I never thought a particular hairstyle could lead to hair loss, let alone have a specific medical label attached to it. Interesting.

    Do you feel that any of the preservatives found in food that we consume every day could have an effect on hair loss? Might be a reach, but thought I would ask.

    I did realize that the chemicals contained within our shampoos can result in hair loss. Do you have a specific oil for men who are experiencing a gradual hair loss?

    If so, I would love to hear your answer.

    Thanks Jeff for the great info.


    • Jeff says:

      Hello Luke,
      I do feel the chemicals in our food is contributing to many of our health issues today,
      I am doing my best to urge people to eliminate as many of the chemicals they possibly
      can to live a longer healthier life.

      Best Essential Oils For Men’s Hair Growth
      Clary Sage

      Remember to use a carrier oil such as coconut oil, jojoba oi or sweet almond oil


  • Cynthia says:

    I have experienced temporary hair loss a couple of times in my life. The first time I was pretty young (20’s) and was so very concerned because my hair was thinning in the front. I was under quite a lot of stress at that time that I attribute the hair loss to. I started blending a smoothie that was supposed to reverse hair loss and either that worked for me.
    The second time was more recent when I had to get on thyroid medication. It lasted for about 6 months and I was so upset. However, the doctor assured me it was temporary and she was correct. My hair is now thick and full and I feel very blessed. I try to stay away from heat stylers and stick to air drying. I do like your suggestions on the oils and your tips are excellent. Thank you so much for such a great and comprehensive article on hair loss.

    • Jeff says:

      Hello Cynthia,

      I am happy to hear your hair is healthy and full again,
      our hair is something we take for granted until we start
      to lose it from any number of reasons.

      Stress and hair products with chemicals are the most
      common hair loss reasons in women


  • Brenda says:

    I have a lot of hair! In fact, the men in my family have NEVER gone bald, really, none ever! So there is something to be said about genes. I do, however, abuse my hair. It tends to be dry and my scalp sometimes gets itchy. I am definitely going to try your products! Thanks for a very informative article!

    • Jeff says:

      Hello Brenda
      It is good you have good family genes for healthy hair,
      but you can only abuse your hair so long before it will
      be affected.

      Many women today are experiencing hair loss from the chemicals
      in their hair products, we must eliminate the chemicals we are using
      or who knows how it is going to affect us and future generations

  • Thank you for this site Jeff you have done a great job on it and I have learned a lot from it. I am shedding my hair. Every time I use my hairbrush I get more hair from it than anything else. I have long hair down to my back and like I said I get a hand full of my hair from my brush but with your site, I have learned what I can do to stop losing my hair. Thank you so much for this insightful site.

    • Jeff says:

      Hello Mary
      I am very happy my post has helped you solve your hair loss
      problem, I am sure many more people are experiencing this
      problem as well.

  • Tamara says:

    Very interesting article. Have sent the link to a friend who suffers from it. I only had some hair loss after my first pregnancy. It did become fuller again after 6 months. My dad is becoming balder at 73, but as a compensation his hair is almost fully black still. My mom is also not grey yet, so I have great hopes. Thanks!

    • Jeff says:

      Hello Tamara
      I am extremely happy to hear your hair loss issue has resolved,
      it does sound like you have very good genes in your family for
      healthy hair.

  • Timotheus says:

    I love essential oils. And I believe there are oils that can help reduce hair loss and improve hair growth. Your article confirms my belief. Thank you.

    I have been using a product that contains essential oils. So far, I do see some improvement in my hair loss condition. When I am finished with this product, I will try the product you are recommending.

    Once again, thank you.

    • Jeff says:

      Hello Timotheus
      I wish you much success with the product you are presently using for your
      hair loss, I am sure you will enjoy using essential oils for your hair
      to have healthier hair.

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