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What Can I Do For Chronic Pain-Living Better With Your Pain

Life With Chronic Pain


Living everyday with pain can be challenging for many people, especially when you first start experiencing your chronic pain. This can be a very frustrating time for the majority of people adjusting to their new life with daily pain, there are different types of pain and knowing which type you are experiencing can help you to treat your chronic pain to live better. Do you experience muscle pain or nerve pain, knowing the difference can make the difference how well you manage your pain? Muscle pain is a consistent steady aching pain where nerve pain is more of a burning and shooting pain. Muscle pain usually affects a specific area of your body where nerve pain usually starts in one part of your body and shoots to other parts of your body.


Muscle Pain


Muscle pain is most often a temporary pain which you can relieve with pain creams and oils, this type of pain is usually from new activities or exercise you have been doing recently. This type of pain is not nearly as severe and is more of an aching then actually pain, this pain is generally sore muscles and using the temporary pain relievers works well for people with this type of pain. Resting the muscles also is a good choice until your pain eases enough you can continue with your activities and exercise programs, this type of pain is more of a nuisance and does not affect the majority of people’s lives permanently.


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Nerve Pain


Nerve pain is the type of pain most people experience which affects their life pretty much every day, this is the type of pain most people become frustrated with attempting to adjust their life too. Chronic pain restricts what you can do for many people, this pain is very severe at times and can cause people to have difficulties doing their everyday activities. Pain creams and oils give very little relief with this type of pain, for most people rest and heat therapy are their best treatment plan. sleeping can become extremely difficult and important for people with this type of pain, sleep therapy products have helped many people to manage their sleep more efficiently which has resulted in experiencing less severe pain.


Gluten & Chronic Pain


Many people who experience chronic nerve pain has learned gluten is a trigger to increase their pain levels, anyone who experiences chronic pain should give a gluten-free diet a try. This diet has helped many people to manage their chronic pain more effectively, what is awesome about this is you will experience less pain in less than one month, if this diet change does not lower your pain levels you are free to go back on your gluten diet. Gluten does affect most people in some ways with their health, some people gluten affects them less severe but gluten is not a healthy diet for anyone.



Stress Management


People who have learned how to manage their stress more efficiently has also experienced less severe chronic pain when stress becomes more than we can cope with we become anxious and experience increased chronic pain. Stress relief exercise such as gentle stretching yoga has improved people’s stress and chronic pain levels, meditation also has improved many people’s lives helping them to relax and slow down. Relaxation techniques and positive coping skills are well worth taking the time to learn, keep an open mind and give some of these a try and maybe you will live better with your chronic pain?


 What Is On My Mind Today?


Chronic pain does affect many people’s lives in a negative way, adjusting to life with chronic pain takes learning to manage many other aspects of your health. Sleep is more important for pain management than many of us realize, also stress and anxiety can increase our pain levels if we are not able to learn how to relax. Our emotional health has such a dramatic effect on our pain levels, making it a point to learn how to manage our emotional health better is another key to managing our chronic pain levels.



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