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What Are The Health Benefits Of The Master Cleanse-Detox And Colon Cleanse

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Detox & Colon Cleanse


How much processed foods do you put into your body every day, every bite of processed foods is putting harmful chemicals into your system. The more processed foods you consume the more serious detox and colon cleanse is for you, basically this procedure removes many of the chemicals hiding in your system and cleans out your colon at the time time. This procedure is usually done in the privacy of your own home, you are able to purchase products today specifically for this purpose.


The Master Cleanse


The master cleanse is a 3 to 5 day cleansing you do to detox your body and clean your colon, for the days you are doing this cleanse you will be replacing this as your meals for the 3 to 5 days cleanse. What is in this cleanse you are putting into your body you might be wonder, this is a special mixture which is very effective in detoxing your body and cleaning out your colon?


Lemonade Mixture Of Organic Lemon Or Lime Juice

Grade C Maple Syrup

Filtered Water

Additional Cleansing Recommended ( Salt Water Flush & Laxative Teas )


The Master Cleanse Benefits


Detox Your Body

Clean Your Colon

Weight Loss

Body & Colon Maintenance


Green Super Food Amazing Grass Detox & Digest


If you have never heard of the company Green Super Food Amazing Grass you are not alone, I am new to this company ordering my first product just recently, but I am very impressed. I am using the tangerine flavored product which is for improving your immunity system, this is a very easy way to improve your immunity and get more fruit and veggies into your body. I am considering starting to do a cleanse myself, even though processed foods are not high in my own diet detoxing and cleansing is still a good idea. If the detox and cleansing works as well as the immunity product I am taking now, it  will be well worth the price of $ 19.99 plus shipping at Thrive Market.


Promotes Healthy Digestion & Toxin Elimination

1 Scoop Added To Your Favorite Beverage

Over 24 Cleansing Ingredients

Actazin Kiwi Fruit Powder ( Promotes Good Bacteria Growth )

Vegan Approved

Certified Organic

Verified Non- GMO

30 Servings @ 19.99 Thrive Market



Nutritional Information


Sodium 10 MG

Carbs 4 G

Fiber 2 G

Sugars 1 G

Vitamin A 1250

Vitamin C 11 MG

Vitamin K 100 MCG

Calcium 28 MG

Iron 1.2 MG

Potassium 100MG

Calories 25 Per Scoop


Thrive Market Has A 30 Day Free Trial 


What Is On My Mind Today?


With all the chemicals we are putting into our bodies with our processed foods detoxing and cleansing is a healthy habit to consider, what I like about the green super food detox and digest product is you don’t have to fast like the detoxing and cleansing kits Amazon sells, if you use this product daily you are detoxing and improving your colon health every day. You could use this as a 3-5 day cleansing as well, this product is much more reasonably priced than many of the detox and cleansing kits you find on the market today. For $ 19.99 you are receiving 30 servings and only 25 calories per scoop, if you use this just for detoxing and cleansing for 3 to 5 days this product will last you quite a long time? Whatever option you choose is one which you know will be good for you, this is something to consider if you are living with autoimmune disease?


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