What About Finding Love Online-How Relationships Affect Our Health

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Online Dating & Your Health


Do you socialize on online dating websites regularly, do you think it is terrible how people are using lonely people seeking love and a relationship to make money? How many people wonder if online dating is a scam, considering your chances of actually meeting the right person to be your partner for life and what they are charging is this a scam? For many lonely people online dating can become a very emotional experience, there are many people on online dating websites using people to scam them out of money. There is nothing worse for your self-esteem than to be scammed online, many people become attached to people they correspond with on online dating websites, when things do not work out the disappointment can result in anxiety and depression for many people.


Online Dating & Predators


These websites have become the home for many predators on the outlook for vulnerable people to take advantage of, some of the people who are new to the internet and dating online become victims to these predators. I have watched many documentaries where people has lost their lives by predators they met through dating on the internet, many people are vulnerable to physical and emotional health problems due to their interaction through dating websites. These websites also become addictive to many people and cause them financial stress, it is a shame predators use the internet to hurt people physically and emotionally. Before you start dating online you should learn how to date online and be safe, understanding how predators take advantage of people online will protect you from becoming another victim.



Relationships & Your Health


 One of the best and worse things for your health can be your relationships,  when you are in a healthy relationship with a caring and loving person this can improve a person’s health. Everyone has good times and bad times they must go through, that is just how life is. People do need other people to be healthy and happy, the support of a good partner is worth more than all the money in the world. Even more people are much less anxious and depressed when they have a good partner to do things for, the problem in a relationship occurs when one person does all the giving and the other person does all the taking. The internet is a powerful tool for our health and happiness, at the same time the internet can cause us much unhealthy results such as financial stress and emotional stress through dating websites. These websites are not good places to hang out online for sensitive and vulnerable people, these websites for some people have resulted in suicide from the emotional pain of rejection and being taken advantage of.


 Financial Stress


These dating websites can be addictive to some people in search of their life partner, this is especially true for people who have low self-esteem. These people will often join more of these websites than they can afford, this can for many people cause them serious financial stress. This can become as addictive for some people as gambling and other negative addictions, being lonely is one of the biggest stress triggers for many people’s mental health problems. Are you spending too much on these websites in search of a life partner, this can lead to other health problems such as anxiety and depression? Some people have become so addicted to these websites they do not get enough sleep which has added to them making bad decisions with people they have met online.





Some people become so obsessed with meeting their soulmate they are not able to relax which affects their sleep, for a person to be healthy they need to prepare for sleep with relaxing activities before going to bed. For many people the computer affects them in  a negative way which causes them to form unhealthy habits, people must have a healthy balance of work and play plus make time just to relax. Using music and art are two of the best methods which help people to relax,  also many people have benefited adding yoga to their daily routine. Using gentle stretching yoga at the end of your day has improved many people’s sleep, try guided meditation as well to wind down before bedtime.


What Is On My Mind Today?


What has been your experience with online dating, many people experience meeting people who are nothing like they are searching for? Learning how to use the internet to meet people in moderation is the key to staying healthy, everyone should read how to date online and be safe before going on any dating websites. Even good things like the internet being over-used can affect your health and your life, setting a schedule might be something you wish to consider and setting a budget how much you can afford to spend on these websites is something more people should do.



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