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Vitamin A Deficiency-Eye Health

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Vitamin A Deficiency is extremely rare today in developed countries, but in undeveloped countries 250,000 to 500,000 children experience this deficiency. When your brain does not receive adequate amounts of this vitamin your first symptoms will be night blindness, for the longest time I had such a difficulty driving at night. The light from oncoming car lights just blinded me, I would lose my bearings on the highway. There are more people than you might think with this deficiency, its just that their levels are just low enough to cause them problems with driving at night. Still their levels are not low enough they require supplements, at least that is how it shows up when you have blood work done. In my case, my system does not absorb enough of the vitamins and minerals from my food for me to have adequate amounts without me supplementing. These children in undeveloped countries with this deficiency become totally blind eventually, plus the majority of them end up losing their lives. I could not find any research explaining why these children end up losing their lives, but for some reason these poor children do lose their lives.







VAD Symptoms

Besides the symptoms of night blindness and possibly permanent blindness if left untreated, other symptoms are impaired immune function, birth defects and cancers. The main causes in this deficiency are few animal sources of pre-formed vitamin A, addition to dietary other causes are iron deficiency, excess alcohol consumption and stressed liver. This has been such a minor problem in developed countries, it is often over-looked by physicians. This has become more common with so many people struggling to provide enough of the foods we require, also many of the digestive system diseases and disorders restricts the absorption of your vitamins and minerals causing more people today having deficiencies.


VAD Treatment

I was lucky, my treatment is only I have to consume supplements for my levels to maintain adequate. The average dosage is 200,000 IU two to four times per year, but in more severe cases the treatment should be fortification of your food. Fortification of your food is very expensive, the most common foods fortified are wheat, sugar and milk. I for one am allergic to all those foods, lucky for me I caught mine early and supplements are doing the job for me. Alcohol in high levels regularly does not allow the person to adsorb this vitamin, also a person with this type of lifestyle of drinking should not start taking vitamin A without consulting a physician first.





Final Thought

Everything we put into our body affects our brain, the chemicals we are exposed to changes our brain chemistry if exposed regularly for long periods of time. Exercise effects our brain chemistry, of course this is in a positive way. I chose to share this topic with you because even though its rare, it never hurts to be aware of the possibility of such things. Supplements are becoming a must for everyone, more and more people are experiencing more health issues than ever before. It is crazy for us to becoming so unhealthy with all our technology today, but the food companies supposedly adding all these extra vitamins and minerals in our foods does not seem to be making a positive difference in our health. I prefer to go with natural supplements, natural supplements have herbs which will not change our brain chemistry in a negative way. There are less side effects with these, also the side effects are very minor compared to the unnatural products on the market today.

I am always happy to receive any comments or questions about my posts.

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  • Dancinscot says:

    I prefer the natural supps too…one can choose the exact ingredients preferred, as well as the sources. Very informative article! I did not know about VAD.

    • Jeff says:

      Thank you very much for your comment and sharing with us today, whenever someone like you writes to me
      with enjoying my articles it makes what I am doing all the more precious to me. Natural is the way to go,
      I hope to hear from you again soon.


  • Shashinth says:

    Hello Jeff,

    First of all i should say that this is a very informative post. It is good to know about VAD.

    I am a video editor by profession. And i stare at the screen for almost all the time during the day. I am a Vegan. If you can, could you provide me some trusted links to natural supplements please? Or where can i find them?


    • admin says:

      Hello Sir

      Thank You

      I appreciate your comment very much, its always nice to hear from someone who is reading my posts. Do you happen to have problems with night driving, I did in the past and that is how I learned about VAD. I only approve of natural supplements, they are the safest and benefit our bodies the most naturally.

      At this time there are only three natural supplements I am sharing, the first two are loaded with a good variety of the herbs best for your brain functioning.

      This third link is a very reasonable vitamin supple which will save you a bundle of money, which ever best fits your budget and your needs your welcome to check them out.

      Being a vegan, people really need to use supplements to make up for not consuming animal products. Actually much less expensive to take a supplement, rather then having to purchase all that health food from the health food shops.

      I hope these help you, feel free to check back with me in the future.

      you can contact me privately at

      Thank You Again For your Comment

  • Sangeeta says:

    The article about VAD is going to be very helpful to everyone reading it. Our first priority should be health but we are neglecting small issues we are facing with it until the problem is getting huge.
    I like to have carrot, spinach and other green vegetables regularly in my diet to give proper intake of Vit A.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Sangeeta,

      You have formed a good habit getting some vitamin A foods in your body daily, the problem is most people do not eat enough of these foods daily in their diet. Many people do not eat their veggies, which is high in vitamin A. It does not take very much of these foods to get your required vitamin A, even just one serving per day can be enough.

      I appreciate your comment very much today


  • Bimmerguy says:

    I had no idea that vision problems could be correlated to a Vitamin A deficiency. I wonder if it could help people with macular degeneration as well. My grandmother has severe eye problems due to this and maybe Vitamin A can help her out a bit. Thank you so much for the insightful information. You made me aware of the benefits of Vitamin A and I will me much more cognizant in taking it daily!!!

    • admin says:

      Thank You for your comment, many people are not aware of vitamin A having to deal with your sight. Very few people take vitamin A, plus many physicians will not test for this vitamin since its not well known for people to have a deficiency. Adding foods which contain this vitamin can be all you need to improve your levels, many people do not consume the foods which contains this vitamin regularly enough.


  • julian says:

    Wow great article Jeff,
    I had no idea about the affects that are caused from Vitamin A deficiency. I like to research a lot about this sort of thing. I recently watched a documentary called ”Food Matters” I think you would really like it. My mind was blown. Keep up the great informative articles Jeff.

    Regards, Julian

    • admin says:

      Thank You Julian

      I appreciate you reading my post and your comment, what is happening is our society today is living mostly on the processed grain foods and we are not consuming enough of the natural foods which provide the nutrients we need to be our best.


  • Alyssa says:

    How do I find out if I am vitamin A deficient? I ask because I don’t like driving at night and find that car lights seem amplified and bright and distracting. It could be because of my stigmatism, but I’m wondering if Vitamin A deficiency has a role to play as well? What kinds of foods are rich in Vitamin A?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Alyssa

      You can find out by having your physician do blood work to check all your vitamin levels, then you will know what you need to add to be healthier. Some of the foods which contain Vitamin A, are the ones many of us do not eat regularly.

      Liver ( did I hear a YUCK)

      Orange Fruits

      Leafy veg (spinach)






      I hope this helps you get to a good start


  • George says:

    Hi there,

    I just landed here and I must say this article is bound to raise awareness on Vitamin A Deficiency.

    I couldn’t agree more with your statements to be alert with this things. It is always to our best interest with health being our one true asset.

    Since I am also a keen supporter of natural supplements I will bookmark your website and come back for more relevant info.

    • admin says:

      Thank You George

      You sound like a very bright person, many physicians do not test for vitamin A deficiency since in the past it was extremely rare anyone would have this. With us eating mostly processed grains and less of the vitamin A foods this is changing for some people also with the many chronic illnesses these people do not absorb the vitamins from their food into their system.


  • 5tephen says:

    A good friend of mine suffers from night blindness . She suffers from haemochromatosis which is an iron overload. I always assumed this was the reason she found it difficult to drive at night. She has to be careful what she eats. If her iron levels rise too high there is the risk of damage to her heart and liver.

    This article on VAD has been very helpful. You might even say it has been an ‘eye opener’ ( as I look at the image in your article) It is not that she has an iron deficiency but she does enjoy a drink or three. I will definitely be sharing this article with her. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Stephen

      Night blindness is serious as well as dangerous for your friend and others on the road, mine has improved dramatically by adding more vitamin A foods in my diet and taking natural supplements.


      Alcohol and smoking steals many of our vitamins

  • julian says:

    Wow great article Jeff,
    I had no idea about the affects that are caused from Vitamin A deficiency. I like to research a lot about this sort of thing. I recently watched a documentary called ”Food Matters” I think you would really like it. My mind was blown. Keep up the great informative articles Jeff.

    Regards, Julian

    • Jeff says:

      Thank You Julian
      I appreciate your comment and taking the time to read my post on vitamin A, the documentary does
      sound like something I would love to watch. I enjoy documentaries, you learn so much from them.

      Take Care

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