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Unique Outdoor Toys Kids-Encouraging Kids Outdoors

Unique outdoor toys gets your special needs child exercise the fun way


Children & The Outdoors


Today with all the fancy electronic gadgets the majority of children spend less time playing outdoors, this is even more true with children with special needs, they simply don’t have much interest in playing outdoors. One way to encourage children to spend more time outdoors is by providing them with unique outdoor toys which interest them, there are many of these products on the market today. There is one online store which comes to my mind I wish to share with you, this company is dedicated to providing you with unique toys for your children.


Unique Toys For Your Child


There is a store online which impressed me very much right from the start, this store has been in business since 1983. If you are looking for unique toys this is the first place I recommend you shop, besides the toys being unique and good buys for your kids they are made in the USA?  Hearth Song believes in creative and imaginative play is important for your child’s development, looking for the best screen free toys and games which encourages active and creative play this is the store for your family? You are not just getting American made toys when you purchase from this store; you are receiving high quality and unique toys which are very smart choices for your child’s learning and growth.


  • Unique Toys
  • Games
  • Crafts
  • Educational
  • Entertaining
  • High-Quality
  • Safe
  • Child Development
  • Ride-On-Toys



What Do They Sell?


  • Outdoor Active Toys
  • Imaginative Play
  • Light-Up Toys
  • Stem Toys
  • Creative Construction
  • Educational
  • Indoor Active
  • Award Winning Toys
  • Top Rated High Quality
  • Apparel
  • Daily Deals
  • Gift Finder



Children’s Development


Children who play outdoors experience an improved physical development and growth than children who don’t play outdoors, this is the easiest way for your child to exercise and enjoy it? Outdoor play promotes well-being and physical development, many children today lack the muscle strength and coordination they need? Adding unique toys to get your child more active is also a great way to build their self-confidence, many children are overweight with poor balance which is causing them health problems.


 Benefits For Babies


How many babies do you know who does not enjoy exploring the world around them, every new shape, color, and texture is a new learning experience for these little guys and gals? Providing these babies unique toys will benefit them with all kinds of new experiences, babies put most everything into their mouths to explore if it is something which tastes good. The more variety of toys a baby experiences the more they learn, I highly recommend active educational toys and games for babies.






Wondering what are the best toys for your toddler, shape sorters are awesome educational toys for your toddler? Shape sorters teaches your child how to match similar items, this is also a very good way to teach them the names of their different shapes. The popular Lego blocks are still a favorite with many toddlers, these old favorites learns your child about colors and develops their motor skills.


Preschool & School Age


The best toys and games for learning for children this age is products which helps them learn their letters, numbers, and language skills, all of these are important for your child at this age. Educational and learning toys and games provides your child with a fun way to learn, electronic educational and learning toys are very popular and beneficial for your child. When your child is having fun,  they will play longer and learn more, your best educational strategy for your child is choosing a variety of education and learning products.



What Is On My Mind Today?


Kids sure are luckier than when we were kids, every time I browse Hearth Song I wish I was a kid once again. I promise you will be amazed at the coolest products you will find in this store, even better these products are very reasonably priced and affordable for most budgets. I hope this article peeks your interest enough to take a trip to Hearth Song and see what it is all about, I can’t find the words to express how impressed this store was the first time I checked it out.



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10 thoughts on “Unique Outdoor Toys Kids-Encouraging Kids Outdoors

  1. Great site! i want to buy one of those excavators for my nephew already. Do you have kiddie ride in cars as well? I think you found a good niche here and I wish you the best of luck in your conquest to be a successful entrepreneur. If I can do it, everyone can do it.


    1. Thank You Mr Boshma

      I am happy to hear from you and appreciate you leaving comments for my other readers, my website is very important to me to be able to help children and their parents.


  2. Great article! I’m having a baby in November and I worry about him getting addicted to technology instead of playing outside. It’s nice to know there’s unique toys and playsets out there to keep your children occupied outside. Sometimes just a ball and hoop isn’t enough to keep them entertained.

    1. Thank You Keli,

      I can tell you will be an awesome mom, I am happy you are expecting a child in November. Sounds like an early Xmas gift to me from Santa, thank you for commenting and I am sure your child will grow up fine with you being the child’s mom


  3. I viewed your site regarding special needs children and found it very interesting. I too have a similar site about children with hearing loss, so I can relate to your site very well.

    It seems there’s not enough valuable info out their on the subject relating to the young health of children. Your site touches on unique toys, games, and other educational items that will help children and families in their time of need.

    Parents of babies, toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy what your site has to offer. Education is ‘key’ in regards to the development and growth of a special needs child.

    1. Thank You 

      I do appreciate your kind words about my article and website, I agree 100% education is the key for all of us to cope with our health problems. I feel very sad so many kids have health problems which challenges their every day lives, hopefully with websites like your and mine we can help families.


  4. Great article. It’s great that you have raised awareness on how kids these days are not spending time outdoors because they’re hooked to their gadgets. They’re not interested to play outside anymore. And that is why more and more kids are becoming obese, diabetic and sickly. Kids who sit in front of the TV or computer for many hours tend to nibble on unhealthy snacks and foods. This is just one of the downsides of technology.

    Back in my childhood years when there were no computers, no cellphones and only a few households owned a black and white TV set, every kid loves to play outdoors. We play catch, tug of war, Chinese garter, etc. in school during recess and lunch breaks and we play all day outdoors during the weekends.

    Introducing unique toys that kids will enjoy outdoors is a smart way to get them to step out of the house and play. That way they’ll be more active and most of all be healthy because the best time to teach our kids balance in life is while they’re still kids. Playing outdoors with other kids will also teach them develop and value good relationships with others.

    1. Thank You Alice,

      I agree with you totally technology has been an influence on many children being overweight today, parental guidance and boundaries on playing computer games and watching television is the key to these kids forming better habits and spending more time outdoors.


  5. Great article. I love the idea of children playing outdoors instead of spending so much time in their room playing with electronic gadgets. I wish I had known about this toy store when my twins were younger. I always looked for ways to get them to play outside. They are in college now, but maybe someday, well….Grandchildren. Thanks for such a great article.

    1. Thank You Ralph,

      I appreciate your commenting on my article, when I was younger I always seen children outdoors playing but now I seldom see children outdoors playing and this does concern me. I am a big fan of the internet and technology, we can learn so much from these but they also have affected our children to lose interest in outdoor activities which is not good.


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