Types Of Anxiety Disorders-Do You Have Any Of These

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Anxiety Disorders


Until my anxiety became so severe I could not function well enough to even do my normal activities, I did not realize just how debilitating these disorders could actually be. I truly feel the majority of people are like I was in the past, unless you are dealing with these disorders you can not really know how much they control a person’s life.




Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)


I was amazed when I first found out about this disorder, you know this disorder begins on the average at the age of 19 years old. Many people have this disorder and might not even be aware of it, this disorder gives you unwanted thoughts and repetitive behavior. When I was younger before my anxiety became severe, I did have this disorder but I never knew it . The most common behavior is hand washing, counting and cleaning, these only give us temporary relief from our anxiety but if we do not do these things we become even more anxious.




Panic Disorders


This disorder gives us panic attacks out of the blue, we feel fine one minute then the next minute we are having all these crazy symptoms both physical and emotional. When I was young I did not realize this experience  was panic attacks, I just knew I got very sick sometimes and did not understand why. Many people go their entire life with this disorder and never connect it with anxiety, the triggers for this disorder are not easy to figure out since the panic attacks seem to just come out of no where.






I never realized I had this disorder as well, for as long as I can remember I have been more comfortable in the outdoors then indoors. I even have got panic attacks while indoors with certain situations, I would feel trapped and the urge to escape. If this sounds familiar to you, you also might have this disorder. This disorder is quite common, some people with this has a set routine and can not go out of that routine or they will have panic attacks.




Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Thank God this is one disorder I do not think I have, usually people with this disorder experience or witness an extremely emotional event. This disorder became very popular after the Vietnam War, many people who served in this war came home and could not function in our society because of developing this disorder. The symptoms usually are nightmares and flashbacks with high anxiety and uncontrollable thoughts, basically they keep reliving this experience over and over again.






Do you have extreme fears which are not reasonable, just some objects or situations put so much fear in you that you avoid them as much as you can. Phobia’s are fears which last much longer periods then normal anxiety, this for most people prevents them often from being able to function normally. Too many to list here for you in this article, many phobia’s do not require treatment but if you suffer any which controls your life then you should seek treatment.




Final Thought

I hope you find this article useful and interesting, the resources are very good for anyone needing more information on any of these disorders. I have overcome many of my disorders to the point they are not as controlling as in the past, but they still have some control over me at times. Once you have anxiety issues, you will never completely rid yourself of them. The best you can hope for us to learn to manage them more efficiently, take control of your own life and not allow your anxiety to be in control of you.


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  • Viola Gary says:

    I must say this website is one of the most easiest and informative I have been on in recent months. You have put together a vast array of health healing natural remedies that is also good for children. That to me is very worthwhile and I hope you have good success with this. Keep it coming.

    • Jeff says:

      Thank You Viola Gary

      I am extremely happy you have enjoyed my website, my goals are to help others with their anxiety related issues.
      Being I grew up with anxiety as a child and it just become worse as an adult, I want more then anything to help
      others not go through the same painful experience as I did.


  • Jolita says:

    Wow, I thought myself I have an anxiety or something similar, and maybe I still do but very simple comparing to what it could be and I feel very lucky for that. Luckily I don’t know what it means to have a panic attack also.

    We are living in such a hectic society now with information overflow which I guess is the main trigger to all of that. I cannot say how it was for example 100 years ago, but from what studies and statistics show it’s more 21st century problem.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Jolita

      Our society is causing us many health problems, even when people know this they still are not taking care of their bodies properly. Our grandparents were much healthier then we are today, they are predicting our old age to be much less as time goes by.


  • Calvin says:

    Thank you for writing this article and providing avenues for obtaining books on the disorders. I think in today’s world, most doctors pass off many disorders as depression. When if fact, it is usually much more than that. Hopefully when people read this article they can relate to one or more disorders they may be experiencing and be able to discuss it more in depth with their doctor.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Calvin

      Your totally right about doctors often passing off many anxiety disorders as depression, out of frustration not knowing what exactly is wrong with a patient what treatment to prescribe they diagnose you as depression. This is a bad thing today, depression drugs do nothing to help anxiety they just dope us up so we do not hurt ourselves or anyone else.


  • Kris says:

    Hi Jeff, This is a really interesting article on some of the different types of anxiety disorders. The only thing I can say I have suffered from is a mild form of anxiety where I was always keeping myself awake at night and worrying about the state of the world, and the well-being of my children. I think that is fairly normal though. I have a friend with OCD and it is sad to see it control his life despite constant therapy. As you have stated, his OCD only manifested itself when we were first flatmates after school. Interesting stuff.
    Thanks for enlightening me, regards, Kris

    • admin says:

      Thank You Kris

      I am happy your anxiety is mild, please do not take this lightly but be grateful. Stay on a healthy lifestyle, sadly anxiety can become worse as the years go by if our lives become more stressful.


  • Marc says:

    A nicely laid out site! I really enjoyed the read. I have my Master’s in clinical psychology and I am always glad to see people take an interest in the suffering of others.

    The site is laid out nicely and was a pleasant read. I would like to see a lot more information on the topics besides the books. Still, a great post!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Marc

      I am happy you enjoyed my article, very nice to hear from you. Psychology is a very interesting field of study , I have read and taken some Psychology courses myself over the years.


  • Maureen says:

    Interesting read. I am fortunate that I do not suffer from any of these disorders. I have a friend though who’s wife suffers from anxiety and depression and I know for him it has not been easy over the years. Statistics say that most people suffering with anxiety issues often times have failed marriages. Luckily for my friend this has not been the case.

    Recently his wife was diagnosed with ADHD and started on different medication. The change has been remarkable. It only took 40 years for a diagnosis.

    • admin says:

      Thank you Maureen

      I am happy your friend’s wife was finally properly diagnosed and is doing much better, often with anxiety people either are misdiagnosed either having or having something other then anxiety which taking medication with a wrong diagnosis can be worse then no medication at all. Why I believe in natural alternative health solutions before using any type of medication, but sometimes medication can be the answer for some people.

      Actually the reason many people with anxiety have failed marriages is often a bad marriage which is a trigger for one or both people’s anxiety. Also if one or both people suffer from anxiety before marriage, the anxiety then can be a cause for the bad marriage so they do seem to fit together many times.


  • Hillary says:

    I too have suffered with anxiety for many years, and have learned over time to manage it. Meditation has helped as well as exercise. I actually own one of the books you mention here, and it has helped. Also, i find diffusing essential oils to be a huge help–frankincense and lavender particularly. I think it’s so important that awareness is raised about this disorder, so thank you.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Hilary

      I am happy one of the resources I share on my article has helped you, possibly these will help others as well. Great you have learned to manage your anxiety, everyone can manage their anxiety they just must find the right coping skills.


  • Katherine says:

    I used to suffer from agoraphobia and panic disorder. It takes a lot of self-talk and hard work to overcome these debilitating issues. This is very informative and so useful for those still suffering. I am interested in learning more about PTSD. It seems very prevalent in our world right now. Thanks for all the information.

    • admin says:

      Thank you Katherine

      Surprising how many people suffer from anxiety related issues in our society today, our diets are a big reason for this in my opinion. PTSD is becoming much more common today, maybe I will write an article in the future on that all of its own.


  • shrey says:

    okay, this post is so good that I actually sdtartred comapring the way I behave and if it is really related to these symptoms, this is great work and the post really kept me engaged and I have read the entire thing!
    Great work I hope you keep posting because this site does have useful content and I really hope it helps others like it helped me

    • admin says:

      Thank You Shey

      I am happy your enjoyed and found some benefits from this article today, it does motivate me to keep writing when people share with me I am helping them.


  • Roman says:

    Very well put together article. Thank you for putting so much information in it (and providing resources for those of us who want to dive in deeper). Having personally known people affected by some of these disorders, it’s nice to know I have a place to look whenever I have questions about how to help them cope.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Roman

      I am happy my article has given you some resources so you can help others, just knowing there is help available can be reassuring for many people.


  • Michael says:

    I used to suffer from general anxiety disorder and would get a panic attack just by going to the store. Medicine is only a bandaid, but I’ve found congetive therapy to work really well. These are some really good suggetsions you have. I used to feel exactly the way you described above the book “An End To Panic.” I wish I knew about this a while ago. Thanks for sharing this!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Michael

      I am happy your not suffering from any anxiety disorders today, therapy is very good to help with anxiety. There are so many different types now , one is sure to help you.


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