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Traveling On The Holidays-Ways To Reduce Your Traveling Stress


Traveling On The Holidays Via Plane


Traveling on the holidays is the number one stress trigger for the majority of families,  the number two stress trigger is shopping for people who are hard to buy for.  Families today are living all over the world, people are forced to relocate for employment to survive. When the holiday’s arrive families are traveling to get together to celebrate the holidays,  for many families this is the only time they are able to be together. Many families take time from their careers to leave early to avoid the anxiety and stress of travelling during peak holiday time, travel anxiety can ruin a holiday for a family. Packing wisely keeping your luggage to the minimum will ease your travel anxiety, many families will be traveling by plane and during the holidays misplacing luggage is a common stress trigger for many families.


Medical Prescriptions


Basics In Carry On Bag

Children Comfort Items

Phone Card

Mail Gifts In Advance Via Registered Mail

Ship Gifts From Catalogs & Online Directly


Traveling On The Holidays Via Vehicle


When traveling by vehicle focus on making your trip like a vacation, leaving early again is the best strategy to reduce the families anxiety. Plan your trip ahead of time if possible for good places to stop frequently, these frequent breaks at fun spots will make your traveling more like a vacation. Take a supply of holiday music to  get everyone in the holiday mood, pack some of your favorite children’s activities will prevent them from bugging you when will we get there.


Car Inspected Before Trip / Rental Car Reservation

AAA Membership Card

Emergency Kit


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More Traveling Tips


Managing your health is very important since this will reduce the family becoming cranky and anxious, you need high nutrition meals and snacks more than ever while traveling on the holidays. Avoid caffeine beverages and snacks, these types of snacks may cause more anxiety for the family while traveling. Packing plenty of bottled water in a cooler should be considered always when traveling, pack high nutrition snacks and stop frequently for well-balanced meals when possible.


Relaxation Techniques Such As Visualization



Children’s Travel Games


Children travel games will keep the kids less anxious and entertained while traveling, there are many possibilities for children travel games and other activities which will provide the entire family much less stress. Consider everything from activity books to electronic games for possible traveling entertainment for the children, busy little minds and fingers prevents children from becoming bored and anxious.


Portable DVD Players

Activity Books

Card Games

Art Lap Desk

Travel Checkers / Chess

Travel Bingo

Travel Tic Tac Toe

Electronic Games

Memory Games

Drawing Boards

Sketch Pads



What Is On My Mind Today


Today I wanted to provide an article to reduce the holiday traveling stress for families, many families are traveling today to spend the holidays with their loved ones. Using these tips possibly you will find holiday traveling less stressful and maybe even fun, who knows you might even start to look forward to the holidays even more knowing traveling will be less stressful for you and your family.


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