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Train Your Brain To Relax- Learn How

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Learn How To Relax Your Brain

Learning how to relax my brain was something I struggled to do most of my life, I would just lay in my bed  many nights with my mind racing with all types of thoughts. Some were things which was bothering me, but even when my life was rather calm I still have racing thoughts most nights. Many of my thoughts I had no idea where they came from or what they meant, it was so frustrating for me to overcome this problem. I got to the point soon as my head hit my pillow my anxiety increased and my mind started racing, I truly believed I was going crazy. My physicians tried more medicines then I could even begin to count, none really helped very much and most of them only gave me terrible side effects. Let me tell ya, sleeping three to five hours per night for years will cause you many brain health issues. I got to the point I dreaded when bedtime came, I tried all the good sleep routines I could find online and in books. I must have been spending a fortune on every book for this problem, also I was spending all my time researching online for a miracle cure. I even tried to exhaust myself physically to get more sleep, this only increased my physical pain which did not help with my loss of sleep. I was not getting enough sleep to exercise for success, I was only causing myself more physical and emotional pain. Sleep aids I tired during my most frustrating times, my experience they only made me very groggy which forced me to remain in bed even though I could not fall asleep. Anyone who has ever experienced being exhausted yet not being able to sleep, I am sure can relate to what I was going through for so many years.








Learn Deep Breathing And Muscle Relaxation

Deep breathing and muscle relaxation was my first step to finding something which did give me a little relief of many of the symptoms I was experiencing with so little sleep, the lack of sleep start causing me high anxiety levels and high physical pain levels. Of course this was only causing my sleep problem to be even more severe, then I started experimenting with these techniques. I have found for me yoga and muscle relaxation to be the most beneficial for my problems, you will not find instant results when beginning these techniques. Like anything it takes time, patience and practice. Today there are many resources to get started, just google relaxation techniques and you will have your choice of a variety of these to choose from. The results I experienced first were my anxiety levels decreased, I felt more calm and relaxed. At first these benefit only lasted a short period and my symptoms would return, but with time and practice the results would last longer the better I became at using these techniques.
















Learn The Power Of Breathing

There really is power in learning the correct way to breathe, people today do not breathe deep enough and through their noses. We tend to breathe shallow and through our mouths more than our noses, this is not as easy to learn to do at first but the benefits are well worth learning this skill. Breathing is used in a variety of methods to improve your health, the ones I have experienced which works best for me are deep breathing, meditation, yoga and visualization. I plan to do several posts in the future on a variety of techniques in much more detail. My hopes are the information I am sharing with you in this post will get you at least interested enough to consider them in the future, they do work but you must find the one which work for you.

Learn The Power Of Movement

Movement is important for our health to improve, exercise of course has many benefits emotionally and physically. If exercise is not for you, do not give up hope you can improve your health through movement in other ways. Some of the ways you can become more active are getting more walking into your day, gardening is a great hobby which will improve your health if this is something you would enjoy get started today. You can take a class on simple stretching yoga, anyone can do this type of yoga. There are no pretzel position required, you do basic everyday positions with proper breathing and stretching.  Another class which can benefit you and is not strenuous is tai chi, this you move very slowly with proper breathing. Nature walks are a great get you moving activity, just take your time walking a nature trail and enjoy the scenery. As all things doing it with someone is more enjoyable, maybe you can find a good friend to accompany you in increasing the movement  to better health.






Learn Body Works

This is probably the easiest technique you will ever find to improve your health, again nature walks is a good one to add to your life. Massage therapy is something you might consider as well, classical music or new age music is a good choice of music to assist you to relax at the end of your day. Aromatherapy is very easy to experiment with, lavender is a good scent to start off with to prepare your brain to relax and prepare for sleep. You can even add some drops on your pillow, you can get lavender in oil drops for this purpose. One should never under-estimate the power of prayer, sharing your thoughts and feelings with God is always good to help your brain relax. I have experienced prayer to be very beneficial for me, also nature walks and aromatherapy has worked for me.

The Benefits Of Relaxation Techniques

There are many benefit to learning some of these techniques, I have experienced less severe anxiety, panic attacks, very little depression, much improved mood and I am sleeping much better now then I have ever in my entire life. Some other benefits you might experience are being less angry if this applies to you, improved cardiac health, less often headaches, overcoming addictive cravings, improved immune system support and just being a much more relaxed person over all.

Final Thoughts

My purpose of this post was to share with you the benefits you can receive through relaxation techniques, i will be posting in much more detail these separately in future posts. It will require one post of its own on each one of the techniques available today. I hope this gets you seriously considering experimenting with some of these in the future, it is well worth adding these into your life.

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