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Tracking Devices For Kids-GPS Smart Sole Tracking Device


Tracking Devices


Tracking devices are becoming popular for parents to keep track of their children, these devices give parents a peace of mind when their children are away from home. Anyone with children with special needs understands how precious these devices can be, children with special needs has a habit of disappearing in a matter of seconds. These kids have a tendency to be attracted to things and wander off suddenly, there is a tracking device perfect for these children called smart sole which is in the soles of your child’s shoes. Wearable devices are great for most children, but these kids has a habit of not wanting to wear these devices,  so having a tracking device in their shoes is an awesome product for parents with children with special needs.


Shoe Sole Tracking Device


How would you feel about your child having shoes which has a tracking device built into the soles, this would be a very effective way to keep track of your children? As long as your child keeps their shoes on their feet you will know exactly where they are at all times, this would provide many families comfort and peace of mind when their children are out and about. With more children with cognitive impairment now than ever this is one device many parents will want to consider for their child, the number of children with cognitive impairments is increasing steadily and many are not able to even ask for help.


personal tracking devices for children


Smart Sole Benefits


There would be less chance your child would take this device off, many of the other wearable devices might be bothersome to these children which might tempt them to try to take them off. As long as your child is comfortable wearing shoes you have no fear this device will bother them, the child will never even know they are wearing a tracking device. This device is not only for children, anyone who is a caregiver might benefit from having one of these devices on the person they care for?



Smart Sole Featured


  • CNN
  • Fox News
  • USA Today
  • AARP
  • IIT Enterprise


lost child with cognitive impairments


Smart Sole Product Information


  • $ 299.00
  • Activation Fee $ 35.00
  • Monthly   $ 34.95
  • Over 25% With Quarterly Payments
  • Financing Option For Six Months Interest Free
  • Payments Through Paypal Device Only


How Smart Sole Works


Smart sole is a smartphone hidden in the insole of your child’s shoe, these devices charges just like your smartphone. Works cross country with cellular network, every five minutes this device sends you the location of your child. The location information is charted on a map which can give access instantly online or through a smartphone app.


  • Discreet
  • Automatic
  • Safe
  • Secure


What Is On My Mind Today?


If my son with autism was still a little boy,  I would be extremely interested in checking this smart sole tracking device out, the price is a little high for many families budget possibly, but is your child not worth making some sacrifices to be sure they are safe? There is nothing more precious than a child, even more when that child is yours. With today’s technology we can keep our children safer than ever before, with so many children being abducted this simple device in their shoes could save their lives. I have no connection at all with smart sole; I am sharing this information hoping it will be useful for you,  and give you peace of mind your child is safe and sound even when they are not with you.



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8 thoughts on “Tracking Devices For Kids-GPS Smart Sole Tracking Device

  1. I think this app i good for parents, who have a childrens and want to be a good for them. If someone stolen Your child You can alwas track him. Great thing! But Is this app good for parents, who have teenager or older? Will child not be angry for being overprotective? Let me know what you think about that.

    1. Thank You Sir,

      The best thing about this smart sole tracking device is your children don’t even know they are wearing a tracking device in the soles of their shoes, this in fact is an awesome product for children of any age even older children who might dislike wearing a tracking device if they knew.


  2. Hi Jeff,

    reading your other comment, i can see both sides. having a vulnerable child is difficult enough without them becoming lost in the crowd or worse. the ability to know where they are will help with this. having it in the shoe takes away the risk of it becoming taken off. to the point of view of older children, i wouldn’t see it as necessary, most of them have a smartphone which you could track if needed. Think it is bit costly though, maybe out of reach of some.

    Interesting post, keep it up

    1. Thank You John

      I agree with you on the cost might be out of reach for many families on a tight budget, I do feel this price will drop as most products do after on the market for a while. 

      What I do like the most about this product is it is on your child at all times being in their shoes, cell phones can be lost or taken from them but how many predators would think of taking the kids shoes?

      I am afraid the only kids able to take advantage of this opportunity are children with parents with good incomes at this time, but hopefully other companies will put products similar on the market which will bring the prices down.


  3. What a wonderful subject. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be fearful of losing your child and we know that children with disabilities are prone to engulfing themselves with whatever activity or task that they are doing. Hence, there may be times when these children ether wander off or don’t move along with family as they are intrigued with whatever it is that they are viewing. This device could serve as such a relief for parents. I know I would be on board because peace of mind is so important. Thank you for sharing. I’ll be sure to pass this important information along.

    1. Thank You

      I really do think parents with children with special needs should consider one of these devices, there are others besides the smart sole to choose from. One for every family budget I am sure, the simplest ones are tags similar to luggage tags you can attach to your child.


  4. The shoe sole tracking device is a wonderful idea for kids who suddenly wonder off. As as a parent I know how kids can get distracted, and just wonder off. They don’t mean to, but those things happen. And if this is something that happens lot a product like this can give you some peace of mind. It might not be for all kids, but at least the option is there.

    1. Thank You Jo

      I agree with your it is awesome products like this exist today for children who wander off from time to time, peace of mind can be worth a different price for every parent


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