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This Is Your Life-Are You Happy With Your Life

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This Is Your Life


Are you happy with your life right now if not you are the only one who can really change it. I  wasted years of my life waiting for someone to come into my life to make me happy, it just does not work that way. There is no person in the entire world who can give you as much happiness than yourself, you alone have this power.  The first and most difficult step is taking that first step, many of us just do not have the motivation right now to take that step. Being stressed out with high levels of anxiety plus throw in some depression and you have one very miserable person, I was that person for just about 40 years of my life. That is a very long time to be miserable and extremely sad, I had to hit rock bottom before I had the courage and motivation to do something about it . Losing pretty much everything in my life got my attention real fast, finding yourself completely alone one day will open your eyes and force you to do something to change your life.


Does This Sound Anything Like You?

Not so long ago, I was a complete wreck, you might not think so now but I was close to having a nervous breakdown. What caused my life to become so crazy, when even the person with the best coping skills is hit with high emotional stress one right after another without a break they will hit rock bottom, eventually. See I lost my only coping skill due to health problems when I could not be physically active any longer I had no idea how to manage the stress in my life.  I lived for my passions, my passions were all involved in my being physically active from daylight to late at night. You just can’t keep up that kind of pace forever, one day it will catch up with you just like it did me.


Hitting Rock Bottom


I have always been a fighter, it did take many years before I hit rock bottom. I went though the normal stages like everyone does, at first it was denial and then it was I am going to beat this if it is the last thing I do. After that did not ever happen, my next experience was extreme anxiety and depression. I am the kind of person who really needs  a passion in my life, losing all my passions overnight with no coping skills I was not living any longer just existing. Talk about losing all your self-esteem, losing my career stole all my confidence. I became even more negative than ever, I was mad at the world. Many people are just like me, they must hit rock bottom before they will take back control of their life.


Taking My First Step


I finally one day just had enough of the life I was living, something fired up inside of me and I took my first step. I started with very small baby steps that is the only way you will take back control after so many years of being controlled. Being on way too many medications was also getting in my way, I had lived over 3 years only leaving my apartment when absolutely a must. Mainly for food  and medications, my anxiety turned into social anxiety big time. I was just scared to death to leave my apartment, the worse part about it I had no idea why? Experiencing extreme fear and not even know what you are scared of is even more scary than when you know, also this was very frustrating for me and made no sense.


Developing New Coping Skills


Since physically I was not even able to exercise I knew I had to find a new way to deal with my anxiety and depression, the medications I was on seemed to actually make me feel numb. Believe me numb really sucks, this was even worse than feeling miserable and sad. When nothing makes you sad or happy, what would you do? This is when I first experienced guided meditation, actually I tried learning traditional meditation first but it just was not working for me. The guided meditation took about a week to ten days before I really started to experience anything, I found starting my day with guided meditation worked best for me at the beginning. Your brain is not quite awake and functioning fully when you first wake up, this seemed to be an advantage for me since once my brain woke up all my negative thoughts cluttered my brain.


Started My Day Positive

Reduced My Anxiety And Depression

Gave Me More Confidence

Felt Inner Peace

Slowed Down My Mind

Cleared My Mind


Guided Meditation


Being completely honest with you guided meditation takes some time to start to work in you, if you are a healthy person you will experience the benefits much quicker than someone who has health issues. So many times I felt like just not doing them any longer, but something inside of me kept pushing me to not give up on this new coping skill. Making this my morning ritual was my first step to taking back my life, I was in no way a true believer of any type of meditation. Possibly that could be another reason it took me so long before I really started to feel the benefits, slowing down your entire body functions with meditation is an awesome feeling once you get the knack of doing it daily. My first real awakening with this coping skill was when I started experiencing improved brain functioning, I was at the point I could barely read for more than a few minutes at a time. Even better when I could remember what I was reading, this was a very dramatic step for me.

More Benefits


As time went on doing my morning ritual,  I started to experience more benefits, the longer you do it the better it will work for you. There is an unlimited possibility of benefits with this coping skill, much depends on you. Many people have improved with physical health problems to the point they eliminated many of their medications for good. Today I am taking only 4 medications before learning this skill I was taking over 10 different medications. I even have experienced an improvement with my physical pain, my pain level now is very mild compared to the past. I no longer have to depend on pain pills just to go grocery shopping, amazing to be able to walk again almost pain-free. There is no doubt in my mind now how powerful this meditation can really be if I had not experienced this myself I might not ever have believed this was possible.


What Is On My Mind


I started guided meditation over 5 years ago, I have learned the traditional meditation by taking classes at my YMCA. I can leave my apartment anytime I desire now, I am still a homebody. Just knowing I can go out when I wish gives me an amazing feeling of power, even as a boy I avoided going out to social events because of my social anxiety. I do feel a bit sad now and then, especially when I start remembering how my life was back then. My childhood was not a happy time for me, I rarely talked in school because of fear which still is unknown. I did not attend dances and football games very often if at all, when you are not happy going out what really is the sense?  Even if you have good coping skills and are healthy, I still would recommend you adding guided meditation into your daily life. Remember this is your life, live it the way you will be the happiest.



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