Teenager Christmas Gift Ideas-Family Christmas Gift Ideas

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Family In Today’s World


Today it is very expensive and stressful raising a family, how some of the parents provide for their children is a mystery to me. Parents must face anxiety and possibly even depression at the thought of Xmas shopping. With the high expense of living Xmas shopping might be a nightmare for many families? Yesterday I heard from someone who is employed by Walmart one of the biggest shopping stores in the USA and they shared with me their sales are way down compared to the past holiday shopping this time of the year. Families just do not have the funds to spend as much for Xmas as in the past, food expenses keep increasing how do they expect the young parents with children to feed and clothe their children today? The USA government has cut drastically aide for low income families, today low income families need government assistance more now than ever. What has happened to the compassion of the USA’s government, I am positive if you checked none of our government politician’s has taken a cut in pay or their benefits but think nothing of taking from the low income working families?




Teenagers are very emotional individuals struggling with peer pressure in high school, teenagers are under a great pressure in our society today with the temptation of alcohol and drugs not to mention sex. I live in a very small country town with a low population and still there is a high problem with alcohol and drugs, in my town cocaine is taking the lives of teenagers more often than it should in such a small country town. Teenagers often turn to negative self-meditating such as alcohol and drugs to avoid their emotional pain, parents need to understand and listen to their children more than many do. Teenagers today are facing much more emotional anxiety and stress than many parents realize, female teenagers are under so much more pressure to engage in sex than when their parents were teenagers. Parents must understand to be popular female teenagers often must give in to the things they do not wish to do or face being shunned by their classmates, the worse nightmare for a teenager is to not be accepted by their classmates and this often leads to bad choices and even suicide today.


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Teenagers & Christmas Gifts


Every parent wishes they could give their teenager the things they desire, many times having the coolest product on the market is extremely important to a teenager to be accepted by their classmates. Many times material things are important to teenagers simple because if they do not have what the other teens in their peer group has they might be shunned by their classmates. Popularity is very important to many teenagers, this is more important to the female teenager it seems than the male teenagers. The reason for this is females usually run in a pack, female teens desire to be liked by everyone who is popular in high school. This puts parents and grandparents in a difficult situation, most parents are not able to give their teenager everything which comes on the market. When possible grandparents often provide the extra’s the parent are not able to provide, today many parents and grandparents are not in the position to provide everything a teenager desires  which can cause conflict in the family. The best solution is to sit down and explain to your teenager you just cannot afford all the things they desire, talking to them and explaining is your best strategy and give your teenager the option to give you one gift they desire for Xmas more than any other and if possible give them this gift for Xmas.


Xmas Shopping For Teenagers


Christmas shopping for teens can be very stressful for parents and grandparents, the closer your relationship with your teenager the more knowledge you will have what gifts they desire for Xmas. If you just do not have any idea, you can have them make a Christmas list for you with their most wanted gifts on the top of the list, I had my sons do this for me when they was in high school there was just too many possible gifts for teenagers to choose from. You can always purchase the gift they want the most and choose other gifts on your own for some surprise gifts.  Electronic gifts is always very high on a teenager’s Xmas list, another is their music they listen too religiously. We live in a digital world today, always check for digital gifts when browsing for gift ideas for your teenager. Are they into sports or have a specific passion? Most teenagers do not get excited over clothes gifts, but if your teen has their heart set on a specific fashion gift, you can go with that as well.


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Teenager Gift Ideas


Smart Watch

Activity Tracker

Work Out Equipment

Digital Camera

Gifts For The Artist


 What Is On My Mind Today?


From my own experience with my sons during their teenage years, treat your teenagers like young adults and you just might develop a better relationship with them. Teenagers are struggling between their childhood and adulthood, they can be emotional time bombs so you must treat them very gentle and think before you speak so there are no misunderstandings and the bomb does not explode. Xmas shopping is stressful for everyone, there are too many choices of gifts today and it is very  difficult to choose the right gift unless you really know the person your are buying for. Teenagers wants change from day to day, you must keep up with them daily to know what to give them for Xmas.


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