Sjogrens Syndrome Diet-Managing Sjogrens Through Your Diet

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Sjogren’s Syndrome


Sjogrens syndrome is another autoimmune nightmare, this attacks your moisture producing glands causing extreme dryness usually starting with your eyes, mouth and nose. People with this usually has some type of arthritis condition and possibly lupus, the damage to your moisture producing glands decreases you ability to produce enough tears and saliva. This is a very miserable condition, only people with this understands the true discomfort of dry eyes and mouth.


The Symptoms


Imagine what chronic extremely dry eyes and mouth would be like, eye pain with burning and stinging is very common. Problems breathing through you nose because of the extreme dryness, swallowing is difficult and even painful at times. Anyone who knows what allergies feel like, imagine feeling like this all the time. People with this often choke when trying to eat or swallowing medications, this can cause you many more problems than just your eyes, nose and mouth.


Dry Eyes, Nose & Mouth

Joint Pain

Swollen Glands

Joint Stiffness

Skin Rashes

Dry Skin & Scalp

Vaginal Dryness

Dry Cough

Prolonged Fatigue



What Causes Sjogrens?


Sjogren’s is an autoimmune disease where your immune system is attacking your moisture glands, our immune systems are so mixed up today they are attacking our own bodies as a threat to our health. This is causing us other health problems and there is no cure,  this damage is causing severe dryness which does not stop with dry eyes, mouth & nose.












Other Health Concerns


Dental Problems


Vision ( Light Sensitive, Blurred Vision, Corneal Ulcers )

Lungs, Kidney, Liver Disease ( Damage Due To Chronic Inflammation )

Lymph Nodes Cancer

Numbness, Tingling, Burning, Neuropathy ( Hands & Feet )



Sjogrens Syndrome Diet Plan


With a good healthy diet plan managing your inflammation you can experience some relief from this disease,  many of our foods today cause our bodies to become inflamed. Our immune systems are sensitive to the foreign chemicals in our processed foods, so by eliminating the ones we can and cutting back on the ones we cannot eliminate is our plan. Adding more of the foods which provide us less inflammation will decrease our symptoms, now for the foods we want to eat more of.


Fresh Produce


Fruit and veggies are your foods with the highest vitamins and minerals our bodies need, also these foods minimize our inflammation so the more we eat these foods and less of our bad foods the healthier we will be. Focus on the red, yellow, orange and green foods in these food groups for maximum anti-inflammation, cut back on gluten foods and processed foods as well.


Healthy Fats


Healthy fats is your next food group to focus on adding to your new diet plan,  fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines 2-3 times per week. If you are not a fish eater replace with fish oil supplement, best to take with your meals. Avocado’s and extra virgin olive oil are your best oils to use in this diet plan, snack on nuts and seeds one handful a day is plenty.




2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed is a very good fiber source, most people do not consume enough foods today to get enough fiber. You can sprinkle these seeds on most of your meals, even add them to smoothies. Flaxseed will go a very long way by just sprinkling a little on your food and in your smoothies, you can eat them alone but I just add them to many of my meals.





To avoid any gluten contamination in your meat sources you should go organic or grass-fed, I purchase grass-fed meat sources in my favorite shop. If there is no grass-fed meat sources near you order online. Aldi’s sells grass-fed meats where I live, Just  Google “Grass Fed Meat Sources ” and you will be surprised how many you will find.


Go Natural


I am big on going with  herbs and supplements before taking any high risk drugs, here are a few if you are interested. Herbs are natural sources with very few side-effects, most of the side-effects from these are mild compared to synthetic drugs. Just be careful with synthetic drugs, many can cause organ damage with long-term use especially for inflammation.






Evening Primrose


Eliminate Use Less


Now we are going to look at the food products we should eliminate or cut back on as much as possible. Doing this with these will make quite a difference in how you feel, many people will not follow this advice and give up their favorite foods and snacks despite them being triggers for this condition.


Trans Fats

Hydrogenated Fats

High Glycemic

Processed Foods


Red Meat Grain Fed

Dairy Products

Artificial Sweeteners



What Is On My Mind Today


I know there is no way you can possibly eliminate all the foods which are trigger foods, but if you cut back on them and eliminate some of them you will experience less severe symptoms. Eliminate your gluten products would be a good first step, cut back on the others would be a good second step and add more of the good foods into your diet plan.

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