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Signs Of Depression In Teenage Girls-Is Your Daughter Depressed

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Stress + Anxiety = Depression


Depression is the number one emotional issue for teenagers today,  higher in numbers in  teenage girls than boys. When you are under extreme constant stress for an extended time period your stress becomes anxiety, if your anxiety remains high and consistent you will experience depression. Anyone who has experienced anxiety knows how debilitating it can be, depression from my own experience is much worse. I lived and functioned most of my life with anxiety issues from a small boy until I was in my mid-thirties, that is when depression set in. When you are depressed from long-term anxiety issues you are battling the most dangerous enemy of your life, more people are disabled from anxiety and depression than any other health issue.


Depressed Teenage Girls


Teenage Stress


I really do feel the majority of parents do not realize just how much stress teenagers experience day after day in high school, the biggest stress for teenage girls is SEX. Teenage girls desire to be popular in high school, there is much pressure for girls when it comes to sex at this time in their lives. Most girls desire the attention of the boys, they want to be popular and be actively dating. The problem is many of the boys are after only one thing from a girl when he asks her out,  what happens to a girl if she is a good girl ?


Peer Pressure



Felt Left Out

Low Self-Esteem


Parent Pressure


Depressed Teenager


Is Your Daughter Depressed?


When I was a teenager my parents were both working, my grandparents watched over me much of the time. My grandparent did not notice when I was depressed, I just isolated in my bedroom most of the time. My parents were not around me enough to really notice my appetite and my behavior changes, I did not help the matter by putting on my happy face whenever I was around them. Teenagers want to be grown up and run their own life, often they will wear a mask at home around their family.



Loss Of Interests

Low Energy

Appetite Changes

Behavior Changes

Drop In School Grades

Walk Slow With Head Down

Stops Making Eye Contact

Sleep Problems


Depressed Teenager


Suicide is High


Suicide is very high in teenage girls, many times the depression just becomes so bad and you just want to stop the pain any way you can. I did consider suicide myself many times, but something inside of me would not allow me to go through with my urges. My highest suicide thoughts were much later in my life than high school, during my bad marriage years. When a person is in enough emotional pain they just have no energy to go on,  this is why we must realize what our teenage girls are experiencing to save them from committing suicide.


Giving Precious Possession Away

Reckless Behavior

Taking High Dangerous Risks

Harming Themselves Physically (Cutting)

Painting Bedroom Black

Writing About Death

Positive About Death

Talking About Death


Teenage Suicide


How To Prevent Suicide


Parents I do apologize if my article today gives you the feeling I am blaming you, that is not my intention at all. I am doing my best to get your attention and help you understand,  I do not wish for any parent to ever blame themselves for their child’s emotional issues or suicidal feelings and thoughts.  We must be more aware of our children’s emotional health status, our society forces both parents in many families to work. The high cost of living now has put even more strain on families financially, never the less we must be more observant over our teenagers. What can you do as parents of a teenager, here are some things you can work on to be there for your child if they ever need you.


Most Important Be A Friend

Listen Without Lecturing

Encourage Your Teen To Talk

Make Quality Bonding Time

Don’t Under Estimate Warning Signs

Encourage Hobbies & Interests

Be Fitness Buddies

Take Your Chid Serious


Healthy Relationships


Young Adulthoods


Being a young adult in your teens is like being trapped between childhood and adulthood, teenagers are not a child any longer that is a fact but at the same time,  they are not full grown adult as well.  Being parents of a teenager is no picnic as well, especially if your teenager happens to be a girl. I really feel raising a teenage girl is much more difficult than raising teenage boys, I am the parent of three grown up sons. Lucky I had all sons because I would be very over protective over my teenage daughter,  as much as I dislike admitting it I would have raised a daughter much different than a boy.


Healthy Relationships


 Fun Product Of The Day


We are at that time of my article once again, the time which I share with you a fun product. This is rather new for me, I have only done this in a few articles at this time but I do enjoy the hunt for a fun product to surprise you.


Depression Product


What Is On My Mind


Writing this article has me feeling a little on the depressed side, but it felt right to push this topic for all the teenage girls struggling with peer pressure and depression. Until writing this article I really was not aware just how many young teenage girls take their lives, the suicide rate has tripled in the  past 10 years . One out of every teenage girl will experience severe depression while in high school.  It is even worse when they start college, terrible to know how many young girls take their life because of  depression.




  • angelce903 says:


    Thank you for this post. It is very important to keep our teenage girls safe and to teach them how much precious they are in our eyes. If we as parents don’t seem to tell our daughters how much we care about them, problems can happen. Also, we need to trach our daughters that they have their whole life to have sexual expériences and that sex is overrated! What do you think?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Angeice,

      I agree with you our children are precious and we should make time for them while we have them in our lives, One day with any luck they will grow up to be adults with families of their own, I am old fashion and feel people should not engage in sex before marriage. I feel sex is introduced into our children’s lives way too early, on television sex is in every program pretty much.


  • Yousef says:

    Thank you for this brief great post. No doubt that depression and other psychological problems are increasing nowadays in all age groups. Teenagers are more sensitive to day life actions and they are more prone to anxiety and depression. The modern technology has its drawbacks of isolating people from the true life to the virtual life. I hope you post some points about how to help depressed people.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Yousef,

      Very good points you have shared with us today, very good idea on writing an article to help depressed people. Many people do not even know they are depressed, I did not realize it simple because my symptoms was not your ordinary depression like we all think of being depressed.


  • Mijareze says:

    Suicide can lead to death if untreated. Our world has changed a lot. Children and peer pressure is out of control. Sexual promescuity is running rampant.
    Young men do apply a lot ofpressure on women to have sex. Television promotes sex. Music promotes sex All of these factors can lead to depression.
    It is my opinion that church and a healthy church life can help. It is too bad that society has gone this far.
    Thank you,
    Edward Mijarez

    • admin says:

      Thank You Mr. Mijarez.

      I agree with you 100%, it is a challenge to find any program on television without sex, our society is becoming sex crazed at a very early age. Many children engage in sex before they even reach high school. I would not want to be a teenager today, I am grateful my sons got through high school without too many problems.


  • Elliot says:

    Your website picks up a theme that raises health issues, such as teenager’s depression. The contents are very descriptive about the situation which requires a closer relationship between teenagers and parents. It is true that you try to determine some of the causes of this particular health issue, but more research needs to be done on it. I applaud your efforts by providing some information on this important subject. Elliot

    • admin says:

      Thank You Elliot,

      The medical field focuses too much on treating our health with medications and not enough on how to cure us of the disease or health problem.


  • Gary says:

    I’m not surprised that depression is more prevalent among teenage girls than teenage boys. It’s disturbing.

    Depression is high among boys too, but girls are surely more at risk. Young people are bombarded with conflicting messages and out-right lies.

    It’s confusing for me, a middle-aged man. I can only imagine what a struggle it must be for a young girl.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Gary

      Teenage girls do experience a much more severe risk for depression than boys, girls are more social than boys and being socially accepted is a very emotional experience for them.


  • rule2020 says:

    Your article is very helpful to establish a better parent child relationship during the teenage years. This stage is so important for the development of a person because this is the transition period from childhood to adulthood.

    How parents and children manage this period can make or break a person;s adult life so we must be vigilant and sensitive enough to properly guide our children.

    Your suggestions on how to prevent suicide is the most helpful part for me.

    • admin says:

      Thank You,

      I appreciate your reading and commenting on my article, I enjoy hearing from my readers. The teenage years are the most difficult ones for teenagers and parents.


  • Kenny Lee says:

    Depression is a complicated issue. While I do not have a daughter, I’ve went through my fair share bout of depression. The problem is we are often not aware when we are in depression, until things become quite serious. As for teenager, I bet they will be oblivious to that, thinking that it’s their normal mood swing. It’s definitely an issue that need to be given attention.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Kenny

      Often I feel teenage depression is not taken serious passing it off as teenage hormones, my opinion this is a cop out to address the real problem.


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