Side Effects From Green Tea-Side Effects Versus Benefits

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Side Effects Versus Benefits


I am a big green tea drinker, we all know how green tea provides us many health benefits.  Did you also know there are side-effects from green tea, this article is focusing more on the green tea supplement than the beverage. The green tea supplement is a herbal product which works by increasing antioxidant activity, this does contain caffeine but much less than coffee. Another thing it increases in our bodies is our nervous system activity and although this product may cause a person to become anxious the severity is not nearly as high as coffee products. You should consult your physician before using this herbal product if you are taking a blood thinner, it is better to be safe than sorry.


The Benefits


I was surprised just how many health benefits there actually is using this herbal product, there is a large amount of nutrients and powerful antioxidants in this product. Green Tea protects your body cells plus provides your body with many healthy minerals, gives you stable energy throughout your day. Did you know green tea possibly can prevent Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Parkinson Disease. This alone is enough for me to add this product to my diet, improving our brain function and our moods is more than worth considering using this herbal product. I experience sipping on green tea the beverage helps me to be more productive during my day, amazing it is even to be thought now this supplement could promote a longer life span for many people.


Breast Cancer Protection

Prostrate Cancer Protection

Colorectal Cancer


Cardiovascular Disease


Fat Burner


Healthy LIfestyle


Allergy Reactions


Before purchasing this product you should be aware of the allergy reaction signs, you just never know what your body might be sensitive too. Some people have experienced swelling of the face, lips and tongue. Rashes and itching is the most common allergic reaction to this supplement, some has even experienced changes in their moods, anytime starting to use any new product it is wise to know the possible allergic reactions. I recommend you choose a high quality green tea supplement, higher quality products are more pure and often causes less allergic reactions.


More Severe Allergic Reactions


Increased Heart Beat

Irregular Heart Beat

Breathing Difficulties

Tightness In Your Chest








Sleep Problems



Consult Your Physician If


With any product on the market you should be aware of the possible side-effects, even though with herbal supplements the side-effects most often are not severe enough to do any permanent damage to your body. if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant,  you should consult your physician before adding any product on the market for your own safety. If you have already given birth and you are breast feeding consult with your physician just to be safe.


Allergies To Medications Or Food Products


Heart Disease

Digestive Disease

Stomach Ulcers




Fitness Products


What Is On My Mind Today


I wrote this article so you are aware of the allergic reactions and side-effects possible using this herbal green tea supplement, these allergic reactions and side-effects have not been a problem for the majority of people using this product. Since there has been some people experience allergy and side-effects it is important I feel to share them with you. I prefer the beverage over the supplement, but for people who do not have a taste for this beverage and wish for the benefits this herbal supplement is your answer.

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