Side Effects For Atorvastatin-Is Lipitor Safe To Use

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Atorvastatin is more commonly known by the name Lipitor, I do not have high cholesterol but I know many people who do and take this drug. After researching all about this drug what sticks in my mind the  most is this drug really safe for us to use? Many people experience bad cholesterol if possible try to control this through your diet before taking this drug. Why  does society depend on drugs now for our health problems, even a better question is why is our society so unhealthy today? In my opinion,  we are causing this ourselves through the unhealthy chemicals in our food and lifestyles, when are we going to focus on solving the problem instead of using drugs as a crutch?


High Cholesterol


Heart  Attacks

Complications In People With Diabetes


 Danger Signs


At least if we are going to use such dangerous drugs we need to be aware of the danger signs this drug is doing us more harm than good, even though this drug leading to kidney failure is considered rare is this still not enough evidence maybe it is not safe to use? Ever since drugs came on the market which has the ability to damage our organs people are still using them, maybe you are like myself and was not aware how serious the damage from drugs really are? I have organ damage from using drugs prescribed by my physician’s, maybe I trusted my physician’s too much to be taking care of me? Most of us do trust our physician’s with our lives, especially people with chronic health problems.


Muscle Pain




Severe Fatigue

Dark Color Urine


Inspirational & Self Help


Consider This


You have lived as healthy as you possibly could, at least you thought you had? Many people like myself went out of their way to live a healthy lifestyle, resisted the bad habits which will cause you health problems. Avoided the foods we were told would cause us health problems such as foods in high fat or cholesterol, the majority of our diets were the foods we were left to believe were healthy for us. We stayed active with physical activities regularly, we sacrificed many of our favorite snacks to maintain our weight. After all this we still have chronic health problems, does this not suggest the foods we are consuming are possibly the root of our chronic health diseases?


Warnings Do Not Use This Drug If


Thyroid Disorder

Liver Disease

Pregnant / Breast-Feeding

Muscle Pain / Weakness

Kidney Disease

Stroke, TIA, Mini Stroke

More Than 2 Alcoholic Beverages Per Day

Under 10 Years Old

Consume Grapefruit / Grapefruit Juice


Children's Inspirational Books




This drug has so many side-effects which surprised me this drug is even permitted on the market, this drug can cause you kidney problems, liver and a host of other problems. I recommend if you are using this drug to make a list of these side-effects, this will be a lifesaver for you to check back with if you begin having any health problems which you might be concerned is from this drug.


Kidney Problems


Urinating Problems

Swelling Of The Feet, Ankles & Fatigue

Dark Urine

Muscle Pain / Tenderness






Stomach Pain



Loss Of Appetite

Dark Urine

Clay Color Stool










Especially If One Side Of The Body

Adult Coloring Books


Even More Symptoms



Difficult Swallowing

Face, Throat , Lips & Tongue Swelling


Muscle / Joint Pain



Other Drugs To Avoid While Taking



Birth Control Pills

Cholesterol Lowering Drugs

Heart Drugs

HIV / Aids Drugs


What Is On My Mind Today


If you have no choice than to be on high risk drugs such as these with such dangerous side-effects be sure to know what these drugs can do to avoid serious organ damage. I am on drugs myself which can cause serious damage, so I know at times we have no choice than to take the drug and pray it does not cause us any serious damage. Knowing and watching out for the warning signs is very important, I do feel our physician’s prescribe these drugs way too often before advising us to try less dangerous methods. Herbs are provided for this purpose, the side-effects are much less severe and less of them.  I wish I would have known about the power of herbal medicine before taking the drugs which damaged my body, with my articles I am attempting to help others not experience serious damage from high risk drugs.


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