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Sensory Integration Disorder For Children-Sensory Input Dysfunctioning

sensory boards are great gifts for children with sensory disorders


Sensory Integration Disorder


Our children’s sensory systems are not functioning properly in this specific disorder, our sensory input is organized in our brains. When a child’s sensory input is not being organized properly,  the child will develop difficulty with development, information processing, and even affect their behavior, this disorder is believed to be caused by a neurological dysfunction in the central nervous system which is the brain. Common behaviors are rocking back and forth, spinning, and hand flapping, often one or more of a child’s senses can be over-reactive or under-reactive.


Sensory Processing Issues


  • Over Sensitive
  • Under Sensitive
  • Organizing & Responding Appropriately Challenging
  • Simple Tasks Can Be Constant Challenge
  • High or Low Pain Tolerances
  • Learning Disabilities


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Sensory Over Sensitive Symptoms


  • Loud Noise Sensitivity
  • More Sensitive To Sounds Than Others
  • Fearful Especially In Crowds
  • Avoids Playing On Playground Equipment


Sensory Under Sensitive Symptoms


  • Lacks Sensitivity To Their Surroundings
  • High Pain Tolerance
  • Indifference To Pain
  • Urge To Touch People & Things Constantly


It is possible for some children to experience both of these types of sensitive symptoms with this disorder, children with this disorder also often has emotional stress and anxiety in new environments. Many of these children appear to be uncoordinated or clumsy, these children have been knows to harm other children during play by accident.


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How Sensory Integration Affects Children


  • Difficulty Changing Routines
  • Focusing Difficulty
  • Motor Skills Issues
  • Lacks Social Skills
  • Poor Self-Control


Sensory Related Disorders


The most common disorders associated with sensory integration disorder is ADHD and Autism if your child shows some of the symptoms of this disorder they may have ADHD or Autism. The most common treatment for these symptoms is occupational therapy and special education services,  some children have experienced an improvement in their symptoms with a gluten-free diet.


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At Home


  • Child’s Behavior Journal
  • Safe Proof Your Home Especially Electric Outlets
  • Safe Sensory Room Recommended
  • Avoid Possible Triggers
  • Loud Noisy Toys
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Vacuum Cleaner


What Is On My Mind Today?


I have really been convinced the chemicals in our processed foods may be causing our brain chemistry to malfunction or be changing, this is the most logical explanation for children all over the world to be experiencing so many children’s disorders today. Most families consume most of their diets with processed foods today, as this trend have increased so has our children’s disorders. The majority of these disorders have no known cause, processed foods is the most common link between all these children all over the world today.


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6 thoughts on “Sensory Integration Disorder For Children-Sensory Input Dysfunctioning

  1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. I agree with your opinion that this disorder, and many other childhood disorders, may well be linked to processed foods. I also think they might be linked to unnatural chemicals found in other places. We have filled our food and our homes with unnatural things without fully knowing what the affects are. That’s why I believe in organic foods and materials.

    1. Thank You Mark,

      I appreciate your comment, I agree we are exposing ourselves to way too many chemicals everyday and not just in the food we are eating. My theory is if we at least change our diets we can at least be cutting way back on the chemicals going into our bodies everyday, organic when you are able to afford them is the best route to take.


  2. We need to read food labels carefully and buy just what is good for our health and for our kids. I know that choosing a healthier lifestyle and buying organic can be costly, because I only do so whenever I can. How easy will it be to change a child’s diet though? I know of children that will not eat anything else but fast food. What’s your suggestion here?

    1. Thank You Carol,

      I appreciate your sharing with my readers today, starting your children out right when they are young is the easiest way to teach them how to eat healthy.

      I would suggest gradually adding more health foods and snacks into children’s diets who are used to the less healthy foods and snacks, eat less fast food gradually will be much easier on them and you.


  3. Thanks Jeff for sharing this post. These days, where most children are fond of fast foods and processed foods, it’s challenging for parents to guide their children to change their diet. As you mentioned in one of your comments, we need to educate our children at a young age about eating healthy food. However, with patience, perseverance and will, grown up children’s diet can also be changed.

    1. Thank You

      I appreciate you reading my post and commenting, I know too well about changing my diet as an adult. I learned I had Celiac disease from gluten foods and I had to change my entire diet, this was a huge change in my life and difficult at first but I have adjusted so others can too.


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