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Selective Mutism In Preschool Children-A Very Serious Anxiety Disorder

Selctive mutism symptoms and streatment guied


Selective Mutism


Selective mutism begins usually at preschool age for the majority of children, often their first experience with this disorder is when they begin daycare or kindergarten. Imagine the child experiencing separation anxiety and selective mutism all at the same time, this is the most complex childhood anxiety disorder to deal with? The child becomes so anxious they are not able to speak effectively when exposed to certain social situations, school is one of the most common situations the majority of these children experience this disorder.


Anxiety & Autoimmune Disease


Everyone experiences anxiety, this is a natural experience we all must learn to deal with effectively. The majority of people with anxiety disorders also will experience autoimmune disease some time in their life, that is unless it is caught early in your life which often does not happen for many people. Can you imagine becoming so anxious as a child you are not able to communicate in certain social situations, this is very confusing for these children since when they are at home with their family they feel and act like any other child their age? Even some children experience the inability to communicate non-verbally from their severe anxiety, many of these children have the fear of making a mistake and this for many causes them to shut down their communication skills.


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Selective Mutism Symptoms


  • Severe Anxiety
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Crying & Sadness
  • Moody
  • Sleep Difficulty
  • Worrying
  • Blank Expression
  • Isolation



  • Sound
  • Light
  • Touch
  • Taste
  • Scents
  • Misinterprets People
  • Shuts Down
  • Withdrawl


special needs children education parents comment on zane education program


Diet & Selective Mutism


What about a child’s diet, could their diet have anything to do with this disorder? It has been known many children with wheat intolerance has experienced a decrease in their anxiety levels eliminating the foods which they are allergic or sensitive too, many children with this disorder grows up to be adults with autoimmune disease. Could gluten be the cause or a trigger for anxiety disorders, this is something to consider if you have a child with any anxiety disorders? You can find out which foods may be trigger foods for your child by doing a simple elimination diet, this method takes a little time and effort, but is well worth it if your child will feel better?


Characteristics Of A Selective Mutism Child


  • Learning Difficulities
  • Auditory Process Difficulty
  • Speech Problems When Becoming Anxious
  • Insecure




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Social Anxiety


The majority of children with selective mutism also experiences severe social anxiety, this child does not function well when meeting new people or exposed to new situations. Children with both of these anxiety disorders will do everything within their power to avoid being the center of attention, many are not able to perform to their best under such conditions. These disorders prevent the child from enjoying their childhood most of the time, these children most often spend the majority of their time playing alone. Children with these disorders avoid any social interactions as much as they possibly can, birthday parties and family vacations are nightmares to these poor children.


  • Perfectionists
  • Fear Of Making Mistakes
  • Fear To Eat In Front Of Others


Social Skills


Most of these children have good social skills, their problem is using these skills when they become anxious is almost impossible for them to do. Their anxiety disorder prevents them from being able to form friendships with other children, other children often think these children are not friendly because of their lack of communication. Imagine being so anxious of making a mistake or saying the wrong thing you are unable to do anything, many experience their mind going blank so they do not say anything most of the time.


Physical Symptoms


  • Tummy Ache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Joint Pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Chest Pain
  • Shortness Of Breath
  • Shaking


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  • Specialized Behavior Therapy
  • Opportunity To Use Skills With Parents
  • Parental Coaching & Therapy
  • Start Therapy With Parents & Child
  • Practice With Child To Communicate Socially
  • Weekly Group Therapy With Other Children


What Is On My Mind Today?


Many children grow up to be adults still living with anxiety disorder, many children ends up being put into special education classes in school, this only increases the problems for these kids, Now the children feel they are dumb being with other children with severe mental learning problems. Many adults who are not caught at a young age and treated grow up with many relationship problems, most can’t enjoy a healthy relationship all because they were not treated when they were young. The longer your child goes the worse their symptoms will become for them, some children are so afraid to talk in school they will not even tell the teacher when they need to use the restroom.


The selective mutism guide for parents and teachers to treat children

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Selective Mutism Help




7 thoughts on “Selective Mutism In Preschool Children-A Very Serious Anxiety Disorder

  1. It sounds as if in the majority of cases of a child exhibiting this type of behavior, they have been or are being abused or have suffered some other kind of emotional trauma. Are there instances where a child would exhibit this behavior without abuse or trauma being the primary contributor?

  2. It sounds as if in the majority of cases of a child exhibiting this type of behavior, they have been or are being abused or have suffered some other kind of emotional trauma. Are there instances where a child would exhibit this behavior without abuse or trauma being the primary contributor?

    1. Thank You Victoria

      In most cases there is home abuse which triggers the child’s disorder, even though there is no evidence abuse is the main reason according to medical professionals I agree abuse or a violent home life seems to be the main trigger for most kids.


  3. This is a very interesting article. I came across it and the title made me curious because I had never heard of this condition. I am still not sure what selective mutism is exactly but it is good to know about the relationship between this sort of anxiety (??) and autoimmune disorders. Of course the connection to gluten in this case is also very important to be aware of.

    Thanks for this info.

  4. Thank You

    Selective mutism is a very complex disorder, very few people are aware of this disorder and this can be very debilitating to anyone with this disorder to function in social situations.


  5. It is so sad to think that poor little children could be so scared and anxious that they cannot even talk. I have 2 young girls so I will be making sure to look out for any of these signs.
    Thanks for the information. Can this develop in children of any age?

    1. Thank You

      I hope other parents watch out for these signs in their children as well, this usually begins at preschool age and become more severe as they become older if they do not learn how to overcome their anxiety.


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