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Seizure Disorders And Children-Types Of Seizures Affecting Our Children

Epilepsy in children


Children’s Health


What is the world coming too, people must stop ignoring that there is something seriously wrong with so many children with health problems? Many people don’t want to accept the chemicals in our processed foods could be causing the outbreak of our health problems, most people are addicted to their favorite processed foods, and so are in denial these foods could be the cause of our unhealthy society today. The majority of people consume 80% or more processed foods as their main part of their diets, we are giving up our health for the addiction of the chemicals in these foods. Many people are experiencing positive results by cutting back on processed foods, and going gluten-free, gluten contributes to the majority of people’s low energy and lack to be able to concentrate as well as they used too.




Seizures in children are much more frequently than the majority of people realize, one out of every one hundred children experiences epilepsy-recurring seizures. The most common seizure type in children is febrile seizures, these seizures occurs when a child contracts an illness such as an ear infection, cold, or even chicken pox accompanied with a fever.


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Febrile Seizures


Like many of the diseases and disorders today, febrile seizures are unknown my the medical profession what exactly causes it to affect a child. The medical profession does say children with a family history is at a higher risk, they are also saying children with developmentally delayed disorders are at high risk as well. It is common for children who experience this type of seizure to experience more in their future, could the chemicals in our food over time be contributing to the increase in children experiencing seizures?


Neonatal Seizures


This type of seizure occurs within twenty-eight days of a child’s birth, most often the children experiences this type of seizure shortly after birth. Instead of convulsions, the child’s eyes will appear to be looking in different directions. Children experiencing this seizure also may show lip smacking, it is also possible for them to stop breathing for short periods of time.


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Partial Seizures


This type of seizure involves one part of the brain, and only one part of the child’s body. During this seizure the child remains awake and alert, complex partial seizures are similar except the child is not aware of what is happening around them. During this type of seizure a child often will repeat an activity over and over, hand clapping is common during this type of seizure. The child has no memory after the seizure ends, most often the child is disoriented.


Generalized Seizures


This type of seizure involves a larger portion of the child’s brain, there are two types of generalized seizures children experience. Convulsive seizures and non-convulsive seizures, convulsive seizures are uncontrollable muscle jerking which usually lasts a few minutes followed by periods of drowsiness. Child recovers relatively quickly within fifteen minutes, extreme fatigue is common at this time. Sometimes a child will lose their urine or stool during this type of seizure, most of the time the child has no memory of the seizure.


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Absense Seizures


Absense type of seizures are short episodes which the child stares with no apparent awareness of their surroundings, this seizure lasts a few seconds. This is often referred to as daydreaming, this begins and ends abruptly.


Status Epliepticus


This seizure lasts longer than thirty minutes, sometimes a child will experience repeated seizures without returning to normal in between each seizure. This seizure is most common in children younger than two years old, by now you might be realizing seizures in children are more common than you realized?


Epilepsy In Children


Epilepsy is very common in young children, epilepsy is a pattern of chronic seizures of any type affecting a child over and over during an extended period. Many children experience epilepsy when they are young and may outgrow the seizures according to the medical professionals, I wonder if the seizures just become less severe and less frequently, and never actually disappear completely?


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Treatment For Seizures


  • Anticonvulsant Medications
  • Ketogenic Diet
  • Surgery
  • Vagal Nerve Stimulator


Help For Children & Parents



What Is On My Mind Today?


Do you find it interesting that the majority of children with special needs such as autism experience seizures, this would make me think whatever is causing one is causing the other? I strongly urge people to adjust their diets to less processed foods, adding more whole natural foods seems to be the key to managing many of our health problems today. Beware especially of gluten as well, gluten foods causes many physical and mental symptoms. Focus on your diet first before taking any prescriptions which are not ones you must have to live, the less prescription drugs in your body the better for your health.


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6 thoughts on “Seizure Disorders And Children-Types Of Seizures Affecting Our Children

  1. My sister when younger, probably around 5 years old experienced a febrile seizure and after that it maybe occurred twice more. Thankfully no more after that but we were told these were normal/fairly common. It is scary though in the moment. For those with more serious seizures though I definitely would be adjusting my child’s diet. Most of us don’t adjust our diet until we see our body is reacting negatively to something but it would obviously in hindsight be better if we all took a more proactive approach. Nice article. Thanks.

    1. Thank You Jen,

      People underestimate how important our diets are to remain healthy, many people with disorders and autoimmune disease are experiencing very positive results simply by changing the way they eat.

      Take Care


  2. Hey Jeff,

    This one really hits home for me. I have been with somebody suffering from juvenile myoclonic epilepsy and she experiences what’s known as “grand mal” seizures.

    These are whole-body convulsions which is extremely scary and worrisome for somebody that has to deal with this type of seizure.

    What do you think about diet-related issues associated to epilepsy in young infants and young adults? Do you think dietary changes can significantly reduce the occurrence of seizures?

    I would really love to know more about your experiences with this and what you know about it and think about it!

    Thanks so much for helping to spread epilepsy awareness!

    1. Thank You Michael,

      I am very sorry to hear about the person in your life who suffers from juvenile myoclonic epilepsy, my oldest son experienced grand mal seizures from an infant until in his teens. Diet did decrease his seizures, but it did take time. There is no medical evidence your diet will have any affects on your epilepsy, but my son has experienced his seizures going from severe to mild. Eliminating gluten, casein and soy is a good diet to give a try.


  3. That’s really terrifying that a child can have seizures over 30 minutes! How scary and awful for them. I had no idea there were so many different types of seizures a child could experience.
    I noticed you mentioned gluten a few times as perhaps contributing to seizures. How did you come to the conclusion it was gluten? I also saw your recommendation for the Keotogenic diet to help manage seizures, which I find so interesting. Can you tell me how the ketogenic diet can help, or what main foods to eat or not eat when following it? Like which foods should we for sure stay away from? Thanks so much!

    1. Thank You Ms Rachel Annie,

      The medical profession and children disorder organizations have experienced through case studies children with special needs often experience seizures and a diet eliminating gluten, dairy and soy has improved the health of these children.

      My son is high functioning autism and since going on this diet his seizures has decreased in severity and he has them much less often. It is thought the chemicals and hormone steroids may contribute to many of our children health disorders and symptoms.


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