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Save Children-When Anxiety Turns Into Phobias

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When Anxiety Turns Into Phobia


Our children today are becoming more and more phobic as time has gone by, our children’s anxiety turns to fear. Those fears if left go, then turn into a phobia. A phobia is a child’s fear(s) which is extreme and persistent, usually irrational but very real to the child. Some phobias are pretty harmless and really do not need any type of treatment, but when this affects them socially and their academic functioning treatment is needed.


children with phobia


Your Child’s Symptoms


The symptoms of your child going through the severe emotional trauma from a phobia can be very severe, these children become very ill from their fear(s). They will experience both physical and emotional symptoms, these symptoms should be a sign your child is experiencing a severe phobia. When you notice a change in your child’s behavior, this is a red flag something serious is wrong with your child.



Sleep Problems



Stomach Aches


Excessive Sweating

Nervous Twitching

Heavy Breathing


children phobia


Most Common Child Phobias


All children have fears, especially in their pre-school years. When these fears become to the point the child is not emotionally happy, the child just does not feel healthy. Imagine how scary this would be for a child, very difficult to actually explain to a child what is going on inside of them. Most adults have major problems learning to cope with this type of health problem, so  we can imagine how much more severe it would be for our child.



Being Alone


Angry People






Deformed Person

School ( Kindergarten )


children and fear


How To Help Our Children


This can be a very scary time for the child and also the parents, this is something the majority of parents are not prepared to handle. Most parents would never expect their child to be experiencing such an emotional problem at such a young age, many parents have not had to learn how to deal with this problem themselves. Many doctors tell the parents , you do not need to worry they will grow out of this when they are older. Actually,  this is the worse advice a doctor could give a parent,  you really need to face your child’s fears with them now.


Be Understanding

Take Your Child Serious

Never Push Child Too Quickly

Talk To Your Child About Their Fears

Encourage Them

Make Baby Steps To Conquer Fears

Focus On Your Child’s Positive Achievements

Be Supportive

Children Relaxation Techniques

Exercise/ Activities

Focus On Fun


relaxation music

What Is On My Mind


Please do not take your child’s symptoms lightly, if your child is more fearful than you feel is normal. Consider discussing this with your child, most children will be more than happy to share what is bothering them. My fears were not taken seriously  when I was a child, as I grew older my fears become much more severe. Talking with your child regularly about how they are feeling is a very good routine, when your child is not feeling well there has to be a very good reason. I highly recommend children relaxation resources , also exposing your child to relaxation music at an early age is very healthy for them.


stress free kids


Children’s Anxiety Supplements


I am big on starting a child on natural anxiety supplements if they are experiencing anxiety symptoms, many anxiety related problems are due to a lack of the proper nutrients in our diets. My supplement has changed my life, I would not be here writing articles to help your children and you without my supplement. It did take me years to find the right supplement for me, but once you find the right supplement for you and your child you will know it was well worth the extra work.


brain nutritional supplement




  • Farhan says:

    Anxiety is something that is surely dreadful to have for anyone. I have experienced major depression for close to 2 years, and have been very anxious throughout those times.

    My depression happened during my early twenties, and it was very painful for me. I can’t imagine how a child must be feeling when they have anxiety or phobias. You have given very good advice for parents looking to help their troubled kids. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Farhan

      I appreciate you reading my article and your comment, like yourself many adults and children might not appear to have anxiety issues by their appearance but inside they can be very anxious.

      I hope your doing much better now


  • TheShanster1 says:

    This is all great information! Thank you for this! I have a 14 month old and I am still learning more about these Items. I definitely will come back and get some of these products. I really liked the photos that you put in there and also all the different items. I liked how you put the items on the side so you could see you could get them at amazon and for how much.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Shanster

      I am happy to hear from you today, you must be pretty busy with a 14 month old baby. Is the baby walking yet, I am experimenting with different looks right now to see which seems to work the best


  • kayla says:

    it breaks my heart to think of little ones suffering from anxiety and depression but they are only human. We provided a few very knowledgeable choices, which would you say is your favorite? It is an on going process to really find what supplements work best for each person. what are some of the steps you took to find the right supplements?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Kayla

      My heart also breaks for our children having to deal with anxiety and depression in our society today, if I had to choose one relaxation coping skill it would me meditation. This calms me and gives me a break from the stress each day, you can do it anywhere anytime.

      It was a long journey for me to find the right supplement, I did do a lot of research which helped narrow them down. I recommend starting with the low cost herbal supplements, many people benefit well with these and they are inexpensive compared to many of the more modern herbal supplements today.

      Valerian is a good choice for anyone who has sleep problems, passion flower helps many anxiety disorders and the one I recommend everyone tries first would be St John Wort.


  • Brenda says:

    I understand your website very well. I have anxiety and my older daughter has anxiety as well. She has a baby and we don’t want her to go through what we are going through. I bookmark this page because i want to buy a book and have my daughter to read it. Anxiety can sometimes stop you from doing something that you really want to do in life. I really enjoyed your website.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Brenda

      You are very wise to be concerned about your children also struggling with anxiety, it does seem the more severe cases are family connected. Then maybe our anxiety issues are just becoming more severe period with each younger generation, treating the anxiety when the children are young will prevent much more severe problems in their future.


  • shrey says:

    I do not have a kid so I cannot relate to this directly but the problems you have mentioned here can happen to anyone and can sometimes turn out to be a major issue when kids grow up.
    It is really difficult at times to see how people suffer and especially kids because such problems unlike cold or fever are not that prominent!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Shrey

      You have a very good point , why I am so focused on treating children’s anxiety issues is because these issue will increase in severity as they become older. That is the reason the symptoms can affect anyone at any age, see actually older people who have these symptoms had them as children


  • Helen says:

    I completely agree with everything you say about the anxiety and phobias in children. I especially like your suggestions about the books and the Indigo music.

    I left the comments on the website but forgot to copy and past it here – Helen –

    I love your passion in your post it comes across in your wriiting

    • admin says:

      Thank You Helen,

      It does please me very much my passion is felt through my writing, this is a very touchy topic for me since I lived a difficult life with so much anxiety, disorders and phobias.


  • Helen Vella says:

    I totally agree with everything you said here, I too blog about children and the stress they are living through. I like all the book you suggest too I especially like the music for Indigo Children.

  • Margaret says:

    Everyone wants a happy, healthy,well adjusted child but unfortunately that doesn’t always happen. Our child’s mental health is very important but sometimes the signs of trouble are missed and many grow up with those fears and phobias. My children were very shy and lacked confidence. I thought I was normal but now I find they are having problems a adults. I hope everyone with children reads your post so they can recognize the signs that their child needs help. Thank you for writing this post and sharing this knowledge with parents.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Margaret,

      Most children today need anxiety help when they are young to grow up to be healthy adults, my goal is to help as many parent’s realize this and know how they can help their children.


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