Salty Snacks That Are Healthy-What You Need To Know About Salty Snacks

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Salty Snacks


There are no salty snacks which are healthy for you, the best you can do is to find the ones which are not as unhealthy for you? Salty snacks are loaded with junk which is not good for you, start reading the ingredients and nutritional facts on the salty snacks you purchase regularly. Salty snacks are responsible for contributing to many of our health problems today, these snacks don’t just put extra weight on you, they also cause some serious health issues.People who overeat these snacks all the time can become dehydrated, interested in the more serious health issues these snacks can cause for you?


High Blood Pressure

Kidney Disease

Kidney Stones

Heart Attack



High Cholesterol


relationships at any age


Nutritional Facts On Salty Snacks


Salty snacks are empty calories, you are getting very little nutrition from these snacks. What you are getting is snacks loaded with fat, to make things even worse the fat you get from these snacks is the worse fat, trans fats.The more you eat the more dehydrated you will become, this does make many people constipated. The companies load the salt in these products to get you to drink more of their beverages, are you interested in knowing what else is in your favorite snacks of this type?



Artificial Flavoring

Artificial Coloring

Butylhydroxtoline ( BHT )

All Bad Stuff For You


Under 5.00 Deals


Best Choices Of Salty Snacks


We all get cravings for our favorite salty snacks from time to time, eating these snacks will not do your health as much harm if you eat them in moderation. Your best snacks of this type are the ones which are under 100 calories, the list below are the best snacks to choose from with less than 100 calories. Start reading your ingredients for low calorie salty snacks when you get your snack attack, watch out for preservatives and other artificial junk. This is your best way to choose the best snacks, give these snacks a try instead of the high calorie snacks you are eating now.


Pop Secret Light Butter Premium Microwave Popcorn


1/2 – 12 Cup Bag Less Than 100 Calories

3 Grams Of Fiber


Pumpkin Seeds In Shell — Dry Roasted


Dash Of Table Salt

1/4 Cup 71 Calories

3 Grams Fat


Guiltless Gourmet Black Bean Tortilla


13 — 2 Tablespoons Salsa 88 Calories

1.3 Grams at


self improvement with jeff


Reduced-Fat Triscuits

6 — 98 Calories

2 Grams Fat


What Is On My Mind?


In my opinion, you would be farther off splurging for some good dark chocolate which provides you some benefits, I could not find any positive benefits salty snacks provides you. This alone should get your attention, the majority of people get more than enough salt from their food without eating salty snacks. These snacks have very little if any nutrients, these cannot be good for your body with so many artificial ingredients in them. The BHT which is in many of these salty snacks are thought to contribute to many types of cancer. If you are going to snack on these types of snacks, do it in moderation for your own safety and good health.


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  • Veronica says:


    I saw that beautiful picture of buttered popcorn and got excited! Alas, it is not meant to be…

    I knew that salty foods contribute to many health issues, I didn’t know that kidney disease or kidney stones was one of them. Although I am a lover of salt (I used to add salt to potato chips…used to) I’ve cut down drastically.

    Finding a healthy substute is really the key to staying on track. I liked your list of snacks; I really like pumkin seeds but it’s rarely on my grocery list. I think I’ll pick up a package the next time I go shopping. I find that if I carry some snacks with me, I’m less likely to buy an unhealthy one.

    Thanks for the tips, Jeff!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Veronica

      You are not alone with your love for salty snacks, most of us crave those snacks even though we don’t know why. Eating them in moderation is your best strategy to prevent many of the diseases it can cause, very smart to keep healthy snacks available so you don’t buy unhealthy ones


  • Toni says:

    Hi there! Good post you have here. Yeah it is known that snacks are one of those which are causing all types of diseases. Still I eat them though. But I try to keep it in check. I used to eat them lot more before. Now I’m trying to allow myself to eat snacks only on weekends. Thanks for this post.

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      The key I think is eating them in moderation, sounds like you are doing this so i am sure you are a pretty healthy person.


  • Marley Dawkins says:

    Yeah nice one Jeff, its easy for people to underestimate how much rubbish is in certain crisps, but i first learnt about he dangers from a training partners fight camp years ago, where the nutritionist was basically explaining how just one crisp in a packet could be the difference between being a pound over weight on the scales, or being on weight, and as you mention its literally just empty calories, just pure fat, really bad fat too, on top of all the other life threatening effects, and literally forcing you to buy more drinks, so don’t eat that single crisp before the fight!

    Also like you say there are loads of more healthy alternatives out there, i absolutely love dry roasted pumpkin seeds, so i can vouch for that one! Might try some Pop secret and Black Bean tortillas after reading this – they also sound like my kinda savoury snack 🙂

    Thanks for sharing bro!

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      As a fighter you understand how unhealthy snacks can do more damage to your body than many realize, hopefully more people will read this article and realize simple changes is all they need to do.


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