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Relocating London-Relocation Stress

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Relocation For Your Career


For the last article of my college graduates series I decided to address relocation stress, today the majority of college graduates are forced to relocate  for their careers. Terrible how these young people must be separated from their friends and family just to earn a good living.  My three sons are all living long distance from me, I am very grateful at least they are all in the same state. Many graduates move out of state for their careers, now many are even forced to move out of the country. Imagine the emotional stress on these young people in their 20;s,  living alone in a new state or country, even some will be exposed to new cultures. It is a myth people have come up with that young people will adjust to change very easily and quickly,  even young people are vulnerable to stress, anxiety and depression.


Relocation Stress


Early Warning Signs


You have worked your butt off to find an entry level position in your career field, very disgusted and tired of working several part-time fast-food jobs. Once you pay your living expenses and your student loans your broke again until next payday, this is not what you busted your butt in college for.  While other students were going out to party and have fun, you was the very good student and stayed in your dorm and studied. All these sacrifices feel to have been for nothing, gee you do not even have a boyfriend right now. Knowing the signs of stress is very important, these are warning signs to you to take immediate actions or you are going to be facing serious health issues in the near future.


Low Self-Esteem

Lacking Confidence


Negative Thoughts & Feelings


Feeling Sorry For Yourself


Negative Thoughts & Feelings

What To Do Next


Taking Care Of Yourself


Catching yourself falling into this trap as soon as possible will make it much easier and quicker for you to bounce back.  Starting off with paying much more attention to your self care routine is a must,  get back to the gym and your yoga classes. Spend more effort eating healthy meals and snacks, take frequent breaks and enjoy your favorite relaxation music.




Be  open to your emotions, accept how you are feeling. Stay positive by focusing on positive things, write in your journal or diary sharing your thoughts and feelings. Humor will be a very positive tool for you right now, spend some time on your favorite websites which always make you laugh. Read motivating books, expose yourself to as much positive and motivating things as possible.




Feeling this way you really need to keep up with your relaxation techniques, meditate more often and longer if you need too. Feeling tense and tight , use progressive muscle relaxation to help relax your tense muscles. Do your deep breathing as much as needed, this will give your more oxygen and help you to remain more relaxed and able to think clearly. Visit your safe place when you are feeling overwhelmed, using visualization will allow you to take a break from your stressful life.



The Letter Arrives


Today was just like any other day, you are off today from your part-time positions at the fast-food places. The mail comes and you have a letter from one of the companies you applied for an entry position, crazy as it is you begin to feel a kind of panic inside of you. Take some deep breaths before you open the letter, the company is impressed with your college records and wishes to offer you an entry position immediately. This would be great news, but to accept the position you must relocate to London.


What Will You do


You contact the  company and inform them you are interested in this position, but you need some time to consider the position since you would be relocating to London. The company treats you very nice, informs you have one week to decide. During the one week you research where you would be relocating in London, sounds like a very nice area. Beautiful scenery, the company house is incredible. This is an opportunity of a lifetime, your discuss this with friends and family.  Your friends are very happy for you, your parents and siblings tell you it is your decision. You are full of excitement for this opportunity, finally getting a chance for an entry position and out of the fast-food industry. At the same time your becoming a little anxious about being on your own in a whole different country than your friends and family. You call the company and accept the position in London, the excitement is feeling you full of uncontrollable energy.




Preparing For Relocation


You have been extremely excited and full of energy, barely sleeping more than 6 hours per night with too much energy to sleep. Very busy you have all your paperwork and passport ready for traveling, packed up some things you can live without until relocated. As your departure time gets closer, the excitement is not quite as energetic, even starting to have some disturbing doubting feelings. Using self-talk you tell yourself this is just last minute jitters. Lately you have been procrastinating about doing the rest of your packing, still have a few days before you will be leaving. Anyone would be feeling the same symptoms you are, this is last minute anxiety,  playing with your feelings and thoughts.




Inability To Focus



Double Guessing Your Decision

Tight Muscles

Sleep Difficulties


relocation stress





Despite your anxiety symptoms and double guessing your decision, you made it to London. The company house you moved into is awesome, almost like living in a castle for a small town country girl. The new position and the people are cool, you really do love this position and happy you did accept it  Even though everything is going extremely well with the position and your career, you are experiencing some negative symptoms.




Feeling Vulnerable

Home Sick

Trouble Staying Focused

Lack Of Concentration


Nail Biting

Grinding Teeth


Relocation Depression


What Is Going On With You ?


You must be crazy feeling the way you do, everything you have worked for is finally paying off. You have your dream job, an awesome home to live in.  you do look forward to going to the office, the only time you feel this way is when you are not at work. You know you must snap out of this mood you are in, you made your decision, and it was the best decision of your life. So how do you snap out of this mood, this mood is relocation depression. I guess you could say it its a severe case of being home sick, now how do you adjust?


Focus On Your New Exciting Life

Accept Your Emotions

Realize This Is Normal

Stay Confident

Acknowledge Positive Changes

Avoid Your Negative Thoughts & Feelings

Focus On Your Goals

New Hobbies



Content Young Lady



What Is On My Mind


Today ends this series for the college student and graduates, I did my best  to share some of the most dramatic experiences young people at this age will or could experience. Most students today will experience these decisions and symptoms in their lives, almost impossible for the young people not to go to college today. There just are not many jobs today for people with no college education, the days of manual labor will soon be gone. Every generation is experiencing more severe emotional health problems, learning healthy coping and relaxation skills should be taught in high school to prepare our children for handling stress, anxiety and depression without medication.



  • Kenny Lee says:

    Any type of career change is going to be stressful if not handled well. Different environment, cultures and responsibilities. And you have to get to know the politics of workplace all over again. I switched 3 companies 3 times in 5 years before turning freelance. It’s tough but you just have to face it.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Mr Lee

      Career change is difficult to adjust to for everyone, I do feel being in your 20’s and relocating from your friends and family would be very emotional and stressful.


  • olman claros says:


    great website you have build, great images and great content you have in the website.
    very useful information and interesting topics. I like the colors you incorporated into the site
    it makes it look more alive and interactive.
    very useful post and the image in the post in wonderful.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Mr Claros,

      I have worked very hard and long hours on my website, it is my pride and joy in my life at this time. I appreciate your comments, always nice to hear positive compliments from my readers.


  • Borislav says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I know what you are talking about. I was in that shoes.I left my homeland after graduation. I lived for 8 months in the beautiful town of Lyon. My life was my work. I had everything, but I was alone and unhappy. I didn’t realise how much dear people can miss.

    Today, I live in my hometown with my family. My parents and my friends live 25 minutes from me.
    I am happy, I have a good job.

    F…. the job, because the home is where you are!!!!

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      Yes, many young people do often regret leaving their home town and their family and friends. Many times they never are able to return because of financial problems, you are lucky you was able to return home and realized people are more important than money


  • Jon says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Although I live in the United States, these tips you’ve shared about moving to London can help anywhere. My son is about to graduate from college in May so this article was perfect timing for me.

    He’s in Savannah, Georgia and his major is Industrial Engineering, so there’s a good chance he’ll have to move away from Savannah. I’m bookmarking this page so as the time gets closer I’ll be able to use this advice.

    Thanks for sharing this helpful information! Take care, Jon

    • admin says:

      Thank You Jon,

      Many children today must relocate for work, leaving their friends and family and being on their own in a strange place has to be very stressing. I hope your son has good stress management skills, he will need them for the future in his career plus moving on his own from his family.


  • Matt's Mom says:

    Stress can have a real negative affect on a person for sure. For me, relaxation is probably the best way to keep stress at bay. I practice different relaxation techniques…really basically do things that I like or things I know keep me relaxed. And I have had to relocate for a job, I thought of it as an adventure. I have moved around a lot, so I guess that is why it did not stress me. I think the big thing as you say is, to focus on this new exciting life and chapter. Make it the best it can be.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Matt’s Mom,

      You do sound like you speak from experience with this issue, if we can focus on the positive when relocating I do feel we will be less stressed. For you having done it before you had the experience to know what was ahead, many people do not do well the first time they experience new things.


  • Kent says:

    I left my country at 18 to pursue my bachelor’s degree and I’ll tell you it wasn’t easy. When you move to a new country that young, you’re forced to get out of your comfort zone and mature quicker than you’d have liked because it’s very easy to fall into temptations and depression if you do not have a good head on your shoulders.

    In this day and age, it’s not even worth busting your brains and back to get a university degree (depending on the field of study)only to graduate without being able to find employment for months up to years. Simply put, universities these days are cutting down on the quality of their courses and facilitating classes online to cut costs.

    Relocating to a new country for work or whatever the purpose is can be fun, exciting and scary and the most important thing to avoid sinking into depression is to find a good community that will take you in and support you in times of need.
    Great article! Keep it up!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Kent,

      I appreciate you sharing your personal experience with relocating at such a young age, you must have been very mature since it sounds like you adjusted well.


      • Kent says:

        It wasn’t easy though but I was fortunate to have good, supportive people that would take care of me when I needed them. But, it has really taught me life-lessons money can’t buy.

        • Jeff says:

          Thank You Kent,
          I am happy you have good people to support you during difficult times,
          many of us are on our own which does make life much more difficult but
          if I could survive anyone can.

  • Cody Powers says:

    Hey Jeff! I love this site, especially the site title! Thats very true and very applicable. I like the sleek design of this page and the constant content. I really like the subtitle of this page too. Too many people exist and don’t live at all. Thanks for the great site!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Cody Powers,

      I really do appreciate all you shared today, my site has came together pretty well for me and I am happy my readers like yourself feel comfortable on my website.


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