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Relaxation Music For Children-Introduce Your Child To Music Early

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Relaxation Music For Children


Believe it or not, relaxation music should be introduced into your child’s life shortly after they are born. People of all ages benefit in so many ways through music, children are people too. Children are just very young little people, it is a fact children who are introduced to music early in life develop many of their life skills much sooner. Music effects everyone’s life no matter their age, relaxation music is the best music to expose to your children at any age.


relaxation music for children


How Music Benefits Your Child


When I was young I was not exposed to music at an early age, my mother loved music very much. My father was very strict when I was a child, he would become very irritated when my mom played any type of music. So my mom only played music when my father was not around. Still to this day, we have no idea why music had and has this effect on my father. So I missed out on the many benefits of music as a child, here are some of the benefits children receive with music in their lives at an early age.


Improved Motor Skills

Improved Listening Skills

Language Skills

Communication Skills


Stress Relief

Anxiety Relief


Wakes Up Emotions

Improved Sleep


music therapy


Playing Music Benefits


Well I do enjoy playing music, by the time I was in junior high school my father was working steady night shift. This did give us the opportunity to enjoy music  during the day, at this age is about the time I really was introduced to music. I started taking guitar lessons about this time in my life, this was a great new hobby for me. I found playing the guitar to help me relax, especially when I played later in the day before bedtime. Today I play the harmonica most evenings before bedtime, I find playing this type of instrument has even more relaxing benefits. I really feel its because your getting a breathing exercise from playing this instrument, well here are some more benefits I can think of to share with you.


Music Is Fun For Children

Social Skill Builder


Breathing Therapy

Relaxation Technique

Self Confidence Builder



self esteem


Music Therapy For Children


Music is one of the best natural methods for everyone despite your age, music relieves anxiety and stress. The medical professionals are slowly admitting even our children are becoming high stressed and anxious today, exposing your children to relaxation music at an early age is one of the best things you can give your child. Children who are exposed to relaxation music at an early age are less anxious children and and often better behaved, our children’s behavior problems I am convinced is from high anxiety and stress levels. This type of music is even more beneficial to your child if they have emotional problems, this music has been found to soothe and calm children with these problems.


anxiety and stress


Brain Nutritional Supplement


From my own experience, my own high anxiety and stress levels have become much more manageable. I owe this to my brain nutritional supplement , along with all my relaxation technique skills. I started out doing the relaxation techniques which did help me reduce my anxiety and stress levels, but I really noticed my relaxation techniques are so much more effective since adding my supplement. I only wish my parents would have known about my emotional health issues and supplements back then,  if you feel your child has emotional issues consider a good natural supplement. My supplement has had very good results for children with emotional issues, this supplement is all natural loaded with vitamins and anxiety herbs.


brain nutritional supplement


What Is On My Mind


This week all my articles are children related, children are too precious to be unhappy and struggle during their childhood years. I lived that childhood myself, I aim to do everything within my power to help as many children as possible. I truly believe in the resources I share with you in my articles, what is most important to me is providing the best information I can find to help parents help their children. This has been something I promised myself I would do, when I myself became healthy enough to deal with my own anxiety issues.






  • Robert says:

    I completely agree about the health benefits music gives to children. A soothing melody for a baby can help them relax and sleep so well. Just compare the the effects sounds of soft music has on a child’s emotional well being compared to the effects arguing parents have on them.
    The sounds of a mother singing a lullaby have long been used as an effective way of stopping a baby crying and relaxing him/her to sleep.
    By the way, which herbs do you recommend for relaxation? Also, do you know of any herbs/food for adrenal health? Probably the supplements for anxiety have the same benefits for the adrenal/stress glands.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Robert

      Happy you read my article today, music is such a free natural health benefit we should all take advantage of as much as possible.

      Herbs for relaxation



      Lemon Balm


      Passion Flower

      Herbs for adrenal health




      Korean Ginsent


      I hope these herbs helps you Robert


  • Sylvia says:

    I absolutely agree with you what you have mentioned in your article.

    I am a srong believer that soothing, uplifting music does relaxes us, keeps us calm, focused and more compassionate.

    And starting with children the same way is the right step.
    I also being a strong believer to introduce children as early as possible to meditation.

    I also do advocate that meditation with music should be taught in school too.

    what are your thoughts on that?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Syliva

      I thank you very much for your comment, I strongly use and believe in meditation and yoga. I do feel the children would benefit from both being a part of their school studies, you know the problem is there are always a group of people who will protest anything you do which they feel is not something their child needs to be exposed too.


  • Barb says:

    Hello Jeff;
    Your site is very clean and comprehensive. I really liked your personal story and your personal touch to the articles. I can relate to using supplementation for we also found that our current food chain is lacking, so to maintain or gain health, one must supplement. Finding a good supplement can be difficult. We find that supplements from whole, live foods are the most potent and easily recognized by the body. Keep up the good work Jeff and keep looking for good supplements.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Barb

      Good natural supplements is the key to improving our total body health, thank you for your comment and I will keep my eyes open for more natural supplements to share with you


  • Grace says:

    Dear Jeff,

    Amen to your article. Music is such an incrediblly important part of our lives, and we don’t even realize it! I agree that children should be exposed to the emotions and intricacies of music at an early age, because listening to music makes you more receptive to creative thoughts and dreams. Thank you for the post!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Grace

      I appreciate your reading my article and sharing your comment, music is such a powerful low cost coping skill for our anxiety. Most of us do take music for granted, but imagine the world without music.


  • Augustrobyn says:

    Hi Jeff, thanks for sharing your experiences on relaxation for children. My kids are now in their teens, they both love music. I do wish I had done the relaxation music with them during early years. It was a great read, easy to understand flow. I really enjoyed your article. I am a massage therapist and my clients ask me all the time how to reduce stress in their lives. I will start to tell them now about relaxation music before bed. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Augustrobyn

      I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my article on relaxation music, so many people struggle to relax and get proper sleep. When there is one great easy relaxation technique available for everyone, you can purchase relaxation products inexpensive, most people have radio’s and computers plus many television services has music channels which I use quite often.


  • Farhan says:

    Music has become a major subject of research by scientists, due to their effects on a human’s psychology. Despite this, most people suffering from depression are not given music therapy as a possible treatment.

    More younger people today are exposed to all kinds of drugs to supposedly help their anxiety. I was one of them too. It’s great that you have outlined the positive effects of relaxing music on children.

    Hopefully more parents and medical professionals will realise this, and contribute more to the mental health of young kids.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Farhan

      I also was put on many medications for my anxiety and depression which only sedated me and I still could not function in society, music is so easy to acquire and use. It is amazing many people are not using music for their anxiety, stress, disorders and depression.


  • Kerryanne says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I love your site, I wish it was around a few years ago! I know a lot of parents will benefit from your website in so many ways. You have a broad range of useful information and products available. I believe it will be bookmarked for future reference in a lot of homes.
    All the best

    • admin says:

      Thank You Kerry Anne,

      I really do appreciate your kind words, my goal is to provide information for people of all ages to understand their emotional health issues and the options which are available. My website is growing every day, I am working 10-12 hours most days just because my passion is to help as many people as possible not to live the life I have with anxiety issues.


  • Greenvee says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I am myself convinced of the many benefits not only for children but for adults too of having (the right) type of music in their lives. And as you say children do benefit greatly. I used to play some tibetan music for myself and my son really loved it, so much so that this made me realise that he could benefit from the music to. So I started buying him relaxation music CDs and he really loved them. he told me they made him feel calm!!

    Thanks for another good article and I think yes, you are really doing lots to help parents and their children.
    good on you

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