Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight-Hidden Reasons The Weight Is Not Coming Off

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Are You An Emotional Eater?


Many people who struggle with their weight are emotional eaters, when you become stressed and anxious you might be unintentionally overeating? Food makes us feel better when we feel bad, especially when we feel bad from stress. Emotional eaters can be sabotaging their weight management plan even when they are not eating unhealthy food with high calories, even healthy foods will sabotage your weight management plan when you are an emotional eater. Keeping a journal of your food and beverages helps many people avoid overeating, many people do not realize they are eating so many extra calories when they are experiencing stress and anxiety.




Often people do not consider how their beverages can be sabotaging their weight management plan, this is especially true for people who drink soda pop regularly. Cutting down or eliminating your soda pop can help you lose more weight, drinking more water and herbal teas instead of the high sugary beverages such as some fruit juices can be a reason you are not losing the weight? People often drink much more than they realize each day, again keeping a journal is the best way to monitor your food and beverage intake each day.



How Is Your Marriage?


Unhappy married people often experience weight management problems, stressful relationships has sabotaged many people’s ability to manage their weight efficiently. Relationship stress causes many people to not only have problems losing weight, but also is a trigger for many people to gain unwanted weight even when they are trying to lose weight. The worse relationship stress is from a failed marriage, improving the relationship often helps people manage their weight. When people are not happy in a relationship, they often are walking on eggshells which triggers them to snack more than they realize. Keeping a journal to track your diet as well as relieving your stress has worked for many people.


Family Stress


Stress from family responsibilities often is a cause for people struggling to losing weight, when your children are experiencing problems in school and failing this can affect your weight management plan. Many people struggle with their weight with financial problems as well, when a family is having budgeting problems  this can be very stressful and cause family conflicts and weight management problems. Often your best strategy is to focus on learning stress management skills and relaxation techniques, many times these are your best answer to your weight problem.



Exercise Plan


 Too much exercise can be a reason people are not losing weight, it is possible to exercise to the point you are not going to be able to lose weight. When someone over exercises their body craves more food, even when you are living on a very strict and healthy diet you can sabotage your weight management plan. Also, many people are not getting enough protein for their body to recover from exercise which causes you to overeat, your body needs more protein when you are more active and when it does not receive it, you can be overeating and not satisfying your bodies protein craving. Focus on a good balance of strength training and cardio in your workouts, you need to have a good balance of both to lose and maintain your weight. Don’t be afraid of eating fats which comes from protein, this is a good fat your body needs to recover from your workouts.




Friends to workout with and eat healthy is an asset to losing and managing your weight, people with no friends and people who hang out with friends who do not live a healthy lifestyle both can be reasons you are not losing weight. It is difficult for everyone to resist the temptation of going out on Friday night with friends for pizza and beer, when your friends also are living the same lifestyle as you the temptation is much less since your friends also prefer to find  a healthier alternative to pizza and beer on Friday nights. People with no friends experience being lonely and even depressed at times and this can trigger eating binges which sabotages your weight management plan, anytime you are not happy the temptation to feel better with food is there. When your friends  are positive and supportive, this makes such a difference in your attempt to lose weight as well, avoiding negative people who bring you down is another way to improve your success with your weight management plan.





Do you have sleep problems, many people with sleep problems have a difficulty losing weight? More people eat extra calories when they are not sleeping properly, for many people it becomes a habit to go to the fridge when they cannot sleep, a snack here and a snack there adds up throughout a bad night without sleep. Focusing on improving your sleep can be an answer to your weight problems, many people who do not sleep also worry about things which causes overeating. The most common reason for sleep problems is stress and anxiety, when you are not able to relax it is difficult for you to sleep. Learning some relaxation techniques can improve your sleep, at least this is a good first step to try to learn to relax. Herbal calming teas also help many people to relax, instead of having a snack on sleepless nights give a cup of herbal calming teas a try.


What Is On My Mind Today?


When you are doing everything right as far as you know and not losing weight you must look for hidden causes, keeping a journal has helped people lose weight and manage all aspects of their lives. Most people do watch their food and beverage intake better when they are writing everything down, sure you can cheat but more people will cheat  less when they are keeping a journal. Often it is problems in our lives preventing us from experiencing  weight loss success, what things in your life are causing you the most stress and anxiety often are the reasons you are not able to lose weight. Focus on managing your stress more effectively and you will more likely have more weight loss success, very few people who experience chronic stress can manage their weight effectively until they learn to manage their stress.



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