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Pros And Cons Of Using St John Wort- Side Effects And More

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St Johns Wort Health Benefits

My purpose is to introduce you to new options to improve your health and your life, remember all these options do not work for everyone,  you must try them to see if they are right for you. To be completely honest with you I have tried many of these in my quest to improve my own health over the past twenty plus years, the key is not to become discouraged and give up. I assure you the side effects of these natural supplements are much less severe then the majority of man-made medicines we consume today. I for one, do not do well with the majority of the medications my medical physicians recommended. One positive factor with all natural products, the majority of the time they either improve your symptoms or do not do much of anything at all. Of all the products I have experimented with, none of them has caused me any severe side effects. I will share with you all the side effects I am aware of  with these products, better to be aware of the side effects possible since these can be warning signs this product does not agree with your brain chemistry.









My product today is St John Wort, this product improves the following symptoms people are experiencing:


  • Mood/Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Memory
  • Stress Tolerance
  • Wt Maintenance
  • Inflammation


This product has an interesting history behind it , Germany uses this product as a natural way to treat mild to moderate depression in their children and their adolescents. In my opinion, if Germany has been using this plant to improve depression in their children and adolescents for so many generations it must be a pretty safe natural option with very slight chances of any severe side effects.


Side Effects Of St  John Wort

I wish to share with you the side effects possible when using this product, even though most are never experienced by the majority of the people using this product you deserve the right to know the side effects possible.

  • Appetite Loss
  • Dry Mouth
  • Increased Estrogen Levels
  • Higher Metabolism
  • Sun Sensitivity


People who should not take this product are:

  • Bi-Polar Patient
  • Pregnant Women
  • Taking Prescription Anti-Depression Medicine Without Consulting Your Physician


St John Wort Ingredients

Niacin 25 mg
Vitamin B-6 10 mg
Folate 400 mcg
Vitamin B-12 200 mcg
Pantothenic Acid 50 mg
Magnesium 50 mg
Zinc 5 mg
Manganese 2 mg
St. John’s Wort Extract 450 mg
Holy Basil Extract 100 mg
Valerian 4:1 Extract 50 mg
5-HTP 20 mg
GABA 250 mg
Taurine 125 mg
L-Theanine 50 mg
Other ingredients: Cellulose (capsule), Cellulose, Maltodextrin, Silica, Stearic Acid (vegetable source) and Magnesium Stearate (vegetable source).


Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Vcaps
Servings Per Container: 45


Manufacturer Notes


Manufacturer’s Directions
As a dietary supplement, take 2 Vcaps 1 to 2 times daily, preferably with food. Consider taking this product in combination with NOW Molecularly Distilled Fish Oil or Vegetarian DHA Omega Supreme Oil.
Manufacturer’s Disclaimer
Do not exceed 4 V-caps daily, unless directed by a health care professional. Larger amounts may contribute to photosensitizing reactions (skin reddening) in the presence of strong sunlight or tanning beds. If you are pregnant/lactating, or taking any MAO-inhibitors or other anti-depressant medications, consult you health care professional prior to use. May cause drowsiness. Do not use this product with alcoholic beverages or while operating heavy machinery.


Customer Reviews

By: Ericp501 on 7/16/2014
Had my doubts
Big things going on at work have made my life very stressful over the last six months. I found this supplement and decided to give it a shot. I was on it for about 1-2 weeks not really noticing anything till my wife mentioned I was sleeping in more on the weekends. Normally I’m up at 6am looking for things to do. I also noticed I didn’t have a feeling of being bored if nothing was going on or that I was wasting time if I wasn’t keeping busy, I’ve learned to relax again. I’ve been reading more as well. Getting up and going to work seems easier, I’m not full of anxiety about my day and seem to be taking everything 1 day at a time. I’m very skeptical in nature, so I always look for the placebo effect, but I don’t believe that is the case here. I started by taking 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. After 3 weeks I’ve just been doing 1 and 1 and feel very happy with the results.


By: HealthBuilder on 6/22/2014
This is the best product Ive used for bringing up the mood to make me easy to be around others. Thanks NOW! Great product!!


By: strengthwithin on 9/28/2010
Great product
I’ve used several bottle of mood support. I’ve been taking one serving each morning. It gives me great energy, and a positive focus for the whole day. I’ve taken St. Johns for several years, this formula is very effective!


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Final Thoughts

My final thoughts to share with you are if your suffering from any of the symptoms this product will improve to give it a try, the cost with my favorite shop link is less than $ 10.00. Such a small price to pay when it might be the answer your have been searching for to improve your health and your life, the best part is its all natural ingredients which will work much more efficient with your brain chemistry naturally. I hope I have provided you enough information on this product to at least check it out, just remember never to give up on improving your health and your life.

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