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Physician Consultation And Prescriptions-Could Online Physicians Be The Answer For You

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Physicians & Families


Anyone who has health issues or a child with special needs understands how physician consultation and prescriptions can affect the family budget, even people who are retired can experience very tight budgets from physician appointments and prescription costs. What are families able to do to decrease such budget problems, there is an online physician and prescription answer to this problem for many families?


Physician’s & Prescriptions


If you are like myself, you might be wondering if this is a racket to have you keep coming back to see your physician, many of us have no choice then to keep going back to our physician,  especially if we are taking prescription medications for any health issues?  Many families don’t have very good health insurance today, some might not be covered at all for routine physician consultation? There is now online health consultation and prescriptions for a low cost, you can even get prescriptions for tests you might need by these physicians.


online health care


Online Health Care


Have you heard about this new app called health tap, with this app you are able to consult with a physician at anytime,  and they can even prescribe you prescriptions? What is really cool about this is you can even send them photographs through this app, and if you have lab results you can share them with these physicians very easy? Having symptoms which is worrying you, with this app you don’t have to wait until you can get an appointment with your physician? If paying a small  fee would be easier on your budget, this might be something you would like to check out?



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Award-Winning App


This health care app has been noticed by many authorities since becoming available to families, I am impressed with the high recommendation for this app being featured in these services.


  • ABC
  • NBC
  • Good Morning America
  • The New York Times


Get Help Right Now


If your family has anyone with health issues which can require help right now this app might be something you wish to check out, the low payments will save your family not only money, but also time? Who does not want to feel better as soon as possible, how many times have you or someone in your family like a child been so sick they really should not be going out to consult with a physician? You can’t get much quicker and more convenient than online health care, ask a question and be connected to a physician right now? Conveniently get your prescriptions sent directly to a pharmacy waiting for you to pick it up, you can even get refills online and schedule any lab tests these physicians might recommend.


online health care apps


Health Tap App Physicians


You will find dedicated physicians online with your enrollment in the health tap app, these physicians are able to prescribe medications and even refills on your present medications online. You just get online and ask a question and you are connected to one of these physicians right now, then all you do is pick your prescription at the pharmacy. These physicians are able to order you lab tests through virtual consults, you simply visit one of the thousands of local test centers near you. These test centers are located nationwide, think of the time and money you can save by doing your healthcare online?


Health Tap Affiliates


  • Quest Diagnostics
  • Safeway
  • Target
  • Rite Aid
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart
  • CVS Pharmacy


online prescriptions




  • Low Payment Much Less Than One Doctors Visit
  • Convenient Access
  • Secure
  • Private
  • Money Saver
  • Time Saver


What Is On My Mind Today?


If you dislike driving to all your doctor appointments to be in with your doctor fifteen minutes or less, this app might be something you might want to check out? Most of us are in no position to not keep our doctor appointments when on regular prescription medication, maybe you would save quite a bit of money and time just on not having to drive to all your appointments? These online physicians can do pretty anything your physician now is doing for you, so maybe just take a peek at the low price of this app,  and all the benefits it provides your family? Online healthcare could very well be the future, so why not get in while the prices are low? Families with children with challenging health issues such as autism provides much financial stress and anxiety for parents, this app might be just what your family needs to live better within your budget?



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8 thoughts on “Physician Consultation And Prescriptions-Could Online Physicians Be The Answer For You

  1. The more this grows the more medical help becomes a convenience. Unfortunately it seems as though this could also lead to the right versus service argument about medical treatment/prescriptions. Many argue nothing that requires a person to do something for you is a right because by definition that is slavery. I certainly hope these online physicians are paid enough, because there is a point where this argument becomes all too real.

    1. Thank You Joe

      I appreciate you reading my article and sharing your opinion with my other readers and myself


  2. Excellent article! I would use this app: Health Tap. Simply because of the convenience of getting health care from your doctor online without having to travel to the doctor appointment. The other nice feature of Health Tap is the fact that the doctor can order your prescriptions direct to the pharmacy. As well as schedule lab tests.
    Health Tap makes sense & extremely convenient online way to get healthcare via app! Easy to use. Will recommend!

    1. Thank You Daniel,

      Happy health tap app is something you would use, it does sound like a money and time saver for many people. Thank you for recommending this app to your friends, sharing is how we help other people.


  3. I have a friend who’s daughter has Ehlers-danlos syndrome and she is in and out of the doctors office quite frequently. This could be wonderful for her, but I know she is on medicaid and was wondering if using the app would interfere with her coverage. Also, can you get your records from each visit or have them sent to your regular doctor?

    I really like the concept and know that the world is quickly becoming virtual. With the cost of healthcare now days, this will probably become the norm sooner rather than later. Thanks for the info!

    1. Thank You Rhonda Jean,

      I suggest you give this article to your friend and see if this is something which would work for her, if medicaid is not paying for her doctor appointments this would be a good addition to her health insurance plan. Best to check with medicaid on this issue, this is not an insurance plan it is a physician and prescription consultation plan so it should not interfere with your friend’s daughters insurance but medicaid more likely would not pay for this program.


  4. You have some very good arguments for on line physicians. Every time I visit my doctor the wait time is over an hour. The things I worry about are who does the personal exam (BP, lung sounds, ear, nose and throat). I would feel more comfortable if this could be done. Maybe for people that find going to see a doctor is inconvenient there could be some kind of home test kit. The phone company has cap tell for the hearing impaired.

    1. Thank You John,

      I appreciate you commenting on this article, online physician’s might be in the future one day for everyone? This service is not to replace your primary physician, for problems where you feel you are more comfortable seeing your primary physician you are free to do so. This service is for people who are in need of a physician and maybe a prescription or tests right away, if you prefer to wait to see your primary physician that is totally up to you.


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