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Percentage Men Get Breast Cancer-Are You At Risk


Men And Breast Cancer


Men can develop breast cancer even though it is very rare, less than one percent of all breast cancer develops in men. One in a thousand men will ever be diagnosed with breast cancer, knowing your risks, and how to prevent breast cancer is important when you are a man or a woman. This article is focused on breast cancer research, our best weapon against cancer is having the knowledge to live as healthy as we possibly can.


The Breast Cancer Site


The breast cancer site provides funding from their consumer’s purchases for cancer research, mammograms, and cancer care, all of these are very important for everyone. Consider purchasing from the breast cancer site whenever you are shopping online, besides receiving high-quality products you are helping people with cancer. If you find it in your heart to donate, this is a very good cause with cancer taking more lives every day.


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Cancer Risks For Men


Even though breast cancer is rare in men, you could be at high risk for breast cancer. Radiation exposure is one risk factor you need to be aware of, men with high levels of the hormone estrogen are at high risk for breast cancer. Is there a family history of men with breast cancer in your family, these are things you should be concerned of if you have any worries of breast cancer?


Breast Cancer Symptoms


Breast cancer in men and women begins as a small lump on their breasts, survival rates for breast cancer are very similar for men as it is for women. As for any cancer early detection reduces your risks, it is believed genetics has a lot to do with men and women who get breast cancer.


percentage men get breast cancer


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Breast Cancer & Genetics


Men diagnosed with breast cancer should consult with a genetics counselor, children of a man who has experienced breast cancer are at a risk of fifty percent chances they also could get this type of cancer. Male children can inherit the gene from their father, but their chances of breast cancer is only about six percent. Female Children who inherit the gene has a risk of up to forty to eighty percent, men with the gene are also at high risk for prostate cancer as well.


Breast Cancer Statistics


In 2017 there will be 2470 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed, about 460 men will die from breast cancer is predicted. Research in men and women are ongoing, studies are focusing on the effect of exercise, diet, and weight on this type of cancer risks. Circulating tumor cells studies has found that this type of cancer maybe break away from the tumor and enter the blood, these tumors are detected with sensitive lab tests.


percentage men get breast cancer


Breast Cancer Treatment


Hypofractionated radiation treatment usually requires a five week period, but physician’s are treating this type of cancer with higher doses at a three week treatment period with success. Studies are showing giving larger doses of radiation is just as effective as the smaller doses for longer periods, PARP inhibitors can target cancers through chemotherapy. Olaparib is one of the drugs being used to treat breast and ovary cancer, this drug is also being used for prostate cancer as well.


Anti-Angiogenis Drugs


Cancers grow from blood vessels which nourish the cancer cells, cancers surrounded by many new small blood vessels is more likely to be more difficult to treat. Bevacizumab is a drug shows promise in treating metastatic breast cancer, several other drugs are being tested in clinical trials at this time.


percentage men get breast cancer


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What Is On My Mind Today?


October is officially breast cancer month, but we must be aware of this terrible cancer affecting men and women all year long. I have given you the facts from cancer resources online, but in my opinion instead of using funds looking for a cure we should be researching for the cause? I believe the majority of our health problems today is from the chemicals we are exposing ourselves to everyday, the preservatives in our foods and especially our hygiene health products are not mixing well with our body chemistry. It is common sense there is something causing the outbreak of our health problems today, another thing to consider is the United States has the highest health problem rates of any country. Since many other countries are using the same products as the United States today, cancer and other health problems is growing larger in other countries as well. Physician’s are taught in medical school to treat the symptoms, but as long as the source is being exposed into our bodies this problem will only keep getting worse.


the breast cancer site


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