Pea Protein Powder Facts-Learn The Benefits And More

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Pea Protein Powder


Pea protein powder is the protein powder I use in my own diet, whey protein powder is what many of the people who are big into bodybuilding are using still today. Pea protein powder is the safest to use if you experience any allergies or sensitivities to any types of foods. Yellow peas are the type of peas used in this product, if you are wanting a healthy reliable and safe protein product this is the one for you?  I am experience very good results since going to my present pea protein product, I have lost about ten pounds and I am gaining muscle. This really surprises me since I used to use whey protein, but I never seen the results  like this from that product?




Vegetarian Friendly

Non-Animal Product



Pea Protein Powder Benefits


With this protein supplement you will experience more benefits than you can imagine, by adding this as a meal replacement you can lose weight? If you are active or exercise regularly, you will see an increase in your muscle development, I only exercise thirty minutes per day alternating strength training and cardio every other day. With the extra protein and amino acids you will experience less fatigue and soreness from your physical activities and exercise, you will receive five more grams of protein per serving with this supplement than with a whey protein supplement.  There are even more benefits waiting for you when you use this protein supplement, read on to learn the other benefits just waiting for you?


Heart Health

Lower Blood Pressure

Reduces Inflammation

May Decrease Kidney Disease

Regulates Blood Sugars


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Here Are The Nutrition Facts?


I know if you are like myself you are interested in reading about the nutrition facts of this protein supplement product, did I mention this pea protein has no flavor or a very mild flavor depending on how you use it? I use mine with my one meal per day as a topping, I use it to top my foods as if it was cheese. This gives me a little extra protein with my meal, well now for the nutrition facts you have been waiting to hear.


90-120 Calories

117-23.9 Grams Protein

0.3 Gram  Fat

7 Grams Carbs

6 Grams Fiber

400 IU Vitamin D

5 IU Vitamin E

200 IU Vitamin A

100 % Vegan Product



Non-Allergy Product


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How I Use My Pea Protein


I start my day with either a pea protein shake or smoothie, you can mix this with whatever is your favorite beverage in the morning. I usually mix mine with a cup of green tea, a blueberry smoothie or with almond milk, but no matter how you use this it makes a filling breakfast and a great start for your day. Lunch I have my regular meal trying to get as many veggies and fruit into me which I can, my evening meal is another pea protein beverage. This combination has worked very well for me, you can have some veggies or fruit with your beverage if you still are hungry? With my lunch I often add some pea protein as a topping like you would with cheese, this gives me a little extra protein at lunch time.


About My Favorite Pea Protein Powder


My favorite brand of pea protein I have been using is made by Now Foods Company, this is a well-known brand and available most places you would shop for your protein supplements. If you are like me you might be interested in purchasing the seven pound container as I do, this saves you money and time especially if you need to order your pea protein online as I must do? This also comes in a variety of other sizes, you can order this product in a two pound container and even a one and a half pound container as well. I have never seen this product sold in a one pound container, but it is possible you can purchase this size as well?







Pure Organic Pea Protein

Yellow Peas



No Yeast









Tree Nuts

Non-Allergic Product


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 What Is On My Mind Today?


I am really happy with the results and the cost of the Now Foods pea protein powder I am using now, I love to order the seven pound container it lasts me such a long time and saves me shipping cost by ordering this way. It is more money to pay out at one time, but in the long run for me it is worth spending more at one time and ordering less often. The nice thing is you can order it whatever size works best for you, I highly recommend this brand because it is the brand which has worked the best for me.


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  • Angel says:

    This information is really helpful…. I never heard of this kind of protein. When I was working out I always took whey protein and I always felt bloated after.. I also use to take the chocolate flavor. I still never felt like I was burning the fat. This seems very natural and more healthy. I think I might try this product.

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      Pea protein has been a much improvement compared to my experience with pea protein, it is much safer and natural and it does not bloat you like whey protein does. I hope you do try the pea protein, let me know how it works out for you.


  • Jen says:

    Is there a taste difference between whey powder and pea powder- Is one stronger or have a more distinct flavor than the other? I haven’t used a protein powder before but I can see where it would definitely be an easier way to get your protein in. And it’s low fat! so that’s great.

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      The main difference in whey protein and pea protein is one is a plant protein and the other is a dairy protein, pea protein is flavorless but whey protein does have a chalking taste. Pea protein and brow rice protein are safer for allergy reactions than whey


  • Mike Mahaffey says:

    Hi Jeff
    Thanks for this post on Pea Protein Powder.

    I had no idea there was a pea powder for protein? Even though I do know that peas are high in protein. I’m glad to know about the protein powder though, because I don’t like eating so much whey as is in regular Protein powders.

    I’m definitely going to give it a try because I’m always looking for something healthy for meal replacements.


    • admin says:

      Thank You,

      I really like the pea protein powder, you can use it as a topping in place of cheese. Make smoothies and shakes, it is just so easy to add protein with pea protein powder.


  • Geek Hibrid says:

    Health is beyond important, especially at this point of our society where everyone is losing sleep and constantly pre-occupied with their phones and other devices, eating bacon all day….lol. Without good health we will never accomplish the things we want out of life.

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