Night Time Anxiety Symptoms-Could Your Sleep Problems Be From Anxiety

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Night Time  Anxiety Symptoms


How do you sleep most nights can be an indicator of the level of your night time anxiety, sleep is the most common and most difficult symptom people experience? Even though the majority of people’s main complaint is their quality of their sleep, this is not the only symptoms people experience. The majority of people with sleep problems has no idea the cause is from anxiety, many people cope well enough during the day their anxiety is not a major problem for them, but when night comes their anxiety takes over.



Fear Of The Unknown

Panic Attacks




Rapid Heart Beat

Night Sweats


How Is Your Relationship?


Whenever your anxiety is preventing you from getting enough sleep at night, it can affect your love relationship, without enough sleep people naturally are more irritable with less patience. This alone can turn a happy and strong relationship into a very abusive one, how many people can be in the mood for romance and intimacy with their partner without enough sleep? This alone can cause serious problems between a couple, let alone all the other symptoms people experience from their anxiety. The less you sleep the worse your anxiety will become during the day, how many relationships might have been destroyed from anxiety?



What About Your Sleep?


Are you one of the over 40 million Americans who struggle with chronic sleep problems, even if your sleep problems are not chronic possibly you are one of the 20 million who experience sleep problems from time to time? The major reason for sleep problems today is from stress and anxiety, have you ever wondered why our stress and anxiety tolerance is so much worse today? People who experience sleep deprivation most often struggles with their physical, mental and emotional functioning, do you fall in the category of having insomnia?


Trouble Falling Asleep

Staying Asleep

Wake Up Too Early

Feeling You Need More Sleep


Anxiety Or Sleep?


People who struggle with both anxiety and sleep often become frustrated which one is the real problem, is their anxiety causing their sleep problem or are their sleep problems causing their anxiety? Actually, these two feed off of one another to disrupt your life, some of you might have experienced your anxiety problems before your sleep problems. Some of you might have experienced just the opposite, most people who experience insomnia are high risk for anxiety disorders? Did you know sleep problems is a connection to all psychiatric disorders, this can scare many people into fearing what might be in their future with their health?



Natural Treatments


Natural treatment are you safest and best treatments to try first, many prescription drugs for anxiety and sleep provide many nasty side-effects. Even worse prescription drugs are hard on your organs, it is a fact many prescription drugs can actually shorten your life span especially your prescription pain drugs and psychiatric prescription drugs.


Guided Meditation

Guided Visualization

Relaxation Techniques


Art Therapy

Music Therapy



Relaxation Techniques Benefits


Reduces Anxiety & Stress

Relaxes Your Body & Mind

Reduces Pain



Herbal Teas For Calming


Herbal teas are a very safe and effective treatment for people with anxiety, people who drink 3 cups of an herbal calming tea during their evening has experienced less anxiety and improved sleep. There are a good choice selection to choose from, so most of you will be able to find at least a few of these which are to your tasting. These are the best calming herbal teas people enjoy the most and receive the most benefits, give these teas a try for an inexpensive way to reduce your anxiety and sleep problems.




Lemon Balm

Passion Flower

Valerian Tea

Tulsi Tea

Catnip Tea


Art Therapy


The adult coloring books has become very popular, coloring at any age is a great way to reduce your anxiety and stress. This is a relaxing way to spend your evening before hitting the bed, do some coloring and drink your 3 cups of calming herbal tea and experience less anxiety and improved sleep. Art therapy calms your nervous system and distracts your mind from your worries, this improves your thinking, emotions and relaxes your body and mind all at  time.


Coloring Books

Art Kits

Craft Kits




Visual Journals


Post Card Coloring



What Is On My Mind Today?


Most of us are on the go clear up until we hit our beds at night, we just have so many things we want and need to do and do not take the time to wind down and prepare ourselves for sleep. What we do the few hours before bedtime is what is on our mind when we go to sleep, this could be the reason many of us do not get enough quality sleep? We really need to slow our butts down the last few hours before we go to bed, this will help us to be less anxious with the wrong types of things on our minds.


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