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Nature Yoga-Yoga Just Become Even Better

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Nature Yoga


You cannot find a better place to do yoga than the great outdoors, nature has a way of giving us an extra energy boost. When you combine meditation, yoga and nature you have the best therapy for stress management, it is a proven fact the majority of people just feel more calm and peaceful when experiencing nature and all its beauty. My anxiety and depression just melts away whenever I take the time for a nature retreat, everyone should spend as much time as they possibly can in nature. I have experienced a much more intense meditation when doing it in a natural place, you need no meditation music your nature background music is supplied by mother nature.


Physical Benefits


When spending your time in nature you will receive many physical benefits, your workout will be more challenging which will increase your strength and tone your body better than any indoor workout you can do. Nature yoga is great for increasing your balance, give you a much better cardiovascular workout. Just your time alone in nature will provide you many benefits you will never experience indoors, feeling the natural warmth from the sun will give you that vitamin D many of us are lacking.


Mental & Emotional Benefits


People who spend quality time in nature have a more natural positive attitude towards life, with being more positive we also develop a more relaxed personality. The stress in our life does not seem nearly as severe after our nature retreats, less anxiety is another benefit we receive which gives us more energy and creativity. This experience just makes us able to manage our lives more efficiently, we experience better concentration and more productivity. A good healthy balance of work and play is a must, people who are stressed out do not think as clearly and make poor decisions. Many people especially in business think they do not have the time to take a nature retreat, but actually this is the best business decision they could ever make.


Spiritual Benefits


If you are in need of a spiritual boost, a nature retreat is the best medicine for you, experiencing your yoga and meditation in nature will give you a much needed feeling of inner peace and calmness. You will be able to accept and manage things much easier, your mental clarity will be much improved and this will give you a better quality of life. Everyone needs breaks from our busy lives, those who do not take frequent breaks pay the price. When life becomes a daily routine without a frequent break, relationships become threatened and less intimate. Being married to your business is not healthy for you or the people in your life, make frequent breaks a part of your regular routine and you will be healthier and happier.

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Why Nature & Yoga?


Yoga and meditation goes naturally with nature, most people prefer the sounds of nature when doing their yoga and meditation so why not experience the real thing.  The sounds of the birds tweeting and the feel of the wind in your hair can only improve your experience. Choose a spot with an awesome scenery and take in the beauty, this will be the best experience of your entire life. Forget about the electric bill and the kids needing new shoes, just focus on the beautiful view.  Nature will enhance your relaxation more than you ever experienced indoors, feel your energy being replenished and the feeling of being more vigor and aware of your  body and mind.

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What Is On My Mind Today


Yoga and meditation is the best self-development skills you can ever add to your life, I am always open to improving myself through any self-help articles I can find. With this in mind I attempt to make my articles to help you improve yourself, I share the things which has improved my own life in hopes some of them might do the same for you. Some of the poses you might wish to consider for your nature yoga are:


Mountain Pose

Balancing Poses

Tree Pose


Downward Facing Dog

Child’s Pose

Forward Bends


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