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Natural Ways To Deal With Chronic Pain-Try These Before Taking Pain Medications

Chronic Pain


Are you experiencing chronic pain and wish to cope with natural methods instead of prescription drugs, 1 out of every 5 people over the age of 40 experiences chronic pain. The majority of people who experience severe chronic pain are out of shape, staying in shape over 40 will decrease the severity of your pain. The use of supplements to get back into shape fast  works for many people, autoimmune disease is the most common reason for people experiencing chronic pain today.




When we are experiencing chronic pain exercise is the last thing on our mind to do, but getting back into shape with exercise is the answer for many people to reduce their pain. Easing back into exercise is the key, starting out with low impact exercise such as short workouts on a stationary bike or swimming in a warm therapy swimming pool often are good ways to exercise with your pain.





There are several supplements which has reduced chronic pain for many people, pain relief supplements are natural anti-inflammatory products for people suffering with inflammation. These are available to be taken orally and to be used in cream form to apply to your painful areas for relief, often these provide relief for many people with autoimmune disease.


Fish Oil


Fish oil is a natural anti-inflammatory supplement, by taking 1200 milligrams daily has improved the severity of people’s pain levels. Over 125 people in a controlled medical study experienced enough of a reduction in their pain levels they were able to go off their prescription pain drugs, fish oil is much safer than taking prescription drugs so this is a worthwhile supplement to try.


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Turmeric another natural anti-inflammatory supplement has reduced many people’s chronic pain, turmeric has had the most success for people experiencing pain from osteoarthritis. Taking 650 milligrams 2-3 times per day has given people pain relief from their arthritis, if you are suffering with this type of arthritis maybe turmeric is the answer for you?


Other Supplements To Try


Supplements are a natural way to relive your chronic pain, many people are using supplements today to improve all type of health problems. Give supplements a try if you are looking for a natural pain remedy, even though all supplements do not work the same for everyone giving them a try  is well worth your time and investment.


Devils Claw ( 30-100 Milligrams Per Day )

Glucosamine ( Joint Pain )

Capsicum ( Pain Creams-Diarrhea & Cramps )

Comnfrey ( Lower & Upper Back Pain-Comfrey Extract Creams )



Heat Therapy


Heat therapy is one of the simplest yet most used natural methods to relieve pain for the majority of people, hot epsom salt baths gives people relief from nerve pain and relaxes the mind. Heating pads are the most common method people use today, hot packs also can be used as well as warm baths and showers. Many people are finding using a heating blanket has improved their pain enough they are getting more sleep and a better quality of sleep, all these methods have helped many people so why not you?


Cold Therapy


Cold therapy such as ice packs reduces inflammation which relieves your pain, this method is more used for injuries by the majority of people. If you have joint swelling you should apply cold therapy not hot therapy, many people experience using the cold therapy machines very effective for their pain.





Meditation is very simple to learn and do, many people become overwhelmed with the idea of doing meditation but with guided meditation products you too can receive less pain using mediation. Mediation relaxes your mind and your body, often people notice less pain when their minds and bodies are relaxed. Many people experience anxiety with their constant pain, meditation relaxes your mind which reduces your anxiety. Meditation is also beneficial for people with depression, how many people would not become depressed living with chronic pain?


Essential Oils


Aromatherapy has been used for pain and other health problems for a very long time, the most common way to use essential oils is be inhaling them but also can be used with massage therapy. The most common scents are rosemary, lavender and peppermint oils, these can be used with an aromatherapy diffuser or simply by adding a few drops on your pillow or clothing. You can even purchase special jewelry you can add your favorite oil and as you wear your jewelry, the scent is working for you, this method is simple to use and is a natural method which has been used for a very long time.



Vitamin D


People with chronic pain especially from autoimmune disease often has low vitamin D levels, most people experience an improvement by taking 400-800  of this vitamin daily, If you live in a sunny environment spending 10-15 minutes outdoors daily will give you the amount of this vitamin your body requires every day.


Laughter Yoga


There is a yoga in town which will give your the benefits of laughing, we all know laughing does provide us with many health benefits. It has been experienced this laughter yoga has helped people cope better with their pain, consider giving this yoga a try for your  pain. Another method is guided visualization which works for many people to relieve their pain, 10-15 minutes of muscle relaxation guided imagery has improved people to deal better with their pain.



What Is On My Mind Today ?


I have done my best to give you many options to try to manage your pain more effectively naturally, give these natural methods the opportunity to improve your life with less pain. Sleep therapy also has improved people’s pain levels, sleep helps us manage our pain and also allows our bodies to heal. Drinking enough water is important to reduce our pain levels as well, being well hydrated reduces stiffness and flushes toxin from our bodies.


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