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My Experience With Celiac Disease- Brand New Life

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Silent Damage

It was not until I was 55 years old I became aware I had Celiac Disease, this explained why I never felt healthy my entire life. Gluten is a silent poison to people with this disease, its very scary to know now I was damaging my own body with the foods I thought were healthy for me.  I could eat as much as I liked and rarely gained any weight, when I was young this seemed like a blessing. Even though I consumed a good variety of what I thought were healthy foods, I suffered a wide variety of symptoms both physically and emotionally. As the years went by, my symptoms just became more severe until they took control of my life.








My Symptoms

I was extremely unhealthy even as a new born, my first symptoms were not physical but emotional. I was always very anxious even as a very young child, I had social anxiety panic attacks. I felt I was afraid of just about every new experience I had to face, in school I did not really have any true friends. I got along with everyone pretty well, but I never really became close to anyone which I could call a friend. I rarely talked in school, even when the teacher put me on the spot I just froze and went brain dead. People all labeled me as being extremely shy, but that was not the case I just could not think of  anything to say because of my anxiety and panic attacks.

By the time I was in junior high school my symptoms were controlling my life, my academic studies were being effected by now. I had very little concentration and severe mental fatigue, I struggled just to pass during this time. High school became even worse for me, if it was not for my love for sports I would never have interacted with other students. With my failing grades I was not permitted to participate in school sports, this forced me to be even more anti-social. I just went to school each day and put in my time, my teachers and parents accused me of being lazy with my studies. I did not even try to explain to them the truth, I really at that age did not realize it myself what was wrong with me. Eventually I hated going to school, I would skip out more days per week then I attended, eventually I just had to drop out of high school. I did go and take my GED, amazingly I passed.

My adult life was not so hot as well, I was involved in an unhappy marriage with a family. I truly did love my wife and children with all my heart, but I was so messed up by now I could not function well. I did manage to find a job and earn a living during this time, then it happened. My physical health became even worse then my emotional health, with both severely poor I lost my job and my family. Imagine what it is like to be in such a situation at the age of 35 years old, for the next twenty plus years I struggled to overcome my health problems. I started out with muscle and joint pain, for years my physicians had no answers to my problems. Two years ago my digestive system was causing me to lose weight steady weekly, I could not hardly eat very much at one time and everything I ate gave me severe stomach pain. My physicians never did figure what was going on with me, I stated keeping a food journal which left me see when I ate grains my symptoms were much more severe. I shared this with my doctor, he did blood work for Celiac Disease. The blood work came out negative, finally when I became about 125 pounds my doctor had a intestine biopsy done. The biopsy showed I did indeed have intestine damage, I started on a gluten-free diet which is working very well for me now. Also two years ago, it was found by routine blood work I had kidney disease. My kidney function is stable now, I take Prednisone daily. So if your experiencing a variety of symptoms and the cause is unknown, such as mental fatigue, anxiety, panic attacks, joint and muscle pain, headaches, memory problems and you may even be experiencing hair loss. I recommend you talk to your doctor and be checked for Celiac Disease, I have suffered several silent damage issues due to this disease.


Brand New Me

Today I am a brand new me, someone I have never known before. Even my family has never met the person I am today, my symptoms are none to very mild most of the time now. I am able to function more efficiently then in my entire life, my brain function is better then it has ever been. Physically I still have my aches and pains, but at the age of 57 years old I feel younger then when I was 35 years old. I still have my health issues which challenges me most days, but compared to the past I am so much healthier emotionally and physically. I started writing a health blog about one year ago, March I started this website in hopes to help others not struggle for most of their life before improving their health and their life.



Final Thoughts

What has been the key to my improving my health and life has been a combination of a gluten-free lifestyle and supplements, if you have Celica disease or any digestive disease or disorder you should consider supplements. When your digestive system is not working efficiently for you, your intestines are not absorbing enough nutrients from your food. Also our food today does not contain the nutrients they once had, we live on a processed food diet today which in my opinion is the cause for many of our health problems today. Besides providing you with the best information I can find and my own personal experience what works for me, I am always keeping my eye out for supplements at a good deal and high quality to share with you. Weather you purchase them or not, that is all up to you.

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