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Music As Medicine-Health Benefits

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Music Therapy

Music is one of the most powerful brain power techniques you can add to your life, I have realized over the years how much of a powerful impact music has improved my health. Depending on your emotional status at any given time, you have the power to improve this with just adding the correct music at the correct time. I have experienced when I am feeling blue, if I listen to some upbeat music it completely improves my mood. The same works when your anxious, just put on some soothing music and feel your anxiety slowly melt away.

Health Benefits

You might be amazed when I share with you all the benefits possible just by adding music to your life, these are just some of the benefits people receive from music as medicine. Improved cognitive functioning, see when you listen to music it changes your chemistry in your brain which in turn changes your cognitive functioning. Music will improve your concentration, mood, quality of life and much more. Weather you listen, sing or even play an instrument you will improve your  brain health.  People have even improved their motor skills and social skills through music, it is amazing how little things such as music can make such a big difference in our health.

This technique has been used in the United States since 1944, medical hospitals, cancer centers, schools,addiction recovery programs, psychiatric hospitals and even correctional facilities have been using this technique as a positive treatment. Two forms of using this technique are active and receptive, active includes playing an instrument and singing. Receptive includes listening for pleasure and meditation, also in other forms of relaxation techniques.





















Professionals have realized benefits using this technique for prenatal infants and mothers, both will experience this as a stress relief, maternal-fetal bonding between mother and unborn child. Amazingly, they even have experienced it improves language development.


Providing live or recorded music benefits infant health status, music has been found to soothe and calm infants who are anxious. Promotes healthy sucking reflex, stimulates sleep through mommy singing to the infant. This also forms a much closer bonding between mommy and infant, mommy’s have been using this technique even before professionals.


Autism as we all realize is becoming way too common today, my eldest son has autism, so I know how  severely of an impact this has on a person’s life. Autism children are very high energy, many have speech and behavior problems. 30 % of children with Autism are non-verbal, many even have difficulty understanding verbal commands. 15-20 minutes of music related activity will decrease anxiety in these children, these children have a deep desire and passion for music. Some of the ways this improves a child’s life is it improves their brain function by changing their brain chemistry, also improves their language ability, social skills and motor skills. When a child becomes excited or sleepless, many children have benefited from music playing softly in the background.


Oh yes, the terrible teens. How we all have experienced the impact of music has on adolescents, without a doubt this is a very important part of their lives. They use this themselves as medicine, this improves their unpredictable hormone moods. It assists in stabilizing their emotional health, they use this for self-discovery, coping with the stress in their lives. They experience improvement in their anxiety levels, sometimes this will be a positive but sometimes this can be a negative trigger for their anxiety levels and their moods. It does prevent them from severe long-term depression in many cases, this has a huge impact on their own self esteem.















Medical Benefits

Since music changes our brain chemistry, it also improves many of our health issues. It has been found to lower blood pressure and improve heart rate, lower our anxiety and stress levels. Been very successful with schizophrenia patients, alzheimer patients, dementia, parkinson’s and even depression.  Today it is even believed  to benefit cancer patients, improves their mood and depression.


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Final Thought

I have had a very positive experience with music as medicine, even having background music has a positive impact on your brain health. Anything which changes your brain chemistry in a positive way, is well worth taking advantage of. What is amazing about alternative health techniques, most are low cost or absolutely free. I hope you will share this article with your friends and family, you never know the impact you could have sharing something so simple with others as music as medicine.

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  • Louise says:

    Thanks what a fantastic article! I have heard of this before and completely agree with all you said. I have used music regularly for both my children, in particular classical as I heard this is good for helping intelligence and is very soothing! Would you recommend any other particular genres of music for infants?
    I work from home and again find music fantastic for concentration whilst working!

    • Jeff says:

      Thank You Louise

      Classical music is a very good choice for your children without a doubt, another type which will
      also benefit them would be to add the relaxation music. You can get this in compact disc, also now
      dvd’s and download from the internet.

      Music is Medicine

  • Adel says:

    A very interesting article filled with useful information about the health benefits of music. Music heals the soul. I agree with all the benefits that you have listed here especially the benefit that it can give to children and adults on the autistic spectrum. My son is on the autistic spectrum and I do agree with you that it has an effect on their brain chemistry. It calms them. I also agree that music is good for babies and pregnant women because I applied it to myself. It relieves stress and helps baby’s development. I also listen to music when I am doing something because it helps me to concentrate and think better. Thank you for sharing this useful article.

    • Jeff says:

      Thank You Adel

      I Appreciate you reading and comment today, yes music is a very powerful tool and so easy to use.
      I am very happy music does calm your son, sounds like your right on track with using music as medicine


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