Mother Days Ideas

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Mothers Day Ideas

Did you know the first Mother’s Day was in 1908 and today is celebrated in all parts of the world, became an official holiday in 1914. Mothers sure are very special to us all, its mid-week now and your still going crazy looking for something extra special for your mom. The traditional gifts are fine, hanging flower baskets are the most popular where I live and mom’s do seem to love them. Most of us will buy our mom a pretty card, more likely with flowers on the front. Are you a traditional person or are you one who goes out of your way to find something unique for your mom, we all get lazy some years and the last minute go out and buy one of these traditional mother’s day gifts.


Men are what their mothers made them.



Mother Day Gifts

I most often start keeping my eye open in April for something unique and thoughtful for my mom for her special day, my mom gets extra’s since her birthday also is in May. That does put double the pressure on me when searching for something unique for my mom during this time, often I check out all the small country and antique shops. My mother is an old fashion country girl, she loves those little country nick knack things you will find in those types of shops. Believe it or not I have found some really cool unique gifts in the farm and country shop where I live, you just never know for sure where you might find that special gift unless you put some extra effort in your searching. Now am I making you feel guilty for that traditional gift you already or plan to buy for your mom, believe me that is not my intention at all. My intention with this article is to give you some motivation and ideas for your mom, next some gift ideas your mom might love as much as my mom does.



Mothers Day Cards

One thing you can do to make your mom know she is extra special to you is make your gift more personal just for her, all mom’s like different things and have different interests so you will have to adjust these suggestions to your mom’s own personal favorites. My mom goes absolutely crazy over anything anyone makes for her, often I will make her a personalized home-made mothers day card. I usually will put a photograph of me and my sons in the card to surprise her when she opens the card, on the front i will purchase some fresh flowers and glue some of the blooms on the front of the card just early enough the glue has dried and the blooms will look their best. Mom’s do seem to love flowers and photographs of the ones they love, so this works well for me to give both of them to my mom in a personalized mothers day card.


Gift BasketsGift_basket

My mom also seems to like very much gift baskets for some odd reason, she loves all those little items in the baskets. For my mom to make her basket more personal for her, I purchase a basket usually wicker since she loves wicker baskets. Then  I fill the basket with many of her favorite snacks, beauty and cosmetic goodies. I also sometimes will add a nice pretty piece of jewelry or two, you can add some of her favorite fresh blooms as well in this basket . Be sure to put the blooms on top of the basket so its the first thing she sees when you give her the gift, I also like to attache a bloom or two to the basket as a decorative touch.


Gift Certificates

I often throw in some gift certificates in my gift baskets for some of my mom’s favorite places, beauty shop gift certificates are great gifts for your mom. Often our mom’s do not go to the beauty shop as often as she would like too, another goody is if your mom likes to go to the spa is a good gift certificate idea. restaurant gift certificates are nice I think for mom, it gives her a break from cooking herself and being served at her favorite place she enjoys to eat. Since mom’s love to shop, gift certificates to her favorite shops never fail as a good gift basket addition.


God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.




When you have ran out of ideas for mom, you can always give her some of her favorite hobby supplies. Maybe even give her a new hobby to try, my mom loves gardening so I will often add some flower seeds, bulbs or gardening extras which will fit in a gift basket. Garden decor is very nice for a gift for your mom if she is into gardening, even though ever mom is different there are always ways to make her mother’s day gift(s) personal and special.





Final Thought

I hope my intention for this article to give you some motivation and ideas for your own mother has done its job, remember mothers are not really difficult to please. Any time you put a little extra thought and go out of your way your will make your mom feel extra special, its mid-week now so you still have the time to put together a very special and unique gift just for your own mom.


  • Alessandro Simone says:

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    All the best

  • Ben says:

    Hey thanks for bringing this up. I am getting so involved in business and work and the hectic pace of life that I forgot all about mother’s day! You have some really good ideas for gifts, I am by myself totally clueless when it comes to buying gifts. A simple card won’t do.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Ben

      I know how the days and weeks flies when your busy with business, happy u seen my article and it reminded you to shop for your mom this week.

      wish ur mom a happy mothers day from me,


  • Daniella says:

    Hi there,

    I found your article very helpful and interesting, I really enjoyed the reading!
    You have given so many good ideas for the mothers day, I will show this article to my children, I am sure they will get inspired by these great examples.
    Thank you very much for this excellent post!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Daniella

      I wish you a very nice mothers day this year- if your children are inspired through my article I will be very happy. That was my reason for writing this article- to help people do something special their mom this mothers day.


  • Jason says:

    I liked the article because there is quite a struggle figuring out what to get your mother. This time I got my mom a card that you open up and it makes music. I think it was pretty cool. It makes Carribean music when opened. Next year I might do the wicker basket idea. That sounds like something right up her alley. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Thank You Jason

      Good for you coming up with a card which plays music, that should surprise mom when she opens her card. The basket idea seems to work quite well for most mothers, as long as you know some of the things to put in the basket which are her favorites your good to go. Always do the basket for Christmas as well, just a thought.


  • Liz says:

    For me, the best mothers day present is where my family give me time to do what ever I want. if I want to get a massage, I will get one. If I want to sleep in, I will do that too. I just like the feeling of been let off the hook of my family responsibilities for the day in order to recharge my batteries. In Australia, Mothers Day isn’t a holiday for the country, but it still holds great importance and is celebtrated. Sometimes I think there might be too much emphasis on coming up with a physical gift. I know what you mean about the pressure of May-my mums bday is also in May!

    • admin says:

      Thank you Liz

      The USA has commercialized all the holidays way too much, people here spend way too much money. Actually more then most of them can afford, simple thoughtful mothers day gifts or gifts for any holiday is the best.


  • RuthM says:

    I think gift baskets is a great idea for mothers day. I would have never thought of that. Personally I would love that. As you say the little things are so interesting and especially when it’s food based or beauty product based. I would love that, and I think my Mom would too.

    And your tip about hobbies is great too. My Mom has just got into knitting, now this is an endless source of gifts.

    As you say just an extra little thought goes a long way with moms

    • admin says:

      Thank You RuthM

      I am always happy to hear from my readers, I am happy you liked my ideas I shared in my article for mom’s day. You can always keep these in mind for Christmas, not so far away really.


  • jschicanha says:

    This article is having a very interesting topic as it states the love of our mother.I have been looking for the appropriate gifts to give to my mother so now i will make a plan as you gave me a clue of what types of gifts to give to a mother.Thank you for promoting the love between our mothers.


    • admin says:

      Thank You Jose,

      I appreciate your comment and happy my article give your the inspiration of what to give to your mom. As our mom’s become older and need less things it is a challenge to find the right gift for them, I appreciate all your comments and everyone who reads my articles


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