Mother And Son Relationships-Happy Mothers Day

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Mother And Sons Relationships

I would like to dedicate this post to all the special mothers in the world, there is no stronger and more dedicated love then the love of a mother. In my experience with my relationship with my mother, I truly feel from the bottom of my heart there is a much different love and bond between a mother and her sons. Now do not get me wrong, I am not saying a mother loves her sons more then she would love her daughters. In my opinion the love between a mother and her sons are just a different type of love then she has with her daughters, most mothers and daughters I feel have a very close relationship but it is just different then the relationship she has with her sons. Stop and think about it for just one minute, more often then not is not the daughter daddy’s little girl and the son’s mothers pride and joy. I just really feel there is some special bond between a father and his daughters and a mother and her sons, so be proud all you mothers for you are a very special person and never forget it.


What Makes A Mother Special

Mothers are extra special because they will do almost anything within their power for their family, a mother without a doubt will give up her life to save any of her children. Did you ever wonder how someone with so much love and tender loving care could become so strong to defend her children against anything or anyone, a mother has no fear when it comes to protecting her children. Mothers just seem to understand us better then anyone else, what gives them this extra sense and power? Our moms just seems to always or most of the time know exactly what we are feeling, even scarier they seem to always know what we are thinking. I often really think we are a part of our moms and that is how she knows us so well, I think my mom knows me better then I know myself. Moms are great at giving the perfect advice no matter what we are going through, they just seem to always know the right thing to say and do. Only a mother never a father will ever make us eat all our veggies, many times our fathers need our mothers to force them as well to eat all their veggies.mom3


Sacrifices Of A Mother

Besides our mothers being fierce when it comes to protecting us from anything or anyone which could be dangerous, she will give up anything just for her children to be healthy and happy. Sadly how many times does a mother live a life of abuse from an abusive husband, just to protect her children from being abused by their abusive father. All a mother expects from her life is to give to her children, what makes her the happiest is seeing her children being healthy and happy. What other person do you know who will give up so much, it is our mothers who stayed up taking care of us while we were ill as children. Sacrificing not only her sleep, but taking the risk of catching whatever was making us sick. My mother many times did without many things just for us kids, it seems a mother does not require material things to be content and happy. A mom thrives on giving to others, only a mom seems to know when we need something we ourselves do not even know we need. Only a mother will find the strength no matter how fatigued or sick she might be to prepare our meals and all the other things we might need, if it was not for our mother’s sacrifices we would more likely not be here today. Most of the time in a family its is the mother who has to be strong and sacrifice through our terrible teenage years, only a mother could take our teenage roller coaster moods and some of the terrible things we have said to her and still she loves us with all her heart when no one else ever would. There is and never will be anyone who could compare to the sacrifices our mothers have made for us, thank God he made mothers to be the way they are to love us no matter how we treat them some days.


Aging Mothers

Mothers are like the old Timex watches, they seriously do take a licking and keep on ticking. It is a very emotional time for me  seeing my parents aging with health problems today. We can assist our parents financially more often then with their health problems, it is very true money can not buy our health. My mother is suffering very much these days with autoimmune disease, even as much pain as my mother is living each and everyday she complains very little and still finds a way to give to her children in some way. Lately I have been realizing the special lady who has been such a major part of my life will one day be gone, anyone who has lost their parent(s) or has aging parents such as me understands how emotionally it is to see our parents slowly fading away. Before I end my article with special mother day gifts, I urge you to think of your parents especially your mom more then just on Mother’s Day.


Special Mother’s Day Gifts

This week you will be tempted with all kinds of fancy gifts for Mother’s Day, if you are in the position to purchase some of these fancy gifts for good ol mom that really is great. You do know, more likely mom would be just as happy with something simple and thoughtful from your heart then the fanciest gift. Mothers are very strange creatures without a doubt, crazy as it sounds they would much prefer having your company over any gift you could ever send them. Over the year I have not been waiting for Mother’s Day to think and show I am thinking of my mom, my mom gets so much joy over simple little thoughtful gestures and fun mail all throughout the year then the fanciest gifts money can buy on Mothers Day and Christmas Day. You can never buy a mother’s love, that is one thing in this world is not for sale. If you prefer giving one of the gifts which will be available this week that is fine, but you know what would make mom the happiest might just be to spend the day with YOU.


Final Thought

Thank you for reading my post today, this is a dedication to my mother and all other mothers who have sacrificed so much all their lives for their children. This is not my normal type of article, but relationships are a very big part of our lives and being healthy and happy many of us owes this to our mothers. I strongly believe without our mother’s dedication and sacrifices, many of us would not be the person we are today.

Happy Mothers Day





  • elvis says:

    nice pag that you’ve got out there, it’s nice to help people understanding the important of a health life, its good to see people like you doing a good work and helping people changing people’s life it’s really amazing hope you develop your skills throughout the years and your success in your business

    • admin says:

      Thank You Elvis

      Its always so nice to hear from people who read your articles, my main objective starting this business is to help others as much as I can. I started out writing a health blog, then it turned into a business. Wish you the best with all you do, I hope your mom is alive and well and you can spend moms day with her.


  • Angela says:

    This was a beautiful article. I fully agree that strong relationships can have a huge impact on your health. As a mom with aging parents this really connected with me Its true that I often prefer to see my kids happy and cheerful to getting presents or spending money on myself. I love all the little things they make for me and bring to me because I know their heart is in it.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Angela

      I appreciate you sharing and especially reading my article, I only posted it a few hours ago your the second person already to comment and I do appreciate it very much.

      I wrote this article completely from my experience and my heart, like all my articles I write that is where they all come from.

      Happy Mom’s Day


  • Lucy Emmanuel says:

    Mother And Son Relationships-Happy Mothers Day.

    so nice of your page about mother and mothers day. i remember i learned about this of special attachment of opposite sex kids to their parents. it is true the sons are more atached to the mother and the daughters are more attached to the father. while mans are so soft to womens and it will be always like this so a father will treat his daughter in a soft way, but this will not be same to his same sex. a father will treat a son different to how he will treate a daughter because in his mind it is automaticaly that mans have to be strong and have to be treated hard compared to the womens. just like magnetic effects same poles repares but opposite poles attracts each other.
    Womens love grows stronger when the women becomes a mother, the feeling to his kids makes mothers to be strong and more carring to their children. womens are ready to change their personality and artitudes just to make sure they dedicate all their love and care to their children, on making sure their children are secured and have all the necessary needs.womens love is more different to mans love to their children that is why mothers are always so special to their children.
    thank you for the nice page and congratulation keep it up and happy mothers day too.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Lucy,

      I do appreciate you reading my article, your the first person to read my most recent post. Thank you for sharing the connection between the children and parents, it is so true and will always be this way it seems. Happy Mothers Day to you as well, take care and the best to you always


  • Kris says:

    Thanks. Reading that article just made my day. Beautifully written with respect to mothers who really are amazing! I myself never fully understood how incredible my mother was until I became a mother myself. But despite all the hard bits, it truly is the best job in the world. Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!

    • Jeff says:

      Thank You Kris
      I am happy you enjoyed my article for mom’s today, yes we really do not realize how much a mom does for
      her children until we are grown up with children of our own. I wish you a very nice Mother’s Day, I hope
      your family spoils you this week.


  • Roopesh says:

    Hi Jeff
    An awesome article.

    I can’t imagine what my life would be without my mum.I too, dread the day that she will not be around.The best we can do, is to enjoy every moment that we have with her right now!

    I am sorry to hear about your mums condition and hope and pray, that she will get better.As you said, they will not tell us exactly how much pain they are in, and rather keep it in and let you worry.

    They are our heroines….

    • admin says:

      Thank You Roopesh

      I appreciate you taking the time to read my article, your opinion’s are very important to me. I am happy to hear your mom is still alive and well at this time. Yes, we should make more time for our mom and the ones we love in our life since life is pretty dang short.


  • Megs says:

    I enjoyed reading your post. I think it is very sweet that you dedicated it to your mom. I couldn’t have thought of a better Mother’s Day present for any mother. I do agree that moms have a different connection with sons than daughters, because I see it with my mom and brother. Thanks for the read.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Megs

      wish your mom a happy mothers day from me, I am happy you could read my article I hope it motivated you to spend more time with your mom when possible.


  • Vallery says:

    Hi Celiacman, that’s a very interesting one there from you.

    When i read the first part about mother and sons relationship, i paused for a moment to reflect keenly on how i relate to my mother, and how my own sisters relate my father. And what you said tends out to be true.

    An exception can only be in a case where one of the parents portrays a weird attitude, but in most cases, it is almost always the way you said.

    Interesting write up.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Vallery

      I am sure there are exceptions to the relationships of sons and daughters to their parents, but most of the time this is the way it seems to be for the majority of families. I appreciate you reading my article, have a great day and I hope you can spend some time with your mom .


  • DrSarahBrewer says:

    Becoming a mother is one of the best things I’ve ever experienced. First time round it was really magical. Second time round it was doubly so as I was blessed with twins. They’re going through that teenage phase where mums are less important and frequently taken for granted, but I’m hopeful they will come out the other side, like my eldest did, and appreciate me once again! It’s an unconditional love, so no matter what your kids do, you will love them even if you don’t love their behaviour.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Dr Sarah Brewer

      You are so right about loving our children despite their behavior, I wish you the best to get through your twins teenage years. You will always have a very close bond with them I am sure, they just need some space right now to spread their wings and learn to fly.


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