Mixed Connective Tissue Disease Symptoms-Could You Have This

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Mixed Connective Tissue Disease


Many people could have this disease and never know it until it becomes severe enough to cause you major health issues. symptoms of this disease is often a combination of several disorders making diagnosing this disease very difficult. Most people with this disease are first thought to have one of these diseases.






Early symptoms imitate those diseases, as time goes by more of the symptoms become apparent a person has something other than these diseases, early symptoms are.


Hands & Fingers Swelling

Fingertips Become White & Numb


Later stages of this disease can affect your organs such as your heart, lungs and your kidneys. Like all autoimmune there is no cure, all you can do is treat the symptoms with drugs such as prednisone. I suggest you give natural herbs a try before such drugs as prednisone, some times these drugs can cause you so many nasty side-effects.



More Symptoms


Is not it scary to know our immune systems are not working properly today, even if you never experience organ damage any autoimmune disease makes your life miserable to live with. I have been living with this my entire life if you have autoimmune the same goes for you. As the years go by your symptoms become more severe, this is the reason many people do not realize there is anything major going on until their symptoms become severe enough they start to affect your daily life.


Fatigue With Fever

Cold, Numb Fingers & Toes ( Raynauds Syndrome )

Fingers & Toes When Exposed To The Cold Turn White Then Purplish Blue After Warming Turn Red

Swollen Fingers & Hands

Muscle & Joint Pain

Rash Red Or Brown Patches Appear Over The Knuckles



Serious Complications


There are several health complications a person can experience from this disease, often people are not even aware they have this disease until one or more of these health issues become apparent. The early signs are often not connected with this disease, swollen hands and fingers are not taken serious by physician’s and pawn them off as arthritis.


High Blood Pressure

Lung Disease

Heart Disease

Kidney Damage

Digestive Tract Damage


Gangrene In The Fingers

Hearing Loss


Mixed Connective Tissue Disease


How To Treat


Like all the autoimmune diseases there is no cure for this one as well, all we can do is treat or symptoms the best we can. Prednisone is the preferred drug used for most autoimmune diseases, I had good results with this drug controlling my inflammation until recently now I am being weaned off this drug for serious side-effects. Try all the natural herbal remedies before taking this drug, the side-effects from this drug can be even worse than the disease.



Vitamin D


Hand & Feet Protection In Cold Weather

Stop Smoking

Reduce Stress



Beta Carotene


Gotu Kola

Fish Oil

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Plan (Gluten-Free )


Vitamins & Supplements


What Is On My Mind Today


Right now I am struggling with with nasty side-effects from prednisone, to make things even worse as I weaning off of this drug my inflammation is becoming more severe. I am doing my best to keep this website with new articles, my passion to help you learn how to manage your autoimmune is what is keeping me writing during my increased health issues once again. Go with natural herbal supplements before taking any of these corticosteroid drugs, the side-effects are really nasty and can affect any part of your immune system at any time.


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