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Mens Health Over 50-Health Plan

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Mens Health Over 50


The majority of men between the ages of 48 to 55 years old start to experience a decline in their health if you think of this in a positive way this is your body warning you to make some healthy changes in your life. Women this age seem to naturally make healthy changes and adjust to this part of their lives where as men more often do not make adjustments until they are  forced too by health problems. My life was much different than the majority of men, I was forced to make changes in my 40’s. Actually, my body was giving me early warning signs in my mid-thirties, but like most men I ignored these signs as just a part of getting older. The majority of men will experience at least one chronic health issue in their fifties if they do not make the changes needed they will more likely experience other health problems in the near future. This article is all about your health concerns in your fifties and how to adjust your life to avoid early health problems which could affect you very seriously before you ever reach your senior years.


First Warning Signs


Depending on your lifestyle will determine what age you will experience your first warning signs, it is possible to live a very healthy lifestyle and still experience early warning signs. The majority of people are receiving early warning signs and just do not acknowledge them as anything to be concerned about. Some people are in denial while others think it is just normal signs of aging. Everyone experiences early warning signs, but everyone does not receive the same signs. Some people will experience physical health signs while others will receive mental heath signs, your signs will start out very minor and gradually increase as you age, this is one of the biggest reasons many of us do not realize there is anything for us to be concerned about.


Physical Signs


As I shared with you,  everyone does not experience the same warning signs, but there are some which are very common among the majority of people. I will share with you these common warning signs, most of these most people will experience early in the beginning of their health decline. Think of these as a wake up call to get your life back in track when you adjust your lifestyle early enough you can manage these health problems. One of the biggest problems with men is most including myself rarely see their doctor before they have serious health problems, all men no matter how healthy you might be should be seeing a physician regularly by the time you reach your mid-thirties. This is the time when your bodies are starting to decline, usually not enough most of us really notice.

Chronic Pain

High Blood Pressure

High Cholesterol

Bone Loss

Bladder Issues

Joint Pain

Low Calcium

Back Pain

Heart Disease

Exercise & Fitness

Brain Functioning Signs


The majority of people today are experiencing brain functioning issues way before any physical symptoms are noticed, one reason for this is many people take over-the-counter drugs which eases our physical symptoms such as our minor aches and pains. Today most of us experience anxiety even at an early age, many people experience depression off and on with our high stress lifestyles. When these start to become problems, they will begin to last longer periods than when we were  younger, these signs are often not taken seriously simply because we presume they are from the extra stress we are dealing with at that time. Many people at this time in their lives are pushing themselves with their careers and financial obligations, another biggie especially for men is worrying about how they will ever be able to retire. Many men do not share their worries with others, not even with their spouses so not to have them worrying as well. Men have too much stupid pride, they have this strong desire to solve the family problems all on their own.


Stress Tolerance

Increased Anxiety

Longer Periods Of Depression

Mental Fatigue

Memory Difficulty

Loss Of Interests


Sleep Problems

Mood Swings

Meditation Music


Healthy Lifestyle Changes


Even the smallest lifestyle changes can make a dramatic difference in your health in your senior years that is what this is all about. These warning signs are to prepare us for our senior years, for the ones who makes some healthy changes their senior years will be much more comfortable and enjoyable for them. Many seniors today are struggling financially and physically and even mentally, preparing health wise for your senior years is just as important if not more than preparing for your senior years financially. What good is being financially stable after you retire when you are spending all your money on your medical expenses, of course we all are going to have more health problems in our senior years but right now you have the opportunity to do your best to make your senior years as healthy as you possibly can.


Prepare More Nutritious Meals

Stay Active Physically & Mentally ( 30-60 minutes per day )

Challenge Your Mind

Stay In Touch With Friends & Family

New Hobbies & Interests Regularly

Weight Management

Drop Your Tobacco Usage

Moderate Your Alcohol

Reduce Stress ( Yoga & Meditation )

Self-Development Learning


What Is On My Mind Today


Life is too precious to take for granted your health in your senior years, the majority of men are forced today to retire early because of health problems. Taking action now may allow you to enjoy your golden years with your family, you just may be one of the few who can still be active in your senior years. Making some of the lifestyle changes in this article can only have positive results later in your life, these changes cannot have any negative effects on your life in your senior years. Make it a point right now to find a healthy manageable balance with your work and play, I was forced by health problems to make some of these changes myself only a few years ago, today I am healthier than when I was younger. When you are healthier you will be happier, do not allow money to cause you a shorter life span.


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