Medicinal Herbs Their Uses-Are You Using These Herbs

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Medicinal Herbs As Medicine


Using medicinal herbs to manage your chronic inflammation is very easy to do, herbs are natures answers to many of our health problems. They have very few side-effects and the ones they have for most people are very mild, even though the medical field does not accept these herbs as medicines they are more efficient and safer than the majority of the prescription drugs they are prescribing us. How is it the food and drug administration approves these dangerous anti-inflammatory drugs which has been proven to cause organ damage in people in long-term use, but they fight the idea of herbs being accepted as an approved medication?


Autoimmune Disease


The majority of the people taking prescription anti-inflammatory drugs are living with autoimmune disease, I often wonder how our immune system is responding to these drugs?  Surely these are seen by our immune system as a threat,  Last night I watched a documentary stating many of our medications are causing us other health problems. With this being the case physician’s keep adding more and more prescription drugs for us to take,  does it not make sense to you all these drugs in our system could be causing our immune system to respond with more and more chronic inflammation? Autoimmune disease is a man-made disease, all the unnatural junk in our foods are causing our immune system to attack our own bodies.


Medicinal Herbs


Medicinal herbs have been used for a very long time period by man, the Native American’s introduced many of these drugs to man. There are many herbs which provide health benefits, I am going to focus on the ones I use myself to manage my own autoimmune diseases. I have experienced more positive results in my health since treating my symptoms with herbs, in the past I was taking over 10 different medications which causes me many severe side-effects as well as damaging some of my organs. I did not misuse these drugs but the long-term usage did the damage to my organs, I urge you to give medicinal herbs the opportunity before taking any of these drugs. Today I am taking two medications, several vitamin supplements and using medicinal herbs in the tea form to manage my health problems.


Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal Herbs And Their Uses











Introducing The Herb Ginger


Ever since I was a little boy,  I remember the scent of ginger in my grandmother’s kitchen during the holiday season, in America ginger for a very long time was only used for baking especially during the holidays. Ginger is available fresh and through herbal supplements, I use ginger in the tea form. You use the roots of the plant and boil in water to prepare a tea, I have found a very easy,  convenient method to prepare ginger tea. I just put in some ginger roots in my slow cooker, fill with the desired amount of water and let my slow cooker go to work. Living with autoimmune disease I have found using my slow cooker the majority of the time to prepare my meals and teas works very well for me, like many of us energy is something we do not have a high amount of everyday.


Stomach Ache

Relieves Vomiting



Pain Reliever

Cardiovascular Circulation

Stimulates Saliva Flow

Morning Sickness

Motion Sickness




Turmeric has been receiving much attention lately for it’s anti-inflammatory benefits, this product is available through herbal supplements and  in the spice form. Very easy to add more of this to your diet, just add a little to most of the meals you prepare with your other preferred seasonings. Many people did not realize the power of herbs and spices to manage your chronic inflammation and many other health symptoms, this herb spice is especially beneficial for people with many types of autoimmune diseases..


Type 2 Diabetes

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Crohn’s Disease


Inflammatory Bowel Disease


Cystic Fibrosis






Rosemary is know mainly for culinary purposes, but this culinary herb is also a medicinal herb as well. This herb provides many health benefits, using this herb in your meal preparation makes this another one of my favorite herbs. My favorite methods to use herbs are adding them to my meals in my food, the next best method is sipping them as a tea. For people who do not wish to use them in this manner, you can always purchase them as supplements and add them to your diet this way.






Lung Cancer

Mouth Cancer

Fight Infection




Cinnamon is another anti-inflammatory with many other health benefits, I use cinnamon to sweeten any of my meals instead of using sugar. Did you know sugar increases your inflammation, also artificial sweeteners do the same thing? This herb benefits people with a wide variety of autoimmune diseases, replacing this instead of using sugar and artificial sweeteners is something you really should consider.


Alzheimer’s Disease

Parkinson Disease

Multiple Sclerosis

Brain Tumor


Boosts Brain Function

Weight Loss Aid

Sore Throats



Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


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My Favorite Herbal Teas


I sip on my favorite herbal teas every day, sipping on these teas provides me with a steady supply of an anti-inflammatory into my body which keeps my inflammation to a much less degree. Why anyone would not take advantage of the convenience and power of these herbs is beyond me, I really feel many people are not aware of these herbs and what they can do to improve their health. The key is regularly getting them into your system, I have never experienced any increase in my inflammation from any of these herbs so they are immune system friendly even for people with autoimmune diseases.


The Mint Family


The mint family is my favorite herb of all the herbal teas,  I am especially fond of the peppermint tea. If you experience any digestive symptoms,  the mint family is one of the teas you should give a try. Digestion is the specialty of this herb family,  this is one anyone can grow at home if they desire. Many people plant them in containers that is how easy they are to grow if you plant these outdoors make a larger garden just for this herb because it will take over the garden. You can even plant this in a container indoors, the more you use of this plant for tea and meals the faster it will grow back for you.






Chest Cold


Induces Sweating To Reduce Fever


Ginger & Turmeric Tea


Ginger tea might not be well known by many people, ginger does make a very tasty tea. Many times you will find ginger with other herbs in a tea. I brew my own ginger tea from the roots of the plant, very easy to do using my slow cooking method I shared earlier in this article.  A very powerful anti-inflammatory tea is mixing turmeric and ginger, both of these provide many anti-inflammatory benefits.





Warms The Body

Break A Fever

Sore Throat

Autoimmune Disease


Chamomile Tea


Chamomile tea as many of you might know is a great tea for helping you sleep, but beware if you are allergic to ragweed do not drink this tea or it will give you respiratory  problems. I cannot drink this tea since I am  allergic to ragweed, this herb is in the ragweed family.









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Cinnamon Tea


Cinnamon tea is another of my favorites, this is an antioxidant and also beneficial for type 2 diabetics. This provides cholesterol benefits and increases blood flow, very good for circulation. Relieves bloating and gas symptoms, indigestion and nausea and many other health benefits.


 What Is On My Mind Today


Herbs are the best natural method to treat your chronic inflammation, I hope this article gives you some good information on how to use these herbs to improve your health symptoms. Experimenting with herbs is a very safe method to improve your health, very few side-effects and the few side-effects are usually mild for most people. Adding herbs to your food and in tea form is the most natural health treatment you will find, if you prefer you can grow some of these herbs indoors. They are very easy to grow and take care of, they are very self maintained usually just need a little fertilizer now and then if growing in containers. Growing herbs could be the healthiest hobby you could ever find so give them a try even if you do not have a green thumb herbs will grow for almost everyone.


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