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Lonely For Christmas-How To Cope With Loneliness During The Holidays


Lonely For Christmas


People experiencing being lonely during the holidays and especially Christmas day is more common than many people realize, the most vulnerable people for being lonely during the holidays are the elderly, divorced and the people who have recently lost their partner. There is a difference between being alone during the holiday and being lonely, there are single people who are alone during the holidays who do not feel lonely. The people who have good coping and relaxation skills manage their being alone more efficiently, these people live an active life with a wide variety of hobbies and interests. Living this type of lifestyle does not provide you much time to be lonely, having an active social life is also important for people who are alone.


 Lonely People And Depression


The majority of people who are lonely during the holidays experience anxiety and depression, one of the things which contributes the most to depression during the holidays is spending too much time alone. People who are lonely especially during the  holidays often isolate themselves, this is the worse thing you can do when you are lonely. During the holidays there is so much you can do to decrease your anxiety and depression this time of the year, the most difficult time of the year for most people to cope is right after New Years.


 Don’t Be A Blah Humbug


It is much easier for us to be a scrooge during the holiday when experiencing extreme loneliness, avoid having the attitude blah humbug when the holidays arrive. The first thing we must do is get ourselves in the right frame of mind, even though our hearts are not in it we must have a positive attitude this time of the year. Our attitude can make such a difference in our mood, focus on positive things and read positive quotes and stories. Watch programs which are uplifting this time of the year, these type of programs are widely available so take advantage of them. Listening to holiday music is another great way to get into the holiday spirit, many people claim Christmas movies and music just remind them they are alone for Christmas. This is your negative attitude causing you to think this way, the more positive things you get involved  in the more positive your attitude will begin to be.


 Accept Your Feelings


You do not have to put on an act trying to convince yourself you are not lonely, accept the facts how you are feeling then let them go and work towards getting through the holidays the best you can. Dwelling on the situation only makes us more miserable, everyone who is alone during the holidays feels a little more lonely this time of the year. I have been divorced now over 10 years, my ex abandoned me the week before Christmas. Even after so many years this time of the year is very difficult for me, but every year it is getting a little easier on me to get through the holidays. In the past from November to January I was very anxious and depressed, the past few years my anxiety and depression has been much less. Now the only day I really feel lonely is Christmas day, while others are celebrating a special day I am feeling it is just another day for me. Christmas day is the most difficult for most people who are living alone, especially if you have no friends and family living near you.


Planning Your Holidays


Your best plan is not to try to avoid the holidays, this only increases your anxiety and may even make you feel depressed. Instead, plan your holidays to be as active and fun as you possibly can, this time of the year there is more opportunity to engage in social activities and be around positive people. Volunteer opportunities are widely available, attend holiday music concerts and other holiday celebrations in your community. Just getting out will lift your spirits during the holidays, never know you just might meet another lonely person while you are out. Churches are very active this time of the year, check for what your local churches are doing and attend the ones which interests you the most. Keeping active should be one of your most important plans to focus on, so avoid isolation during the holidays is your main plan.


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Holiday Activities


During the holidays there is so much you can do to remain busy, I find focusing on doing things for others during the holidays is my best coping skill. My family does not live close to me, this gives me even more to do to keep in touch with my family during the holidays. Sending holiday cards is a very good coping skill, don’t just go through the motions get creative with your holiday cards  giving them a personal touch. Use stickers and markers and any other craft supplies which interest you and decorate your Christmas cards to your family and friends. Many people and I am guilty of this myself, does not decorate for the Christmas holidays. This is a very good way to get into the holiday spirit, this will keep you busy and think of it as art therapy for you.


Christmas Shopping

Holiday Music Concerts

Art & Craft Shows

Christmas Cards


Church Dinners & Activities

Treat Yourself To Dinner & Movie

Holiday Parades


Baking Parties

Support Groups

Yoga Classes

Meditation Classes

Children Christmas Plays

Sleigh Rides

Light Up Night


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Taking Care of Yourself


Taking care of yourself is another very important plan when we do not eat healthy most of us will not feel our best. Another serious problem when we don’t take care of ourselves is many of us have sleep difficulty, watch how many alcoholic beverages you consume during the holidays. Excessive self-meditating never ends with positive results, exercise or stay active with hobbies and interests. Signs of a lack of interest in hobbies and interest is a warning sign you are not taking care of yourself, develop a healthy balance of being active and relaxation. Attend support groups in your community for some positive feedback on things others do which benefits them, having a good support system can make a big difference in how well you cope during the holidays.


What Is On My Mind Today


This article really hits home for me, my experience of being lonely during the holidays is not nearly as severe as in the past. Still,  I do not look forward to the holidays once September arrives I start planning my holiday season to cope the best I can. Consider starting an online blog, you can make it a private blog with how you are feeling and what is working and not working for you. If you are not comfy with the online blog thing, pick up a journal or notebook at your dollar store and write your thoughts and feelings this way.


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