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Living With Someone With Anxiety-Helping Someone You Love With Anxiety

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Living With Someone With Anxiety


It takes an very extra special love to live with someone with anxiety issues, sadly the majority of people with anxiety live alone. Most were living with someone in the past, but that someone just could not deal with your issues. This is the case especially when  that person becomes so ill they are not able to earn a living any longer, losing  a career for people like us just about breaks our hearts and takes away our life. Most of us live for our careers, this is what keeps us going through all the negative things going on inside of us.




Helping Someone You Love With Anxiety


What helps a person struggling with anxiety issues more then anything in the entire world is for the ones they love to support and understand what they are going through, this is especially important if your loved one happens to become disabled and is not able to work any longer. Please remember, money as important as it seem for us to survive is never ever more important as the ones we love. Please never throw it in their faces they are not working or doing their share of  bringing in the money, we tend to blame ourselves more then enough which only makes our condition much worse. Here are some ways you can help the one you love, I know living with us is not easy for you either but we are doing our best even when it seems we are doing nothing.

Be A Good Listener

Spend Quality Time With Us

Be Available When We Need You

Forgive Us We Are Not Ourselves All The Time

Accept Us The Way We Are Right Now

Be Our Safe Person


anxiety support


What You Can Do For You


It is very exhausting when your living with someone struggling emotionally with any type of issues, one thing you must be sure to do for yourself and your loved ones is take good care of yourself. Make time for yourself , even if you have to have a neighbor or another family member be with your loved one. Do not feel guilty for taking alone time, you really do deserve it. Other things you can do which will assist you in being the supportive person you wish to be for your loved one are:

Research Your Loved Ones Problems

Share Your Thoughts & Feelings With Others

Be Yourself

Be Proud Of The Person You Are

Treat Yourself Special


self help


Spending Quality Time With Your Loved One


Spending quality time  with your loved one is another important way to help them with their anxiety, you getting them out of the house is very beneficial and might be the hardest thing you can manage to do for your loved one. Many people become hermits , they often become unable to go out of the house alone. There anxiety becomes increased at even the thought of going out alone, yes they may develop social anxiety if this is left go too long. I have found what calms a person with anxiety and able to go out the most is having someone with them they trust and love, one thing almost all people with anxiety feel calmer is in outdoor surroundings. Nature has a way of naturally calming us without us even realizing it, the reason for this is all the beauty and the wildlife takes our attention from our worries and on the beauty and wildlife around us.


activity handbook


Final Thoughts


I have shared some things which would have helped me in the past with my loved ones, it is a very difficult challenge to live with someone going through severe anxiety issues. It also takes someone who loves you very much, someone who is very giving and enjoys doing things for others less fortunate then themselves. This person must find a healthy balance of supporting their ill loved one and taking care of themselves, you must have a open heart and block out many things your ill loved one might do or say at times. Try to remember this is the anxiety talking and doing these things, this is not the person you love and care for. Encourage your loved one when they do something you know is very difficult for them, such as going out with you in public if you know this is something which really is scary for them.  Support them, take baby steps with them until they are well again. Never ever push your loved one to do things before they are able too, this could set them backwards and the last thing that you want to do.





  • Roopesh says:

    You could not have said these words any better. There was a time that my wife my going through a tense anxiety period, that I did NOT support her well enough initially.

    There were constant arguments and some family and friends told me to just leave her. Thank GOD I did not. I realized that it was my EGO, and like you said, it helps to pull back and understand that this is not the ‘REAL’ person and they are just going through some pain….

    What worked wonderfully for us was to detach from people and situations that were causing her anxiety(it was hard at first), and spend the better part of the day in nature.

    I cannot emphasise how TRUE your statement is on the healing power of Nature….

    Thanks for this article and allowing me to share.

    • admin says:

      Thank you Roopesh

      I am so happy you and your wife figured out to separate yourselves from your negative triggers, when this is possible it is our best solution. When not, we must learn how to deal with being around our triggers or we will not survive.

      I did not have the support when I was going through my anxiety episodes in the past, I was at times a very angry and terrible person I am sure without even realizing it. When we love someone we stick with them during the good and the bad times, this i the true test of our love.


  • Travis Smithers says:

    In the past, we never heard much about different situations going on, but nowadays everything seems to be surfacing which is good.

    For the longest time, there was no acceptance for mental issues and understanding of them.

    Having anxiety is one type of issue that requires great understanding for all parties involved. I deal with friends and family that have anxiety and know the level of patience and understanding it can take and needs just to deal with things on a daily basis.

    Your so correct in researching to have a better understanding and I see you have some books on the subject to help out further.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Travis

      I do feel for you with family dealing with anxiety, I do hope you all are dealing well most of the time with this anxiety which does effect our quality of life.

      I have included some useful books for people to learn more about anxiety and even if you do not have anxiety yourself you can help others in your life by educating yourself through good books and other reference materials.


  • Jessy says:

    Wow, Thank you for that information. I’ve been living with someone with anxiety and depression, and I have to say it’s not easy at all. I started to get depressed and went to see a therapist just to learn how to deal with my partner’s anxiety, and how I could help them manage it. People who have never experienced it have no idea just how crippling it can be. My partner and I took a break from each other and now she’s traveling the world. We’d talked about the idea of traveling before and finally we decided it would be best. I desperately wanted to see her happy and smile again, and I was willing to let her go if that’s what it would take. Thanks so much pointing me in a helpful direction. Much love, light, and peace – Jessy

    • Jeff says:

      Thank You Jessy

      I am happy your supporting your partner to the best of your ability,
      it is very challenging to be patient with someone with anxiety at
      times. Separating can be a good thing, nice your partner’s anxiety
      does not keep her from being able to travel and get away.

      Just do your best and follow your heart

  • Cynthia says:

    This is great information for anyone living with someone with severe anxiety issues.

    My son has an uncle who has mental issues and no one in his immediate family supported him except his mother. When she died, the dad, brother and sisters dealt with him in the wrong way and now he is ostracized from the family.

    My son and I helped him get a subsidized apartment but he talks to no one in the family. It’s really sad.

    He should have had mental help very early but there was denial and shame and so he did not get help.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Cynthia

      I appreciate you sharing this experience with us, sadly this happens way too often in families. I did not receive the support I needed during my battle with anxiety, in fact I was made felt less of a person because of my health issues.

      I was lucky and find the Lord, he gave me the strength and courage to battle back. Now I am giving back to others, I hope my articles helps some people to overcome the terrible life anxiety and other mental illnesses which effects our lives.


  • Paul says:

    Hi Jeff … and thanks for providing this very valuable information . The stigma attached to mental health issues is perhaps the biggest ” dragon ” to slay !

    So often , our lack of patience and understanding only serves to aggravate the problem .

    Patience and love , combined with the many techniques you describe here , often result in very improved circumstances , and a ” return ” of some degree , for our loved ones .

    My personal encounters with close family friends have , in the beginning , always tried my limited ” patience ” ! , … however , sites like yours show well that understanding , love , supplements and a ” return to Nature ” all work well in helping to alleviate this very persistent problem of today’s go-go lifestyle .


    • admin says:

      Thank You Paul

      I agree it is not easy to be patient with someone you love when they are struggling with any health problem, I only wish I had this type of support when I was so sick in the past. I know I would have overcome this much sooner if I had, take frequent time outs if your patience is becoming thin.


  • Cambell says:

    My partner of 20 years is medicated for depression and struggles with it daily. She is doing quite well now as she has a very supportive family and workplace but it I know she still has days when things get quite bad for her. Thank you so much for your information on this subject as it definitely needs more light shone it so that we can get to a point where everyone is supported in their struggles.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Cambell

      I am happy to hear your partner is doing much better with her anxiety, if she has the desire she should consider adjusting her eating plan and adding a natural supplement.


  • Kim says:

    Hi Jeffery, It is nice to see someone writing about living with people like us. We can be pretty hard to be around if they don’t understand what it is that we are going through.
    Just writing this has shot my anxiety up :(, and most people would not understand why this is happening and why we can’t control it.
    So It is great to see that there are some great books out there to help those that are living with us.
    I’m glad I came across this article, thanks for posting this.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Kim

      I am happy to hear from you, I have realized through my articles there are even more people then I imagined with anxiety issues. I hope my articles and resources helps some people deal more efficiently with their anxiety, wish you and everyone who reads my articles the very best.


  • Jeanette says:

    Hello Jeff,

    This is a fantastic article! I think this would help a lot of people to understand how they can help their loved one with anxiety. I have a tendency to have panic attacks, although it’s calmed down quite a bit since I changed my diet.

    If left untreated it can become debilitating and your life really begins to suffer. It doesn’t help if your loved one doesn’t understand what you’re going through. I definitely have a hard time going out in public at times, it helps to have someone with me that I’m comfortable with. I agree with you on being in nature really helps. I find that this is a great way to really make me feel grounded. Thank you for this great article!


    • admin says:

      Thank You Very Much Jeanette

      I am happy you enjoyed this article and you can relate to what I am sharing in this article. Our diets makes a major difference in our anxiety levels, eating regularly also is a must to manage our heatlh.

      Wish You The Best


  • Mike says:

    Very nice and compassionate write-up about people with anxiety and how best to support them. Good thoughts about the importance of loving them and letting them know you care. Do you know what the latest medical research says about the root causes of anxiety? Are there any coming breakthroughs to treat the condition?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Mike

      I appreciate your comments very much, you know the medical association does not put as much funds into finding out what causes our health problems. Most of the money goes for creating new medications to mask our problems, most anxiety medication does nothing but sedates you and slows down your body functions. Many people on these medications do not function well, they just are not as aware of their symptoms because the medicine sedates them and slows their bodies down.

      I have found our diets have a huge impact on all our health problems, when I indulge in foods I should not my anxiety become worse. Adding nutrition and adjusting your diet is your best plan for anxiety and depression, sadly many people are not willing or stable enough to do this.


  • Dean says:

    Hey admin, you said that the anxiety affects the way persons behave to the point where it’s no longer the person acting: “Try to remember this is the anxiety talking and doing these things, this is not the person you love and care for.” I’m sorry for my ignorance on the issue but what exactly is anxiety and how does it affect a person’s behaviour to such a degree?

    • Jeff says:

      Thank You Dean

      Do not apologize, your question is a very good one to ask if your not familiar with anxiety.
      Many people have heard of anxiety, but really until you experience really do not know what anxiety is.

      Anxiety is a brain chemical imbalance in your brain, it effects your nervous system to cause you to become
      very nervous to the point you experience many other symptoms both physical and emotional ones. Everyone might
      not experience the same symptoms because all our brain chemistry is not the same under anxiety.

      As for not acting normal for the person with anxiety, they might get very angry at something you say or do
      for no reason. Over react at times, also they may feel hurt by something you say or do as well. The person has
      no control over this, that is why I am writing these articles trying to help people by educating you on anxiety
      and anxiety products.

      I hope this helps

  • Charlene Grenier says:

    Great site. these messages are really needed. I love the product choices. I tried a supplement website and did not have a lot of luck with it. I wish you success.
    My only thought is when I was looking at each of your pages – I had a hard time finding what was for sale – you need to scroll down quite a bit to find it in the lower left hand side – When I am interested in a page and product – I am anxious to see what is being offered.

  • KeldynFrancis says:

    Thank you for your information on anxiety. It is something that I have had to deal with in the past with partners and I have to say didn’t really know how to deal with it. I love the books you have selected out feel like it would be the perfect package for couples dealing with anxiety?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Leldyn Francis

      You share a very good point about not knowing how to deal with a partner with anxiety, I hope my articles and resources will solve this problem for many people and couples in the future. If I had known more about anxiety, who knows I might be happily married right now.


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